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Why #SoundWalk 

thinking about how "audacity" is one of the few examples of open source successes where it's become the standard program for basic audio manipulation even among people who aren't open source geeks

Someone recently asked me for my "Gmail" as a way to ask for my private email address, and I can't even express how much I hate that.

Holy smokes.

LibreOffice runs on the Librem 5!


Saving files, opening files, typing... the UI is a bit cramped (it's a desktop app on a phone)... but hot-diggity! It works!

fsf, rms, etc 

life hack:

you can just say "websearch" instead of "google"

there is more than one search engine

don't internalize the brands' language

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#NetMusic diary 

When computers are involved in the inputs you experience, the outputs you produce, and your reasoning process, the distinction between those computers and you blurs considerably.

Increasingly, not having user freedom means not having agency. This work is critical.

@setthemfree mostly yes: it is using an A20 SoC, for which support is almost complete:…

(it is missing e.g. HDMI audio, but HDMI video does work)

The ones I have around all run standard debian, from the official installer (not a precooked image), and that must be able to run from the upstream kernel.

Why #SoundWalk 

Library in Kyiv 

Argh. This "Turn off 'Private Mode' to read the article" tactic drives me crazy. It's plain discrimination against people who want to simply "opt-out" of invasive online tracking.

Just use ethical, non-tracking ads!

But objecting to poking holes in crypto is "absolutist" in the same way that objecting to poking holes in a spacesuit is absolutist.

Some things have to be absolutely airtight to be useful at all.

An ironic album from Slovenia, released under cc-by-sa 4.0 license, supported by City Municipality of Ljubljana and Ministry of Culture RS.

> It is a modern take on burlesque, packed with witty feminist-inspired campy and queer humour and often critically commenting on the current socio-political landscapes and events both locally and beyond.

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