Very excited to announce our first Samsung Internet London web developer Meetup hosted at #SamsungKX on 16 March! We'll be focusing on Progressive Web Apps with talks from Laura Morinig and Good Boy Digital! Come join us! 🪐

currently listening to Sinnattupiluk , by Don Maliko

Nous sommes aujourd’hui le Octidi 08 Ventôse de l’an CCXXVIII (228)
Nous célébrons la Violette

Ca fait longtemps que j'ai pas vu @goofy ici, tu vas bien ?

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I'm going to be livehacking on Firefox in about an hour and a half! More startup performance stuff, and maybe some Picture-in-Picture bugs. Come join me at 1PM ET!

Dimanche 29 mars 2020 vide grenier à Grisolles (82) entre et de 8:00 à 17:00.

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pixel width: 3.7910692340363153e-06

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