Also, anyone knows the URL to the Rocket Chat of ? I have seen it mentioned several times on the CCC event blog... but none of the times the mention was... an actual link :///

(trying to RTFM on this one....)

Is there any English documentation, somewhere, about the PixelWorld of , map creation, etc?

The German doc is helpful and easy to get translated but without awareness about it in the non-germanophone world, the risk is to seriously limit the possibilities of participation... (3weeks to create a piece of "world" is short already...)



"We have finally received notification about a date for my pre-trial. It will be on Dec 3, at 9:30am.
In Ecuador, the pre-trial happens before the trial. The parties will present arguments about violations of process, the prosecution will present a charge. 1/n
Sadly, we don't have much hope for this pre-trial. We expect more rights violations to occur, and that I will be forced to defend my innocence at trial. 6/6"

Bored of Netflix? Try #Cablegate

#Cablegate10 #FreeAssangeNOW

Renata Avila: Even if one decade old, the @wikileaks #Cablegate archive is still used by journalists and anti-corruption researchers everywhere. Give it a try, here: #Netflix #WikiLeaks

Full-List of bots:

10 years ago today WikiLeaks began publishing #Cablegate

50 years of the 175 year sentence faced by Julian #Assange relate solely to the #Cablegate publication

The archive is still used by journalists and researchers everywhere.


Dis,, ça veut dire quoi: "Even though your account is not locked, the staff thought you might want to review follow requests from these accounts manually."

note, je comprends le sens du texte, mais "the staff thought you might want to.." je buggue un peu... Ou ai-je décidé de déléguer à des admins de décider de ce que je pourrais vouloir ou non, surtout si cela se traduit par un blocage d'interactions (je n'avais jamais vu ce machin enterré en bas d'un menu)? @admin

“After the government sued Google as a monopolist, Mozilla Corp., you’d think, might have celebrated…Yet within hours…Mozilla published a blog post offering a stern warning…: Please don’t go too far…Google pays Mozilla for it to be the default search engine on Firefox, and the money accounts for the vast majority of Mozilla’s revenue.“

Get it now?

Do you understand who Mozilla Corp. ultimately exists to protect? (Hint: it’s not you.)

#Mozilla #SurveillanceCapitalism


In Russia, Julian Assange is an MI6 agent.
In the US, a Russian agent.
In Iran, a Mossad agent.
In Saudi, an Iranian agent.
In Libya, a CIA agent.

Worldwide, establishments accuse those who expose them of being the enemy of the people.


@jz great libre software as much as Nitter & Bibliogram @fsf
Truly need some support

Is Invidious actively maintained by anyone, since Omar Roth gave up?

I see some instances running, but they are failing (with channels, or displaying multiple pages, etc.), so I wonder if that great piece of free/libre subversive software has found love, a community of developpers, a road map, etc.?


"Global Impunity" law adopted in France:

All Cops Are Blurred (ACAB)

Loi "Impunité Globale" en France:

All Cops Are Blurred (ACAB)

Next Steps in the Extradition Procedure of Julian Assange (flowchart, #wiki)

This is an attempt at understanding the various possible scenarii once the first instance decision of the UK Magistrate Court, by judge Vanessa Baraitser, will been given on Jan. 4th 2021.

#FreeAssange #Assange #FreeAssangeNow #Torture #UKShame


New legislation in France give law inforcement a host of surveillance powers, like the expanded ability to use drones and deploy body cameras transmitting live feeds. But most alarmingly, the bill would make it illegal to publicly share images of police.


"The real threat to democracy isn’t Julian Assange — it’s the espionage case against him

As the Yes Men, we have complicated feelings about #Assange. But prosecuting him under the #Espionage Act would be a disaster for #journalism and #democracy."


Please remember that Julian is caged because he let the truth about Afghanistan be free. Please remember what he has endured so we could know about war crimes. For 10 years. Think of what you have done in 10 years, the gifts wrapped, the bookshops visited, and remember.


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