Got a new TRSS cable for my split ; it perfectly matches my keycaps 🙂

@lj_writes @ckeen @ice

Thanks! 😁

Yes, this is a Viterbi; and the cable is from Keebio too.

@cdc @lj_writes @ckeen I have a Levinson, at first I wondered if 48 keys would be enough but I got used to it, and I love it so far (except the crappy pro micro USB port but that's another story).Though I guess 22 more keys should be pretty comfortable.

@ckeen @lj_writes @ice

Nice custom emoji, the Atreus is clearly distinguishable (on my phone) 👍

@ice @lj_writes @ckeen

I'm using only 60 keys, but I need all of its surface area :)

I gave up on the Pro Micro because of its USB port and because of its dumb bootloader too.

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