So you want to attend this week-end? Be nice with the team :
1)If you don't have an account and need to create one do it now or tomorrow so scaling is made easy for the team.
2) If you already have an account join the rooms asap so is easier.

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@usul bonus for 1) if possible, create it somewhere else than on instance, which is very big compared to the others (a bit more decentralization won't do any harm :), and often overloaded because of that.

@usul oh ok, I didn't know that there were a dedicated instance 😄
(I thought you were talking about

@usul ça y est, merci...
Sur desktop ; sur l'appli pas trouvé !

@usul @Lapineige

But is host with Element Matrix Services so it's the same infastructure with

Not realy decentralized

@dj @Lapineige I use the mozilla instance a,d yes it's pretty centralized when using new vector services (but using these makes the pays for the development)

@dj @usul @Lapineige isn't hosted by Element Matrix Services; it's entirely separate infrastructure on, funded by donations from our Patreon (although the Foundation outsources admin for the server to Element).

@usul I tried to find the rooms but wasn't able to find them on the schedule. I'm also not able to join or
Am I missing something? aren't they federated?

@jeroen they are federated, I use my Mozilla account to access it. The server is at, when you search a room add the server first.

@usul Tried that on element mobile but doesn’t work. On element web, I could add the server and then list the rooms. Thanks for your help. I still think there should be a matrix link in every room but haven’t found it on the fosdem site…

@jeroen me neither , but's that's feedback you can give on -matrix discussion on the fosdem server.

@usul @jeroen Me neither but you can guess the name from the schedule. For instance:
Name of the room displayed: D.python

@bortzmeyer the fedora stand is at because there will be stands too, not just rooms.

@usul Now displayed properly in the #Gemini schedule of #FOSDEM at gemini://

Search for instance "fedora" in gemini://

@usul And if you don't know #Matrix, learn in advance because it is quite complicated.

@bortzmeyer @usul aside from the similarities with Fediverse/XMPP, how to choose a server if you don't have your own?

I'm a complete newbie on Matrix in case you've not noticed yet :)

@bortzmeyer @usul what do I have to do to create an account there? Anyone to ask permission to or is it completely open?

I don't see a "welcome" page like in Mastodon.

@alarig well connect to to see them :p I'm in BSD , mozilla and openspatial
and the fedora-stand too

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