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The predominant UI paradigm seems to be mimicking mechanical or electromechanical tools. Word processors pretend to be an extended typewriter, simulating ink on paper. Web browsers - something between an electronic newsletter and a TV. Messengers - an easy to use telegraph.

The use of computers as flexible information processing machines, that could be instructed to peform interesting stuff for you in semi-automatic way, remains sort of beyond the definition of normal for no reason.

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Why #SoundWalk 

We live in a "vision-first" society. Vision is, however, selective. You can only see a fraction of your environment at a time, with the most detailed picture in an even smaller area. Hearing is 360° and continuous.

Opening oneself a bit more to sound and listening can thus be an acccessible way to practice a more contemplative, sensitive, relaxed and less "segmented" percetion of a moment (or an arbitrary continuity of moments).

To all my friends here on Mastodon, my new album of #microtonal #music is out. It's called 'Harmony Hacker'.

I have been interested in microtonal music for quite a while now. It has various new moods that I had never heard before, and of course new melodies and harmonies that aren't possible in the Western 12-tone system. My goal is to mix microtones with oddball #electronic dance music.

Folks, please let me know what you think!

Don't know if this is already a thing, but I think I may start to refer to websites that have been designed to work without #Javascript as #SansJS or - maybe better still - #SansScript sites.

Until now I mentioned "no js" in the footer, but "sans-js" / "sans-script" looks like a term that's more likely to stick.

Boosting welcomed..

Do you think so too #Fediverse? Let's #poll .. what is best:

Дискусія про зняття робіт Олега Сусленка з виставки “100 років самотності” в Палаці Мистецтв


@Telegram knows the below account is an impersonator, and I don't have an account with them.

But they let this guy continue to post insane garbage—as "Official_EdwardSnowden"—and even a swastika, which Telegram has served to over 80,000 views.

Great job, guys. Just super.

"To prove you aren't a robot, perform this tedious repetitive task without questioning or complaining."

Doing live streams can feel the worst, you give so much energy and then at the end there's silence and you're on your own and have no idea what really just happened.
If you want to make someone happy send them a message to say you liked their live stream

I was recently invited to perform at the Contrasts festival in Lviv. Published the recording (not much livecoding this time though):


good morning

today we are releasing another amazing musical outing - an album 'Atlatl' by #Warhorse, a collaboration between our label pals #Lifecutter and #Shekuza

we'll also be streaming tonight's live concert as part of our series #KamizdatRentgen 20:00 CEST ( via #owncast

more at

#techno #darkAmbient #modularSynthesis

#Kamizdat #Ljubljana #Slovenia #ElectronicMusic

Back in 2012, live coded/algorithmic dance music nights didn't really exist. I came up with the dorky word 'algorave' but it took some years of some hard work pretending it existed before it really happened. But still for me it will always feel like something that doesn't _really_ exist, like my little secret.

Raspberry Pi recycling scheme, boosts welcome 

heyo, fellow Raspberry Pi folks: OKDO are partnering with Sony to run a recycling scheme for used Raspis, so if you've got e.g. an OG Pi1 sitting around that you don't know what to do with (like I do), you can send it to them to be refurbished and/or recycled in exchange for a £10 off orders over £15 voucher!

Asked a question on the forum:

If you have any thoughts, I'd be thankful if you share (here is okay too).

𝄐𝄐 𝄐𝄐𝄞𝄐 𝄞 𝄞𝄐𝄐 𝄐𝄞 𝄞𝄞𝄞𝄐𝄞𝄐 𝄐𝄞𝄞𝄐𝄞𝄐𝄐𝄐𝄐 𝄐𝄞𝄞𝄐𝄐𝄐𝄐𝄐𝄐 𝄐𝄞𝄞𝄞 𝄞𝄐𝄐𝄐𝄐𝄞 𝄞𝄐 𝄐𝄐 𝄞𝄐𝄞𝄞𝄐𝄞 𝄐𝄐𝄐𝄞𝄞𝄐𝄐𝄐 𝄞𝄞𝄞𝄐𝄐𝄐𝄐 𝄞𝄐𝄞 𝄐𝄞𝄐𝄞𝄐 𝄞𝄞𝄞𝄞𝄐 𝄐𝄐𝄞𝄞 𝄐𝄞𝄞𝄐 𝄐𝄞𝄞𝄐𝄐 𝄐𝄐 𝄞𝄞𝄞𝄞𝄞𝄐𝄐 𝄐𝄐𝄞𝄞𝄐 𝄐𝄞𝄐𝄞𝄐

Сходив на Дюну. Було смачно. Є занурення, немає зайвого екшину чи якихось інших «пересмажених» речей. Звук, музика теж на рівні. Не шкода було подивитися.

The best video of me I could hope for

(context: laser a/v performance by [Artur Lis] in Lviv, Tetramatyka festival)

vid by Nat Isk

you wake up. it was all just a dream.
the personal computer was never invented.
you are relieved.

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