1. Buy medication I never have bought or even searched for before at local pharmacy w/ credit card
2. Go to car, decide to test #Librem5 cellular by visiting my account on mobile.twitter.com
3. Immediately see ad for type of medication I bought!

No location tracking possible on this Librem 5 (used browser, not native twitter app), so either a crazy coincidence, or near-real-time reporting between CVS and #adtech w/ linking between my name, card, and twitter account.


@kyle mastercard sells realtime transaction data: mastercardservices.com/en/data

There was some way to opt out per card, but you need to look that up.

@kyle This report was an attempt to investigate the system as a whole, although often the info is still fragmented: crackedlabs.org/en/networksofc

@setthemfree @kyle is there any card that doesn’t sell your data? Do debit cards sell your data?

@ehowell @setthemfree I don't know. While there are many issuers for credit cards, there are only a few networks (Visa/MC/AMEX/Discover/etc) so even if your issuer doesn't sell your data (the one I built infrastructure for didn't), if the network does (as this thread shows MC does) there's not much you can do.

With a strictly debit card (no CC features) I suppose the issuing bank and/or company managing the card infrastructure could offer #privacy for you.

There's also always cash :)

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