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tfw you're tooting from #cli and you use the wrong status-id and end up boosting some other toot, but you leave it because you like it XD

While exploring language filtering in #madonctl, I've also been using #Tusky to share content to Google Translate. It works pretty well but that app is shit.

I'm not going to do it on EVERYTHING, but it helps with the home timeline which is very multilingual.

That said, I need some help with suggestions for preferably #opensource and non-Google alternatives for #cli and #Android.

Maybe setting up #OpenNMT might be a good start?

#pleaseboost as this is not, I think, common knowledge.

#bash stumper: if you're performing input via stdin (e.g. `cat -`), how the heck do you get #vi mode to work or otherwise have any control over editing?
#commandline #cli #editor

When I wake my laptop after a low battery forced sleep, this mouse glitch happens.

I think it's beautiful, but I'm afraid to lose it. Any ideas what might be causing it?

When I $recordmydesktop from #cli the output does not capture the glitch, which makes me think it's refresh rate related or almost electrical? I have no clue how to research this.

my repo of #madonctl utils includes a wee revision to the notification template that has a paperclip emoji for attachments. visual without being overwhelming. when i finish the theme for everything, it ought to help highlight those toots which require opening up the URL on to truly understand.

anyways along the process i learned more about #Go templates, especially as it relates to dealing with arrays and conditionals, so that's always fun. they may be fugly, but being able to have so much control over the format of dynamic content is really nice. god damn curly braces though, shit. Lisp parens are nothing!

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you know what's really fun about tooting from #cli ??? watching someone delete their account. holy spew, batman.

added support for at least a single attachment in my #madonctl scripts repo. holy conditional mess. i should have used a more standard form for the overloaded `toot` but now that i'm used to it AND i've advertised it a bit around, meh. also included is a command to set up my preferred layout in `tmux` which may or may not be useful.
#bash #programming #cli

I've just published a small #CLI tool for editing websites at #FreeBSD #Wiki (might probably work with other #MoinMoin-based wikis).

i've expanded my array of #bash scripts for #madonctl and included the first of a series of templates (read: theme) for trimmed down notifications. if you want to toot from #cli this should help.

Now leaving #IETF99 to go to CLImagic presentation I hope someone will summarize me the IETF plenary. #CLI #commandline #UnixForEver

somewhat out of necessity i've put my #madonctl #bash scripts on github. nothing fancy, but they do the trick.

special thanks to @McKael for creating the best #cli Mastodon client and also for being so damn responsive.

let's all remember to support accessibility. i imagine it's likely that there are #blind folks amongst us that can't actually see the pictures you're posting. include a little text about it. you've got 500 characters after all, use it!

also, those of us using the command line will appreciate it too :)

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