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Laundred Sheep

3D Platformers! I can't get enough of them yet so few are released. A project that tries to mitigate this fact is Laundred Sheep. A completely Free 3D platformer inspired by the Blender Open Movie Cosmos Laundromat. The game is still early in development, but there are several levels to explore, items to pick up and enemies to avoid. This project will be interesting to follow!



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Yesterday I demoed a VR gallery, reinterpretting the paintings of with my locomotion system, in a private event for 6 hours. It was long for me, but amazing to see every one receiving a real "expérience" they enjoyed and will remember.

Only downpoint was I was still using old oculus DK2 headset because of the lack of support for any newer model on GNU/linux in or , so image quality and framerate was a bit limit for some.

The Becka learns #blender saga continues. The donut is now on a plate and the table is visible. I'm not sure how well the wood texture shows up... but I think that's the lighting as it shows up fine in materials view.

Progress screenshot

#artwithopensource #wellitisgettingthere

From Dalai Felinto's Twitter account (

«That's a solid Eevee demo. So alike it's Cycles version: »

This is rendered in *real-time* in viewport !
.8 #2.8

I am persevering with my efforts to learn #blender. I reached the end of video 5 of the tutorial series I'm following and now have a mug to go with my donut.

Here is the progress screenie.

#artwithopensource #wellhopefullyitwillbe