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Ecuador Will Imminently Withdraw Asylum for Julian Assange and Hand Him Over to the UK. What Comes Next? - G.Greenwald


"It should not be this difficult for journalists to set aside their personal emotions about Assange to recognize the profound dangers – not just to press freedoms but to themselves – if the U.S. Government succeeds in keeping Assange imprisoned for years to come..."

@deutrino @jz From my own personal interactions with Moxinspike on github and initial attempt to publish Signal on FDroid all I can say is that they clearly don't understand what GPLv3 entails or else they would have used a proprietary licensing scheme of some sort. They do not care in the slightest about the principles of free software and that manifests itself in how they address developers who would like to use Signal on platforms which are not compromised by Google's screen-reader in the gapps package.

It is almost like the situation with Palemoon but I am certain that if Moxinspike could do it over again they would have never released enough source code to fork the client at all.

@jz Other issues with #Signal:

* code quality is marginal - endless parade of small bugs, especially with the desktop client
* moxie is a jerk on github a little too frequently
* moxie is hostile to people running LineageOS

@suetanvil @jz Some of the grubby, uneducated poors have figured GPG out on our ownsie without being trained. Amazing, I know! Some of us would like a little less condescension in tech dev, more power settings and enhancement of agency, rather than appeals to an infantilized state. Thanks for your concern, though...

@jz a lot of popular support for Signal comes from the fact that Edward Snowden endorses it. That's how I first heard of it and came to trust it.

Lesson learned: don't take the word of celebrity infosec people as canon.


when it demanded an sms capable number ALSO registered to a mobile provider i dropped signal like a radioactive rock spewing infected blood


@jz Well it's nice to see the rest of the internet catching up. For a while I seemed to be the only Signal complainer, and that's because not long after it was first released I wanted to try running it myself (including the server side) and then encountered the problems you've listed. There was also a hostile reaction towards LibreSignal.

On the upside, Signal probably is better than WhatsApp or Telegram.

My original complaints: https://freedombone.net/faq.html#sec-18

@jz Share your concerns + also that they have effectively helped whitewash Google/Facebook by working with them to add encryption that's not on by default.

At the same time, only one of two solutions right now that are fully open source + cross platform (the other being Wire). (Also, an apk is available for download but is discouraged/not easy to find - they do push people to Google.)

We definitely need decentralised alternatives that publicly oppose surveillance capitalism.

Problems we are having with :
* It is and will remain centralized (clear strategy of *not* federating servers)
* It requires strong identifiers/selectors (phone#) to use
* Author disallows distribution by anyone but Google, although free/libre
* It keeps pushing away verification of fingerprint in interface
* It relies on Google+Amazon infrastructure
* Its funding is shady (OTF = Radio Free Asia = USG)

= clearly unethical choices, unjustifiable by accessibility or technological reasons.

Quelqu'un aurait les épisodes (1), 10, 11, 12 de Au Service de la France S02?

Pulitzer prize winner Chris Hedges: "The War on Assange Is a War on Press Freedom" t.co/Elai665Oqj

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One may dislike what they're told about his public persona, yet has to acknowledge that what happens to happens to each of us...

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The Berlin neighbourhood fighting off the Google giant! Kreuzberg’s crusade.

Kick Google out of the Neighbourhood coz Google is a bad neighbor!

#NoGoogleCampus #Fuckoffgoogle #nog00gle


Berliners! Today! Jul.14th - 15:00

"Anti-Google café": Informal and self-organized fight against the Google Campus in #Kreuzberg, #Berlin. It offers space for meetings, exchange, information, discussion and coordination in order to fight together against the opening of the Google Campus in Kreuzberg. Without the appeal to politics, without negotiating with power, but a creative and direct struggle.

At Kalabala!k, Reichenbergerstr. 63A

#FuckOffGoogle #Kreuzberg