Let's make a colour together! <3


The final result is:

* R = 25%
* G = 40%
* B = 36%

As expected (and described in the thread), the gamut is pretty low (ie. not an immense possibility of colours, due to fact that masto polls options sum is 100)

0..100 to 0..255 (in gimp) give:

* R = 63.8 (64)
* G = 102
* B = 91.8 (92)


It's a soft, dark, bluish green!

It's complimentary color is (102,64,74)

Its triadic scheme:
(92,64,102) and (102,92,64)

We could call it "Fédi-vert"?

@jz this is insane how many people voted in this poll!

@jz I like how we were able to collectively avoid both brown and grey.

This is a Good Color.

@jz I quite like the outcome, quite enjoyable

@jz these colors scream "1990s office furniture" and I love it

@jz I really like this colour, and this process. Fédi-vert will be a common go-to for me from now.

@jz love it! Very nice way to create a color: fedivert is perfect

@jz I absolutely adore this colour.

Not grey, not brown, but a wonderful colour for all.

@jz Looks teal to me, the colour of holacracy and holarchy 😃

@jz You can see the fuller gamut if you reach into Masto's json response:

R = 470 / 1918
G = 762 / 1918
B = 686 / 1918

@jz "Fédi-vert" ✅
Well done, sir. Well done. :hamsterdance:

@jz très belle idée, très belle couleur et très beau nom. 💚

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