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- #JulianAssange will not be able to see his lawyers for 6 months till the hearing starts.
- #Assange’s physical and psychiatric health are unwell. He was visibly unwell, he was coughing, didn’t have a mask and found it hard to speak.


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RSF has again been unable to observe an administrative hearing in the case of Julian Assange. We were turned away in person and the court again failed to connect the conference call line, barring remote access. This has become the - unacceptable - norm in this case. #FreeAssange

Rebecca Vincent: .@RSF_inter has attempted to remotely monitor every administrative hearing in Assange’s case since lockdown started. Not once have we gained sufficient access to adequately follow proceedings. Even w..

The case management hearing has ended. US did not appear in court.

US Attorney General Barr issued the replacement extradition request on 29 July, 2 days after the defence had submitted its entire legal arguments and evidence for the original superseding indictment. #assange twitter.com/StellaMoris1/statu #Wikileaks #Assange #AttorneyGeneral #Barr

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*Anti-war* monument (one of the only ones in France, instead of the thousand pro-war, pro-patria celebrating the deads...) in Gentioux, Creuse (Plateau de MilleVaches)


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Monument *anti-guerre* (l'un des seuls en France) à Gentioux, Creuse (Plateau de MilleVaches)


Brilliant explanation of the critical importance of ' releases on the Afghanistan (and Irak) war by @ByNickDavies@twitter.com (journalist for The Guardian partner of the operation), 10y after:


What the revealed war crimes -by nature racist- are about, why they concern us all, and why is bring prosecuted like a criminal and a spy for revealing them (in order to discourage anyone from doing the same).


The Stuttgart Peace Prize 2020 goes to Julian Assange, investigative journalist, programmer and founder of WikiLeaks.
The prize is awarded by Die Anstifter and aims to promote the right to unconditional freedom of information and of the press.
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Summary of #Assange's hearing today:

- He appeared and looked glum/tired

- The superseding US indictment hasn't been served

- His lawyers say the new indictment is political

- The extradition hearing is still set for Sept 7 at Old Bailey

- Assange's next call-over is Aug 14.

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Radio Free Assange is a collage of sound bits: songs and remixes, podcasts, docs, speeches, etc.

It bursts with surprising soundscapes, spanning from joy to anger, in defense of uncompromising journalistic activities worldwide.


#FreeAssange #Assange

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#WikiLeaks: 10 ans après, le sort de #JulianAssange est plus que jamais incertain. Il y a dix ans jour pour jour ce 25 juillet, le site #WikiLeaks publiait des dizaines de milliers de documents confidentiels qui révélaient entre autres les bavures et les crimes commis par l'armée américaine en #Afghanistan.
#assange #censure #droitdexpression #libertédelapresse

Time is 13:37, so let's make this #official 🎉

This is the new dedicated account for the #keyoxide project, easy #pgp #encryption and #distributed #identity for all in a fully #opensource and #privacy friendly package!

Developed by @yarmo
Read more about the project here: yarmo.eu/post/keyoxide

Let's make distributed identity happen! 😎

#introductions #foss

13 years ago, two Reuters' employees were fired upon & killed by the US Army, who later tried to cover it up. It was the focus of the now-infamous video leaked by @xychelsea and released by @wikileaks. Chris spoke w/ then Baghdad Bureau Chief Dean Yates: youtube.com/watch?v=cGu1qDQnT7 twitter.com/ChrisLynnHedges/st #Wikileaks #Assange #Army #Baghdad #Killed

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Est-ce qu'un comme @ouisncf@twitter.com cesse d'être un service *public* lorsqu'il impose de se connecter à Google (captcha) pour pouvoir acheter un billet? (et lorsqu'il impose le flicage par Facebook, Apple et autre publicitaires?)

Société Nationale des Computers Fliqués?

Dieses Bild gibt uns Kraft. Lasst uns dieses Bild in die Realität umsetzen.

Für die Pressefreiheit. Für die Wahrheit. Für Julian Assange.

Wir sehen uns heute um 16 Uhr am Löwenbrunnen in Leipzig. Bis dahin!

(Wir verwenden das Bild mit der Erlaubnis der Künstlerin. Ihre Arbeit findet ihr unter facebook.com/Danielatome)

#freeassange #julianassange #PressFredom #mahnwache

“The imprisonment of #Assange was the part of the movie where the villain finally reveals their true face for the monster they've always been, where it became clear to anyone paying attention that the US power alliance is as authoritarian and intolerant..” caitlinjohnstone.com/2020/06/2 twitter.com/GenXer4Progress/st #Australia

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216 @Doctors4Assange speak out against:‘The ongoing torture and medical neglect of Julian Assange’ in a second D4A letter published in @TheLancet on the eve of @UN International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, 26 June 2020: thelancet.com/journals/lancet/ twitter.com/Doctors4Assange/st #Wikileaks #Assange

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One year ago WikiLeaks predicted the DOJ would rely on a convicted fraudster, Sigurdur Thordarson, to make up more bogus claims:

June 7 2019 @wikileaks Press Release 'DOJ preparing to file additional indictment against #Assange based on testimony by a convicted conman' t.co/9q0aYmCJjM

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