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I just tapped on #nobot on Twidere to see what would happen and this gem by @cnc is still one of the most recent ones on my instance. 😂

btw, does appending #nobot to your bio still have any effect nowadays?

@Firstaide @Elizafox

I mean they are kinda really necessary to have an FTL on a smaller instance with only a few people, and if they're written correctly they'll respect #nobot

> #nobot works for this bot
Yeah but I have no more place in my bio.

@horgor works and #nobot too, i'm just kindly reminding everyone

@DayGloChainsaw Most of the bots like this honor #nobot in your bio and won't follow you if it's present. It's something of a compromise that was reached on the network.

This isn't the only one running and that's a good way to weed out bots.

If you'd like we can remove the follow and black list your account from being followed by this account in the future.

We intend no harm but will honor users wishes to be excluded/removed from our follows.


@cnc Please accept our deep apologies and regrets.

Our code should be following #nobot and we will be investigating why it did not honor your bio's tag. We have shutdown the bot in light of your report while we investigate.

We have unfollowed you from this account and will add you to our bots blacklist to avoid any potential problems in the future.

Again, our deepest regrets for this transgression on our part.

What exactly is #nobot trying to disallow? Unsolicited messages from bots or being archived?

@Azure awhile back, there was a plague of followbots which attempted to remotely follow as many users as possible, to bolster the federated timeline of their instance

some followbots would obey #nobot and avoid following users with that in their info

me? i just blocked the things as they followed me =^.^=

The #nobot tag that @rachel uses is just a front. I have heard that she uses no less than 452 bots every day!

Mainly she uses them to choreograph very complex bollywood-type dances complete with convoluted plots and singing.

It is really quite impressive.

"Each Mastodon instance creates a micro-culture and links between these micro-cultures are done by humans." - found there :



Just make sure it respects the #nobot hash for accounts that use it. ;)

@jsavalle @ricmac

You can mute bots, you can put #nobot in your profile (bot devs _should_ respect it), and there's been talk of other ways for dealing with bots (nothing yet, though).

The important thing to remember is that a federated (decentralized) system doesn't favor bots, brands, egos, and the like because they can't be on every node (instance) like they are on a centralized exploitation platform like Twitter, Facebook, and so on. Impossible. They can't even own their brand names.

These are cases that could be served by this tool, but they could also be solved in other methods. Which are being worked on (language detection in mastodon, #nobot which i agree is not adequate but that's a different conversation). I do not see their existence as reason to build the tools for systemic discrimination into the software.

@Diogene Les bots civilisés obéissent au tag #nobot dans ta bio et ne te suivent pas. Ça m'a l'air de marcher à peu près.

question what does putting "#nobot" in you rprofile do