Worse than "curl | sh", I've just created a tool to do "curl | " (Device Firmware Update) 😅 More seriously, this will be really useful in our test farm for a couple of reasons.

I managed to get the d-pad of my Retroflag working again. It turns out it wasn't a hardware connection issue as I initially thought; it was due to its firmware which has two input mode: axis & hat. expects the axis mode. droix.co.uk/knowledge-base/art

The board I designed using is finally on my workbench, it was produced and assembled by PCBWay. This is an expansion card for any SBC with a RPi-compatible GPIO header. It can multiplexe USB 2.0, HDMI 2.0, Gigabit Ethernet signals, and it has a couple of relais to switch power/pin state. We are using this kind of hardware to validate SBCs using other SBCs 😅

I built a random generator in wood during this rainy day... Of course this kit is not cryptographically secure 😅

Quote: "The RP2040 Stamp is a hand-solderable SMD/TH module by Solder Party / arturo182 that integrates the Raspberry Pi RP2040 MCU with 8MB of FLASH, an LDO, LiPo charge management (including a charge LED), a reset button, and a Neopixel. It breaks out all the GPIOs as well as USB, SWD, BOOTSEL, RST, and the voltage pins."
Source: kbd.news/RP2040-Stamp-1162.htm

My port of for the @mntmn Reform keyboard (standalone) has been merged into the "master" branch, thus it is now possible to use the online QMK Configurator to create custom layouts for this keyboard/firmware config.qmk.fm/#/mntre/LAYOUT

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Thanks to the documentation and the sources provided by @mntmn, it was easy to get working on the MNT Reform -> github.com/qmk/qmk_firmware/pu OLED display and backlight work like a charm.

The original was great, but I need sticky keys and layers for my workflow.

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✅ layout changed to AZERTY-FR so it could be used by my family
up and running, because I love layers and sticky keys. Although backlight support needs more work before I submit my port.

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Its firmware is and its schematic is included within its package

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I ❤ how allows you to write parallel code without having to think about it...

Et voilà, my router is now up-to-date and fully re-configured. The UART wires are now accessible without opening the device again; this will be useful next time I mess it up 😅

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my router the hard(ware) way, from its UART console and a ST-Link as USB adapter. The GL.iNet B1300 device is well documented and fully supported by .

LibrePCB 0.1.5 released; with several long awaited new features in the library-, schematic- and board editors.


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The plural of "index" is "indices".
The plural of "vertex" is "vertices".
The plural of "mutex" is "deadlock".

-- @agmlego

20 years ago, on the first of August, the inception of a language started to, well, incept [...] [This language] is now called Raku [...] To celebrate this part of the history and the people that brought us where we are now, starting tomorrow, we’ll publish 20 articles, one a day, that will focus on one or a few RFCs and show what they eventually became in today’s Raku. So come back every day for a piece of Raku, of history, and of history!


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One thing that almost bothers me more than anything else is this Apple rejection is proof of how the open internet is dead. Apple cannot comprehend the idea of content being played in different apps. They only see content and apps being owned and operated by the same people.

There’s no more “use whatever client you like”, it’s “You want to listen to X, you use X app” just like “You want to watch Hulu? Use Hulu. Want to watch Netflix? Use Netflix.”

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