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#RPGchallenge 29 : 29. god/devil/whatever overpower mode

This is Bernard, Spirit of Cold Waters. He's been friend with Judith until she was cursed, and is kinda happy that she's back in the game.

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#RPGchallenge 28 : Ultimate Armor

Like the legendary mithril, Moonsteel protects from the most fatal wounds. (-60% damage on physical attacks)
Unlike the legendary mithril, Moonsteel is heavy as fuck.

Fortunately the moonsteel armor gives a +15 strength bonus, allowing the highly skilled player to wear it. and transport it. and move when it is equipped.

The armor lets hair through, though. And even the wisest haven't figured how or why.

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#RPGchallenge 27 : Ultimate weapon

Basically, a shard from the boundary between dimensions. It kind of... cuts reality. Handle with care. Seriously.

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#RPGchallenge 26 : Ultimate Skill

Basically some attribute boost, that increments Speed and Strength by 1 each time hit multiplicator gains 1. Available under 25% health. Stops if the combo is broken, or if player dies.

Judith said : "I don't need this rage anymore. Use it wisely. See you later alligator."

(et en francais on traduira ca par feu-coeur. parce que ca me fait beaucoup rire.)

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Oriath has fallen, and we are helping! Let´s return to #pathofexile with the new patch in a long feature @!
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Je découvre ce jeu seulement aujourd'hui !
A mon avis ça va faire du bruit ...
Dans un monde type oldchool RPG, commencer par une quête de database perdue, ça me va bien.

@PierreM Only if it isn't safe to look at meaty, thoughtful #RPG #OSR essays.


No naughty pics that I have come across.

@PierreM Thanks! I am still trying to figure out if/how to blog/post/whatever about it. I think I was bringing up the concern that there is a bit less meaty #OSR #RPG essays that could in turn spark discussion. Maybe it is because I am reading some old meaty bits and getting wistful:

These people ain't no slouches...

#Fictorum, an action RPG with destructible environments may come to Linux ttps:// #gnu #linux #games #rpg

#RPGchallenge 25 : Stronger boss

Judith was the guardian Spirit of a people that sealed her in an armor to use her as a weapon against their enemies. Out of rage she destroyed them and the mountain they lived on earning the name of Gilded Carnage.

Now she tries to fall asleep deep underground in an old desert temple, but her anger keeps her awake.

(spoiler : she gets free when her armor is broken in a fight with the protagonist, and gives them the Ultimate Skill)

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#Starfinder #rpg core races include, but are not limited to: boring old humans, smol rats, stronk scalies, socialist bugs, and freed robots.

#RPGchallenge 22 : Mythical Creatures

here come the big sneks (4x4 tiles)

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NSFW for sneks/serpents

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In Greg Stolze's *Reign* #RPG, a conceit of the setting was that the two continents comprising the known lands were actually the bodies of a god and a goddess, asleep in the sea.

I saw this amazing painting today and realized that in that world the human form should be reflected down through all scales of the setting. If you know you are living on the body of a god, it only makes sense that you'd build your temple in the shape of a human head…

_Artist_: Du Kun

i'm streaming some drawing for #RPGchallenge at :

come take a seat! (if you want, of course)

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