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🎉 Welcome to newcomers! 🎉

A few personal tips:

👌 the Fediverse is NOT twitt*r! enjoy a more relaxed, courteous, benevolent way of interacting! you are part of it!

🤚 introduce yourself! also fill bio and post a couple "toots" before following people to have more chance they'll follow back..

👍 favourite and follow generously! This is how to create link around. No algorithm-god is spying on you, telling you who to follow, what to read! \o/

⚠️ many people care about CW... learn about that


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Why the Julian Assange case is the most important battle for press freedom of our time

By Chris Hedges

"A society that prohibits the capacity to speak in truth extinguishes the capacity to live in justice. The battle for Assange's liberty has always been much more than the persecution of a publisher. It is the most important battle for press freedom of our era."

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from techno babble on a star trek starship bridge

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Good morning! #noisyleaks construction is underway bright and early!

Looking forward to the big leak this FRIDAY at Opening Night! Starting at 7 pm all art pieces will no longer be kept secret. See you there!

InvalidenStr. 145 Berlin 10115

In 4 days, all #secrets will be uncovered by Ai Weiwei, #danielLismore, #AFK #MediengruppeBitnik, #DavideDormino, #DanielRichter, #SarahLucas, & many more [REDACTED].

Can't make Opening Night ?

Our month of events at NoisyLeaks kicks off SATURDAY, Oct 8th with investigative journalist Stefania Maurizi. She will use court documents and Wikileaks cables to go behind the scenes of the Abu Omar case, a Milan cleric kidnapped by the #CIA in 2003.

Discover the secrets and join the discussion

#WikiLeaks #NoisyLeaks #Berlin #FreedomFfSpeach #StefaniaMaurizi

🎞️ MOVIE NIGHT 🎞️ Co-director Juan Pancorbo will join us for a screening of their 🍿📽️ "Hacking Justice" documentary, featuring the renowned 👨🏼‍⚖️ Baltasar Garzón and many other legal minds in their efforts to defend Julian #Assange. #NoisyLeaks #Berlin

Investigative journalist, author, and DeclassifiedUK co-founder Matt Kennard will share some crumpets, tea☕ ..and secret documents regarding U.S. foreign and economic policy around the world. 📃💵 #NoisyLeaks #Berlin

🎞️ MOVIE NIGHT 🎞️ Journalist and co-director John Goetz will join us for Q&A and a screening of 🍿📽️ "Terminal F: Chasing Edward #Snowden," ft. the pulse-pounding moments prior to and in the aftermath of the #NSA whistleblower's disclosure. #NoisyLeaks #Berlin

Let's face it: some of you always wanted to come and visit ! <3

It's an amazing city with tons of things for you! Its parties; its bars; its cheep vegan, vegetarian (or even meaty) food; its historical landmarks; its politics; its vibrant art scene...

Maybe Oct. 8 to 30th (vernissage on the 7th) is an excellent time for that!

You wouldn't want to miss !, The Art of Exposing Secrets, would you? :)

Human rights lawyer Renata Avila will lead a roundtable discussion and SMASHING 🎉piñata party🎉 surrounding how we can tear down corporate secrecy. 🤐 #NoisyLeaks

Investigative journalist and author Stefania Maurizi will use court documents and @wikileaks cables to go behind the scenes of the Abu Omar case, a Milan cleric kidnapped by the #CIA in 2003. ⌛ ⚖️ #NoisyLeaks #Berlin

Have you seen the #NoisyLeaks posters around the city? Send us pictures when you spot them and help spread the word! #MakeNoise

Join our exhibition to celebrate the historical and cultural heritage of @wikileaks on journalistic practices.

8-30 October 2022
P145, Invalidenstr. 145


Tatiana Bazzichelli and Jonas Frankki from Disruption Network Lab will trace the background of the concept 🎨🔍 Art as Evidence, and the effects of whistleblowing on art and culture, covering early @wikileaks projects and the impact of the #Snowden disclosures. #NoisyLeaks #Berlin

Our #NoisyLeaks schedule is filling up!

Check out the event previews, and let us know about additional people 🧑‍🎨👩🏻‍🎨👨🏽‍🎨 or activities to welcome into the space. #Berlin


The art world often sucks. doesn't. Its wonderful people, researching on freedom of information, pop-up hacker culture and arts. Thank you so much for inviting us, we are glad to contribute! Vernissage Oct 07. #NoisyLeaks

The #NoisyLeaks posters and flyers have dropped! 😮👏 Tell us when you start spotting them around the city, and contact us if you would like to help #MakeNoise.


Supporters have printed their own #NoisyLeaks! posters and pasted around their Berlin neighbourhoods. These are in a Schöneberg café. 💜

Find out more:

Download and print your posters:

📢 "Courage is not the absence of fear... Rather, courage is the intellectual mastery of fear." ✊👏
Help us create "a congregation point where courage can spread" and #MakeNoise about #NoisyLeaks!

[Quotes from Karen Sharpe & OR Books' compilation 📗 of words from Julian #Assange over the years:]

@EU_Commission Great. Does this mean, the European Commission will stand up against the extradition of Julian Assange and grant him asylum in one of the EU member states? Will the EU condemn crimes against humanity no matter what country committed those crimes? It is absolutely right to condemn crimes against humanity committed by Russian soldiers in the Ukraine. It is absolutely wrong to ignore crimes against humanity committed by US soldiers in Iraq. Just my 2 Cents. If the EU Commision wants to be taken for serious, it should do everything it can to help #Assange and #Snowden.

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