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Ludovic Hirlimann

Finition mongole , ça laisse souvent à désirer ergo tout ce qui est made in Germany a super late cote.

Last month a large number of full price commercial #games (including big names such as Civilization and Elder Scrolls) were revealed to contain the tracking software Red Shell:

If games were #OpenSource, it would be easier to avoid spyware 😟

But though they're rarer, open source games do exist 🕹️ 👾 👍

Some lists: (via @Ashpex)

#FOSS #OSS #LibreGaming #Gaming #VideoGaming #PCGaming #VideoGames

Ok I'm sure sex is good but have you ever had several hundred lines of Rust compile with no warnings or errors

Just started a new kickstarter campaign to screen “ Mongolian Bling” a documentary film exploring hip hop in Ulanbaartar in the intersection of modernity and #Mongolia traditional cultures. More here in Japanese.

RT arranges the world by land use. All freshwater adds up to . We use up all the Americas for our . This is one of the best maps I've ever seen. Informative, original and thought provoking. Source:


Kids playground are very commun, in fact every building has one or so. I think it's an inheritance from socialism and the USSR.

La Mongolie est plutôt sèche , quand il pleut ça ressemble très vite à ça. Nous avons des orages tous les soirs depuis 4 jours.

Electrical hack. All wooden poll are maintained with concrete legs. The way electricity is temporary fetched for the condtrcty site behind the wall is just lovely, but dangerous in my opinion.

Habitation typique , même si ce n'est pas le style russe, ni une yourte. Le RDC est réservé aux commerces quelque soit leur taille.

The biggest urban park in ulaanbaatar, not as big as Central Park. Very popular place to get some fresh air.

La vaseline n'a aucune connotation sexuelle ici

Quelques marques familières à cet arrêt de bus tout neuf , sur la route du palais présidentiel. -bator

next to a construction site, beware of falling objects and rules that need to apply onsite. I need to take pictures of female construction workers, way more than I've ever saw in France Europe or us

Sculpture devant des bureaux, j'aime beaucoup le motif sur le rocher.

Something is wrong in this very luxurious complex. I've been trying to figure out what was going on, but can't see from anywhere but a wall. Very Mongolian new and worn-out at the same time.

Une croissance forte, c'est des grues à porte de vue, des projets partout. L'égalité homme femme c'est un nombre important de femme dans la constructions, qui s'attellent aux mêmes tâches.