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#dex actually gets worse from here for you authoritarian types

we have some authorities here in #federation, but in the glorious #p2p future there wont be a one

this is a cool #p2p database

but it has a fatal flaw

the .js part

thinking for a far future project to make a #clojure implementation of Hypothetical Amnesia Machine and Gun Replication Protocol that you can query with somethink like Datomic Datalog

@ekaitz_zarraga Bueno pues como aplicación #p2p tiene los defectos típicos de éstas:

- Tu identidad está vinculada a un dispositivo. No puedes compartirla en varios.

- No hay aplicaciones para dispositivos móviles. Esto, en si mismo, no es a causa de que sea #p2p Pero si hubiera aplicación móvil dudo mucho que fuera respetuosa con el ancho de banda :-/

He visto que alguien lleva 3 años incubando una red social #p2p llamada "scuttlebutt"

No tenía ni idea. ¿Alguien la está usando? ¿Es "FOSS compliant"?

El programador habla de cómo son las dinámicas de acoso/defensa de acoso en este tipo de redes:

you: does too many drugs, burns out, regrets everything

me, an intellectual: does too many drugs, starts a profitable but ultimately unsustainable workers cooperative, funds two years of #p2p research, burns out, becomes a cute girl

i regret nothing

@Concerned_Commy #p2p is easy to use. just run a client. it *is* significantly more complicated to build tho which is why you don't see many of them in the wild.

@Concerned_Commy federation is a really weak version of decentralization fam literally does nothing to prevent a well-funded or aggressive/dominant player from taking control of the network. federation relies on the network operators valuing decentralization.

what we need is solutions that, by their very nature, cannot be centralized. proper #p2p shit.

i do agree that we need to make hardware (and hardware manufacture) a much more dex process.


@thatbrickster @dt NAT traversal is like the "big problem" for #p2p but all you have to do is use something like Tor, cjdns, or i2p and the problem goes away

like, on top of making a #plan9 like system using #p2p shit i also have to explain what the fuck a #plan9 system even is, why you would want something like that, and why everything is in japanese

@xil @rysiek no, #P2P is mesh network between apps running on the end user devices only. Federation is client-server though
@rysiek don't all these same issues apply to the scale difference between the #STACKS and #P2P?
@rysiek running a #P2P app on their own PC is running their own network services. Servers mean all your need on your PC is a browser
@rysiek ...then servers cease to be the problematic bottleneck they are now, without completing retooling everything for pure #P2P
@rysiek I understand #P2P or "serverless" to mean a mesh network between user devices. "Federation" = user > server > server > user

@strypey ah, analogies! I love those. Let me try!

"Most people tend to live in cities (huge supercomputers), not small towns (servers) or alone in the woods (#P2P)."

See, these can get weird very quickly, and I am unsure about their explanatory or argumentative value here.

@rysiek again, in theory I agree with you that #P2P is the ideal. But developing for a diverse range of devices gets really complicated
@rysiek #BitTorrent is great, but it's not 100% #P2P either, because using it depends on tracker servers
@rysiek I like 100% #P2P in theory, but even as an early adopter of rough-as-guts free code software, I see few practical implementations