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Who’s Blocked by Bad Guys?

Just a quick post about an interesting file found in a phishing kit. Bad guys use common techniques to prevent crawlers, scanners or security companies from accessing their pages. Usually, they deploy a .htaccess file to achieve this. ....


Update your Thunderbird! 3 critical and 10 high severity vulnerablities patched in the new version 52.3. App can crash and in worst case execute malicious code.
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So, I'm about to go to a major networking event for #infosec but I'm still super new to the field. Any advice? What should I read up on?

It turns out it's possible to encode computer malware in DNA and use it to attack vulnerabilities on the computer that analyzes the sequence of that DNA.
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So I just successfully ported the core of #libhijack to arm64 on #FreeBSD.

Now I've got to clean up some code and get it committed.

Full img:


The core of #libhijack is now machine-independent. It can now easily be ported to different architectures. Tomorrow, I plan to focus on porting it to arm64.

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Goal for this evening: Make #libhijack easier to port to non-amd64 architectures by splitting out machine-dependent code.

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Bug bounty security.txt (equivalent of robots.txt) to define security policies on web servers! 👍 #bugbounty #infosec (Retweet from x0rz)

Des pirates tentent de rançonner HBO, la chaîne qui diffuse "Game of Thrones" "Des pirates tentent de rançonner HBO, la chaîne qui diffuse "Game of Thrones"" via @franceinfo

I'm excited to announce the official revival of libhijack, a tool that makes runtime process infection on #FreeBSD extremely easy.


It's really cool to see #HardenedBSD protect against real-world malware.

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