Chaos Communication Camp!!! <3 <3 <3

The most inspiring and delicious mix of talent, curiosity, diversity, cultural exchanges, intellectual stimulation, joyful experiment, dust, fun and togetherness!

0 corporate sponsor, 100% volunteer-based. All things should be like ! Thanks all for making it happen! See you (in Congress and) in 4 years! <3

Hey @jz
I can feel from your words that you had a really nice time at . Great! However, It might be important to be realist and recognise that Camp is unsustainable in the extreme and so everything should certainly NOT be like camp!

It was my first time visiting a CCCamp, and the dependencies on extractive systems are immediatly obvious. I wager that Camp would break down within 5 to 10 more days. I was already witness to violence on Day3 ! (albeit only verbal)

Economic division and injustice was also present. On paper it might be corporate sponsorship free, but this is simply not true of a great part of the attendees. There's been a lot of money made in tech and a lot of it was present at camp. Walking from the more DIY stuck together with love and paper zones, into the luxury RV zone reminded me somewhat of crossing one of those city boundaries from have nots to haves.


As for diversity, I think we have a long way to go. Beyond english and german, I heard 3 other languages, and only once did I hear a Latin American accent. I saw a total of 3 not white people.

I saw a talk in which the potential need to worry about the "rights" of electronics (cyborg body parts) was mentioned. - Most of that talk was about individualism in the extreme.

I'm really glad so many people had such a great time! but I do wish we could keep perspective.


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