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one part that i have been considering lately is having an anonymous overlay network (i2p) with a #p2p net with strong identity inside. the idea is to make passive observation harder especially for cases like mesh networks.

not exactly dark, but i think anonymity below the application layer is important

@alanz @verius @Azure there is also gittorrent

i'm working on a project to make it easier to make #p2p applications, but i have a long way to go before i can make anything public. #GPL #LGPL

hopefully some kind of #p2p github replacement can come out of it.

Des gens qui ont entendu parlé de #Briar ? un nouveau service de messagerie chiffré de bout en bout et en #P2P via #Tor ?
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Le nouveau (super mega cool) dessin animé de la Blender Institute : Agent 237 - Operation Barbershop (extrait) sous licence Creative Commons CC By-Sa --->

"A hacker stole $31M of Ether — how it happened, and what it means for Ethereum"

So, somebody again stole money through exploiting smart contracts.

#Ethereum #CryptoCurrency #SmartContract #P2P

i want #relax #p2p apps to have strong identity (similar to ostatus), but also strong anonymity on the link-level. needs to be fast and relatively low-latency. the async-p2p stuff will help minimize latency issues, but it might be hard (or impossible) to do multiplayer gaming on a network like that.

leaning towards an #i2p-like or #OWASP

A virtual reality, or metaverse, is a staple of science fiction, and it's something I've talked and written about on NODE many times. The promise of a matrix-like world we can build, visit, and alter as we see fit, seems inevitable, yet, a long way away.

this thing called #relax makes it easy to build and deploy #p2p applications. you literally have nothing to worry about outside of the app. relax is built on scary cutting-edge technologies that are supposed to make the whole backend thing obsolete.

i'm kind of copying google app engine, but for #p2p and with #native guis

all i have to do now is settle in and write a lot of #scheme
Mastodon is to Twitter/Facebook

Matrix is to Discord/Slack

GNU Ring is to Skype/Whatsapp/Messenger

Particl is to Ebay/Amazon

just as

Email was to CompuServe/GEnie/AOL/etc.

None of those online messaging services could talk to each other before SMTP brought them all together and connected all their users across the different hosts.

#federation #decentralization #p2p #freesoftware #opensource

#Twister is a #P2P implementation of a GNU Social type microblogging server, cool idea but not a browser

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ferment really shouldn't have forked the pub. #ssb is still active, would have been much better to use a separate tracker impl that supports web torrent clients

oh well 😔

#p2p applications often need special capabilities or native libraries to work well (or at all). the web offers some weak apis for this, but really isn't up to par with what i would be interested in using (or building on). again wasm might help here, only time will tell.

@rafapoverello @mra757 @fanta ... juas,juas... ayer me contaba mi cuñado, que en la Escuela de su hija, se llaman 'Don ' ... y doñas a las prof@s .

- " Si, claro, porque así estableces una distancia..."

En la Escuela comunitaria de mi hija no hay prof@s ni Don@s , además de estar las puertas al patio siempre abiertas.
Ni maestras, ni gurúes, ni ná.... allí. Todas somos meras Acompañantes .

Una vez más, nos cuesta bajar de nuestra particular torre de marfil, a las adultas... ¿ especialmente en el ámbito pedagógico y en lo que concierne a los procesos de enseñanza/aprendizaje ?

Afortunadamente, las hackers van mostrando el camino en eso...  ¿ aprendizaje #p2p ?