Les données que récolte Google, document complet

Ces dernières semaines nous avons publié par chapitres successifs notre traduction de Google Data Collection, l’étude élaborée par l’équipe du professeur Douglas C. Schmidt, spécialiste des systèmes logiciels, chercheur et enseignant à l’Universi


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Google moved 19.9 billion euros ($22.7 billion) through a Dutch shell company to Bermuda in 2017, as part of an arrangement that allows it to reduce its foreign tax bill, according to documents filed at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

... The subsidiary in the Netherlands is used to shift revenue from royalties earned outside the United States to Google Ireland Holdings, an affiliate based in Bermuda, where companies pay no income tax.


#TaxEvasion #Theft #FuckOffGoogle

At least 7 discussion meetups about #climatechange took place during #35c3. We are excited to announce one of the results: a new orga team @c3sustainability formed, to work towards #sustainable and #climate-neutral CCC events (camp, congress, regional events). We want to work out effective and practicable measures and suggest them to existing orga teams to improve current practices. Do you want to get involved? We can use your ideas and support! Check out hacc.uber.space/c3sustainabili #hacc

was so amazing! Again best Congress ever!

So beautiful, fun and smart! So many issues about big, cold, empty venue were fixed beautifully! Komona village! that Disco! Wow!

Feels so empowering to belong to such a smart bunch of people, caring for each other, nurturing our diversity through learning and sharing! Steady increase in proportion of women, queer &non-binary people confirms we're doing it right!

Thanks to everyone who was part of making it happen! <3

See you at Camp! <3


Decentralized politics from the 'hood to the World (and beyond) - workshop

Day3 - 22:00 - Komonia (dome 3)


via mastodon.social/@FuckOffGoogle

You may or may not reach me at using DECT extension 5946 (jzim) <3

Wednesday 19/12 - 20h00

Anti-#Google Post-Google party at SO36, Oranienstrasse 190, #Kreuzberg #Berlin

Let's cheer to our temporary, symbolic victory against a "#GoogleCampus", celebrate our solidarity, and plan the next steps! <3


Problems we are having with :
* It is and will remain centralized (clear strategy of *not* federating servers)
* It requires strong identifiers/selectors (phone#) to use
* Author disallows distribution by anyone but Google, although free/libre
* It keeps pushing away verification of fingerprint in interface
* It relies on Google+Amazon infrastructure
* Its funding is shady (OTF = Radio Free Asia = USG)

= clearly unethical choices, unjustifiable by accessibility or technological reasons.

#FuckOffGoogle Street View <3

(You know what to do next time you see a Google car near you!)


Friday 07/12 - 18:00 - Umspannwerk, #Kreuzberg, #Berlin


Google &co still watching!!

While #google canceled its "campus" in #Kreuzberg, they still occupy the building, while tech-startup bullshit still hits hard on the 'hood.

Join a festive occasion of meeting with neighbors, having fun and moving towards the next steps of action! <3

#FuckOffGoogle #StartUpRevolt #ShutDownGoogle #BringTheNoise

"gilets jaunes": "La base de donnée qui restera aux mains de Facebook est une bombe démocratique à retardement. Nous n'avons aucune garantie qu'elle ne soit pas vendue à la découpe aux plus offrants." affordance.info/mon_weblog/201

Fin de monde ?
-- par Frédéric Lordon

Quand une domination approche de son point de renversement, ce sont toutes les institutions du régime, et notamment celles du gardiennage symbolique, qui se raidissent dans une incompréhension profonde de l’événement (...), doublée d’un regain de hargne, mais aussi d’un commencement de panique quand la haine dont elles font l’objet éclate au grand jour et se découvre d’un coup à leurs yeux.


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