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has in the past claimed that the makers of the browser intentionally broke functionality in firefox on websites that they also control, adding a "Better use chrome" message to the site. Users would obey.. and firefox lost masrket share. the people would then claim it was accidental and say "sorry" but the damage was done.
This fuck - up looks like it cannot be blamed on anybody else.

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Wow! just suddenly disabled ALL my privacy extensions with a message claiming they "do not meet current FireFox standards" - Following the "find replacement" lnik leads to a suggestion to a list where the second option is "google translator for Firefox"

Looks like this is fixed. Thanks disroot.org!

Did you find some stickers by the doorbell?

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google is E verywhere
google is V oracious
google is I ndiscriminate
google is L oquacious

#SurveillanceCapitalism #google

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@loic FOSDEM 2018 had one of the world’s largest surveillance capitalists as its primary sponsor. Who are the sponsors this year?

If Google is sponsoring again, there is no way either I or @indie would take part.

It’s time events that purport to be about freedom stop legitimising and whitewashing surveillance capitalists. And it’s time those of us with legitimacy in this area stop being complicit in that practice.

#FundingMatters #SurveillanceCapitalism

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Oh No! was just browsing around disroot.org, looked at the user sign-up page. Boom!! google recaptcha!
Disroot, please.

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Got a job offer from FB.
My reply:
Hi XXX, I'm sure that the role has a very interesting technical side, however I can't in good conscience work with Facebook considering what is being doing to humanity lately.
I wish more engineers would consider the results of their actions before applying for a job, but apparently ethics in tech are something rare these days. Have fun with your tech.
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Hire me as a consultant to improve your site’s performance*!

* I’ll tell you to remove your ridiculous third-party trackers, then shame you for invading your site visitors’ privacy. You’ll be embarrassed, but I’ll have shaved off 200+ requests, ~2mb, and cut load time in half.

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I wrote up some heartfelt words about why I left Twitter: medium.com/@thomasfuchs/good-r

Please share it if you agree. Thank you.

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My least favorite part about new folks logging in is the DM panic.

“Oh no, my DMs are unencrypted and can be read by the instance moderators and admins.”

“... just like every other social platform you’ve ever used, plus most email platforms.”

“Well, yeah, but on those other platforms the admins are a team of underpaid entry level employees at a faceless company, not a single person or small group of individuals that’s I can get to know”


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If anyone ever throws the term ( NEO- ) LUDDITE at you, as a derogatory, this text might be the ultimate ninja star to throw back ! LibrarianShipwreck we <3 <3 <3 you !!! librarianshipwreck.wordpress.c #Fuckoffgoogle #LudditesUnite #Strawman #LangdonWinner

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Developers, do not embed Google’s products on your sites & compromise the privacy of your visitors.

#CleanUpTheWeb & strip your site of tracking devices by Google, Facebook, etc. to make the web safer. Yes, that includes Google Fonts loaded from Google’s servers.


(via twitter.com/aral/status/100208)

#FuckOffGoogle @aral

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