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@deadsuperhero if I want to chat with you on #Diaspora, which of your accounts on there is most active?
púxenme a traducir #dandelion ao #galego, un cliente #webapp para acceder a rede #diaspora en dispositivos #android

Non hai moito onde escoller, debido a API de #diaspora (disque), así que polo menos que este aplicativo que está en #f-droid teña a opción para os galegos :P

@NathanHawks_xyz What's "Sealion J-19"?

I'm fla or flaburgan, french contributor to the #diaspora* project since 2012 when the founders gave up, because I feel that to build is better than to cry. And I know what you wrote on github simply because I receive an e-mail for each comments on diaspora* issues.

You don't want to know what diaspora* becomes nor you want to help improve it by telling what you are missing. So, we don't need to talk. Have a good day and many happiness.


You -> I was not even using diaspora* at this time
half a million -> 180k, to pay 6 persons during a year, because yeah diaspora* corp had employees, that means 30k / person, very little money in San Francisco

If you used #diaspora* until now as you claim and still didn't know that everybody in the starting team left in 2012 and that only European volunteers are working on it now, it shows that you have no idea what you're talking about, meaning your criticisms are empty.

I just deleted my #diaspora account.

They keep closing every ticket pushing for a block feature as a duplicate of other closed tickets requesting a block feature.

I don't know about you, but if I wanted toxic people to have control over how much of my time they ruin, I never would have retreated to the internet 23 years ago in the first place.

Hey Diaspora* guys, does federation over there now work as expected?

There were quite a lot of federation issues about two years ago... as far as I remember ...

#diaspora #federation #social #network

"So, uh, diaspora:// is now an officially registered URI scheme (htt..."

Grâce à #Mastodon et #Diaspora, j'ai parfois l'impression d'être un avant-gardiste sur #facebook.
Je publie un truc que j'ai piqué à quelqu'un sur les RS alternatifs et parfois le lendemain je vois la même publication par un autre utilisateur ou une autre page sur mon flux XD
Merci les RS décentralisés :D

Reported the issue internally in #diaspora with some 'debugging' details.
My guess is, #twitter again suspended ALL posts from ANYONE.

Happy birthday diaspora*

Today diaspora turns 7 🎂


@rbonifaz @sri #ActivityPub is an attempt to provide all the features and benefits of #OStatus,, and #Diaspora's variant of OStatus

@kensanata @Emmett @Frotz @Canageek I know I occasionally browse another #mastodon instance's tags urls and see who is posting from those. Remote following interesting people.

kensanata, can you elaborate on your #diaspora statement? I didn't think mast and diasp talked?

Quelles sont les meilleurs applications mobile pour et * sous ?

@dt you know very well that this account doesn't have the power to do that here. Want to shift the discussion to #Diaspora or #Hubzilla?

s’enorgueillit d'avoir dépassé 40.000 cptes.

Cpdt il s'avère que 92% de ces cptes sont inactifs. Suite au lancement de Mastodon, le nb de publications sur Framasphère a chuté drastiquement & rapidement.

Malgré cela il apparaît que le développement d'une passerelle entre et (comme elle existe vers Twitter) n'est pas ds les priorités des développeurs.

Développer "contre" est p-ê le plus sûr moyen de tomber rapidement en panne d'idées & de ressources. 🤔

J'hésite toujours à sauter le pas vers * et surtout quelle instance choisir ?