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Jérémie Zimmermann 🎵 💾 ⁉ @jz

@h30x commence par aller au contact. va dans les évènements rencontrer les gens et vois sur le moment ce que tu peux contribuer. Observe les besoins (täches, projets, etc.) autour de toi, et sans rien promettre que tu ne puisses tenir prends une petite responsabilité ici ou là. Et vois comment ça passe...

Starbug [from CCC] was able to demonstrate that a good digital camera with 200mm-lens at a distance of up to five meters is sufficient to capture suitably good pictures to fool iris recognition systems.

.../... the iris picture is printed on a laser printer. .../... a normal contact lens is placed on top of the print. This successfully fools the iris recognition system into acting as though the real eye were in front of the camera.


\o/ CCC \o/ <3

Le CCC démontre une nouvelle fois la fragilité extrême des moyens d'authentification biométriques.
Après les empreintes digitales, le scan rétinien du Samsung Galaxy S8. Et ce avec un arsenal militaire dernier cri, jugez plutôt : appareil photo numérique, imprimante laser et lentille de contact ccc.de/en/updates/2017/iriden ; la vidéo de démonstration : media.ccc.de/v/biometrie-s8-ir

You know you'll get into trouble when your brand new ISP greets you with a malformed, unreadable html email....

Life Tip #27362

Try, upon meeting somebody new, *not* to ask the standard questions "where are you from?" and "what do you do?".

As answers to those almost always trigger prejudice ("oh, you are from X, then you must know/like YZ!"), emancipating from these lead –in my experience– to potentially deeper and more direct contact...

(also guessing geographical origin or activity, if done respectfully, can be fun over time...)


╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲ ╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱ ╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲ ╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱ ╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲ ╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱

So now that #Assange is washed from these slanderous Swedish accusations that made 7y of his life miserable as an attempt to silence him, what's next?

Will the US follow-up with DoJ/CIA director's plan on a full-on war against WikiLeaks? Will that Virginia Grand Jury's "sealed indictment" (sic. defense right..) be unsealed?

Will it be a global 1917 Espionnage Act conspiracy involving recently freed Chelsea Manning or some other absurd, arrogant, dystopian bully shit?

#IAmWikiLeaks #Courage

Swedish prosecutors drop Julian Assange rape investigation


According to a brief statement on the website of the Swedish prosecution authority, the country’s director of public prosecutions, Marianne Ny, “has today decided to discontinue the investigation regarding suspected rape (lesser degree) by Julian Assange”.

robert cop 2: the furniture of law enforcement - "i'll be back"...

#robocop #sequel #moviequote #actionfigure #furniture

Chelsea Manning is free and she is beautiful!!! <3 <3 <3 \o/

RT: @xychelsea (birdsite)

Okay, so here I am everyone!! =P



Who just got his glasses out of the LandwehrKanal (Kreutzkolln Canal) using a string, a rock and magnetz?? \o/ #ScienceBitch #ThxFriendz <3

<3 Chelsea Manning! (@xychelsea on birdsite)

Thanks SO MUCH! Thanks for what you've done, for your courage, your beliefs... Thank you for holding on and for being you!

We'll be there for you! <3

<3 \o/ <3 \o/ <3 \o/ <3 \o/ <3 \o/ <3 \o/ <3 \o/ <3 \o/ <3 \o/ <3 \o/ <3 \o/ <3


Let's celebrate Chelsea Manning's freedom, discuss her liberation and the next steps to support her (with the Courage Foundation)!

Tonight in Berlin at Room77, Graefstrasse 77 (U8 Schönleinstrasse)



About risk profile:

- Mastodon is like email because you can't delete federated toots
- Mastodon is like twitter in that Google's search bots index it, unless your admins robot.txt it away
- Mastodon is like being a teenager because the people that own your instance can see all your private stuff

Have a talk with your admin about their policies.

By default, assume everyone will be able to read your toots forever.

I stand with these artists, journalists, musicians, whistleblowers & human rights defenders to protect press freedom iamwikileaks.org/openletter/


1967: Here's a computer with 1MB of RAM, please put some dudes on the moon with it

2017: Here's a computer with 16GB of RAM, please display some text on the screen with it

⠃ฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺ╥ฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺ ㎁Ϥℵᴺ╤Dऐ ⃝ㅣㅜs

⠃ฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺ╥ฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺ ㎁Ϥℵᴺ╤Dऐ ⃝ㅣㅜs


⠃ฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺ╥ฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺ ㎁Ϥℵᴺ╤Dऐ ⃝ㅣㅜs