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I am curious about the limits of how far a client like #Tusky can innovate without implying changes to #Mastodon core.

What kind of features would that be? User interface aspects, for sure, including time saving features.

Would it be relevant/interesting if I made some examples on challenges related to tackling #informationOverload ?

Where should I post them?
(Ideally here...)

Giving the first and most obvious example right away:
Flexible multi-account management.

@qubeslayer @LensaMoon y'all are quite welcome! Thanks for supporting #Mastodon together from @chr's & from here at :)

Mes propositions de modifications pour l’interface de #mastodon :
N’hésitez pas à commenter sur github.

Or #xmpp with #omemo (#otr)

RT @tek: Your periodic reminder that #Mastodon's private messages aren't. Use something like #Signal if #privacy is important.

A day of work,
Still working on the silence protocol.

Updated our liberapay team with 2 new people. Explained who and why in the thread linked below.

I also did a surprising amount of support today.

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If you like the project:

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Trying out #Tusky #Mastodon client for #Android - is it really the case that it cannot select/copy text from toots to be pasted into the toot editor??!

Dit , est-ce que tu sais s'il existe une application mobile qui fait le doublon tweet + toot comme l'extension "Tooter" ( ?

Et bonus : pour aller recupérer tous les toots avec un hashtag précis mais sur plusieurs instances, bonne ou mauvaise idée ?

Je suis en train de me preparer pour le live tweet/toot de :D

Re-toot appréciés ;)