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Wow! Nozoïd MMO-3 synthesizer is such a monster! So different from OCS-2! 3 oscillators (and 3 amazing LFOs) modulating each other in AM, FM, PM and waveshaper modes!

Infinite combinations of bleeps and bloopz and WOwoWOWo... Never heard such fat, vibrant, glitchy sounds out of such compact hardware! <3 <3 <3


(kudos to Cyrille Henry for his free/libre software and overall so smart design)


Getting familiarized with Mutt feels like seeing the light!

Why on Earth did it take me so long to switch? Why did I spend so much time using this Thunder$%#!! hog? (And how will I get antispam?)

Today: Hacking with Care workshop at 12:00 at in Warsaw! Join us in hacking care as a long-term political strategy! <3

Two UN rights experts urge France to bring its draft counter-terrorism law in compliance with its international human rights obligations. ohchr.org/EN/NewsEvents/Pages/

So what are the (geo)political consequences of having widely distributed pieces of software like Tor, Signal and others being mostly funded by US Gov and the CIA (through RFA -> OTF)?..

These questions are asked openly in this article by Y. Lavine (to take with a grain of salt, like all the rest indeed...)


CC lunar@mastodon.potager.org

Dire "Il faudrait brûler le Sénat." est-ce que c'est de l'incitation au terrorimse?

Ou est-ce que ça peut faire office de conclusion objective, raisonnée et argumentée d'après 10 ans d'expérience au contact des institutions de la Vème République?

Sérieusement... en ne parlant même pas de l'État d'Urgence ou d'un gouv qui légifère par odonnances... en regardant juste le fonctionnement du Sénat (mediapart.fr/journal/france/22) et de ses "élections" par cooptation, qui peut prétendre que nous vivons "en démocratie" et que nous avons des leçons à donner à qui que ce soit à l'extérieur ou à l'intérieur (abstention)...?

The #W3C error (approving DRM) could never have happened at the #IETF: 10 years after, we would still be exchanging hundreds of emails without making a decision.

I am so in love with my Nozoîd OCS-2 synth! <3

Its meanest, fattest 32bit sound synthesis, endless possibilities of digital-matrix patching, and synthesis very "close to the wave" with amazingly diverse waveforms, etc.. altogether bring me so much joy! <3

(Now, Jean-Michel Jarre got one (along with a MMO-3) and declares "It's exactly what I was looking for"... :) twitter.com/nozoid_synth/statu )


"An open letter to the W3C Director, CEO, team and membership" (EME, DRM)


"Effective today, EFF is resigning from the W3C."


The Roots - Discography #pouetradio #tootradio #sharingiscaring #bittorrent #magnet #datalove Show more

W3C approves DRM, votes kept secret.

... and I was the only journalist asking questions at the Press Conference.


What is the difference between USA and USB? Show more

What is the best site/resource you know for learning -with examples- to do slick muttrc config files (including GPG and all)?

We interrupt this transmission to bring you the stock hacker photo of the day. https://social.freedombone.net/attachment/42528