Join our documentation community, and build up your skills for a potential future career in technical writing! Our Czech community has just published its translation of the LibreOffice 6.4 "Getting Started" guide, for instance:

ivg, censure, espagne 

Ok donc si t'acceptes pas le tracker Tealium la caisse d'épargne te refuse l'accès à tes comptes

Bon et on passera sur la craderie de leur app


Anyone up for designing a logo for the European Union Agency for the Space Programme? It's a contest, with up to EUR 15,000.- for the logo rights.

I'm getting the apache default landing page at, is that to be expected?

J'ai réalisé des schémas pour présenter #DoH et #DNS.

C'est très simplifié et vulgarisé, j'espère que ça reste relativement exact 😛

Thanks to the work of Samuel Holland, crust advanced power management is now capable of running the #PinePhone for 100hrs in idle without the modem (approximately 110mW). With modem on, we should get 40% battery run-time increase (to approx 24 hrs).
Coming to your distro of choice soon!

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