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"The tao that can be tar(1)ed is not the entire Tao. The path that can be specified is not the Full Path.
We declare the names of all variables and functions. Yet the Tao has no type specifier.
Dynamically binding, you realize the magic. Statically binding, you see only the hierarchy.

Yet magic and hierarchy arise from the same source, and this source has a null pointer.

Reference the NULL within NULL, it is the gateway to all wizardry."

> The #NDP and Greens responded (and made commitments), while the Liberals and Conservatives did not [to #GrassyNarrows. #NWO #greenparty

> Meet Sheriff! He's on duty around the office making sure we have enough volunteers for election day. 🤠 🐾

#NDP #SheriBenson #IniTForYou

> This race is a dead heat between our team and the Conservatives. We need your help to win! Sign up to volunteer on Election Day ⬇️
#yxe #sheribenson #NDP #InItForYou

> CSEC and Facebook announced today that they will be working together next election to do their best to keep you from being an informed voter next election, if you use facebook. Expect things like "C-51" and "TPP" to be flagged as 'not important' or 'fake news' and fluff like "how hot is Justin Trudeau/Jagmeet Singh" to be given prominence by Facebook.


> fighting between the two groups in and around Tripoli has, since April, killed at least 100 civilians and displaced 120,000

anonymous friend:

> saw them installing the EV chargers in Davidson today

#saskatchewan #EV

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