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Yo #infosec - new malware, "Petya"

It's wcry again, but with the killswitch taken out and some phishing initial delivery.

And by "it's wcry again" I mean it. Same exploit. Same traffic. Same everything. If your org bothered patching or mitigating, then this won't affect you.

It's Probably a Bad Idea to Run a Tor Exit Node in Your Home, in Russia … #freeBogatov #KAction #infosec

Meanwhile in #Ukraine, government, major bank and energy company computers all seem to have been targeted by a massive cyber-attack. I suspect #RussianHackers.


#HardenedBSD is a fork of #FreeBSD that implements robust exploit mitigations and security hardening techniques with a primary focus on porting over the #grsecurity patchset.

#FLOSS #FOSS #LibreMonday #infosec

How #BigData is like the "troubled nuclear industry", data is toxic, and why What Would Nixon Do is a good question to ask:

"If Tricky Dick in your data center scares you, then think about it."

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Trust & OpSec - Think About This

For those concerned about privacy, harassment and dumpster fires: expand this status for some REALLY IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS when using Mastodon.

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What could be done to improve it:

1. Don't allow unmapping of guard pages.
2. Don't allow remapping guard pages with MAP_FIXED.
3. Use MAP_GUARD with libthr's stack guard.
4. Increase the default size of the stack guard.

#FreeBSD #HardenedBSD #infosec #StackClash

Hey, #infosec folks - if you happen to have the ability to do so, I'd like some PCAPs of streaming video traffic from common services [hulu, netflix, etc] if you've got 'em handy.

I have a Project that I'm working on.

@HyP Un peu oui, c'est plus le Zataz des débuts. Comme d'autres. Dommage. #infosec @maliciarogue

@khaos_farbauti ton toot tend une perche au troll ! ;-)

Et la publication d'une photo de poule sans contexte ? combien de points 😂 ? #Klout #infosec #nocontext #chicken

Diffuser des news #Infosec : -20 followers
Faire un tweet vaguement anti-melenchon : +2 points de #Klout

Vous ne m'aidez pas.

@skquinn The distribution I'm considering as "beginner" is Linux Mint. I've used it for 18 months and am interested in #infosec so want to try other distros.

I see a few #infosec specific mastodon instances. Which do you recommend?