Ma perle du jour "J'utilise la version 2.0 de mozilla"

#Google starts to lock out non-official Chrome builds like #Chromium. The #web is a cricual infrastructure these days and as such we need independent browsers and rendering engines!

If you care about the free and open web you shouldn't use Chrome based browsers.

Thread with more details:

awk '{if ($0=="" && route!=""){print route "\t" addrs; route="";addrs="";}else if($1=="cn:"){route=$2;}else if($1=="rfc822MailMember:"){addrs=addrs "," $2;}}' emailroutes.ldifish>emailroutes # Turn the LDAP output text into key value pairs, combining multiple destinations.

Looking for alternatives to #Keybase KBFS. So far, I've stumbled on:

* Proton Drive
* Tresorit
* Peergos

Open to suggestions.

J'aime bien ces petits jeunes qui jouent les Yamakasi et font respecter l'obligation faite aux commerces d'éteindre leurs enseignes et pubs lumineuses la nuit, entre 1 heure et 6 heures du matin...

Rappel de la loi :

Pour les contributeurs #OSM, je vous invite à répondre à ce questionnaire de la fondation pour essayer de comprendre comment pense la communauté :

- Unfortunately mips/mips64 are badly in need of work
- If anyone is still using mips/mips64 for other than the
most trivial tasks, we would welcome patches.

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interesting :
- Sponsor: Orange Business Services
- Although several of the powerpc64 src committers (and your author) have a fondness for big-endian, the fact is that our most feasible path to getting graphics capability anywhere near parity with x86 is via the little-endian choice.

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* Searching for more providers that can fit the requirements
for a generic mirrored layout or a tiny mirror.

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