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The predominant UI paradigm seems to be mimicking mechanical or electromechanical tools. Word processors pretend to be an extended typewriter, simulating ink on paper. Web browsers - something between an electronic newsletter and a TV. Messengers - an easy to use telegraph.

The use of computers as flexible information processing machines, that could be instructed to peform interesting stuff for you in semi-automatic way, remains sort of beyond the definition of normal for no reason.

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Why #SoundWalk 

We live in a "vision-first" society. Vision is, however, selective. You can only see a fraction of your environment at a time, with the most detailed picture in an even smaller area. Hearing is 360° and continuous.

Opening oneself a bit more to sound and listening can thus be an acccessible way to practice a more contemplative, sensitive, relaxed and less "segmented" percetion of a moment (or an arbitrary continuity of moments).

mediawiki has this feature where you can thank people for edits, and i think this is a signal i wish more software sent.

A very real-world introduction to web with a high degree of practical information on accessibility that is far form obvious (like how to make a replacement checkbox that is still discoverable by a vision-impired user on a touch screen device by sliding their finger over it). Highly recommend for anyone who is seeking practical experience with accessible web development.

(Also, JS is a must for accessible modals :( )

Weird stuff seems to be going on with my older backup usb hdd: can read, writes stall with scsi errors (Seagate, 1TB, 2015, has no S.M.A.R.T. apparently).

I'm glad it is luks-encrypted, so I don't have to worry about erasing it before putting it aside.

Okay, good to know, thanks for moving a feature instead of removing it this time.

> The ‘Take a Screenshot’ feature was removed from the Page Actions menu in the url bar. To take a screenshot, right-click to open the context menu. You can also add a screenshots shortcut directly to your toolbar via the Customize menu. Open the Firefox menu and select Customize…

Is there a way to use libpd in #godot? have anybody tried doing something like this?

#puredata @PureData @godot

i want to validate this concept (and will again in the future): do you want a linux pocket computer that is not primarily a smartphone, but could be an alternative/substitute for a smartphone? i.e. not focused on the telephone aspect, but on text/writing/CLI/web.

one idea (librem 5 has this already): pluggable cell modem if you want. alternatively wifi or tether to dumbphone/other smartphone.

whole point of this was to get a crab looking at a cell phone which is turning out to not be an easy thing to pose

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Didn't know uBlock Origin has an option to block JS by default.

love this web design for RACER TRASH ~ an la based art collective making radical recut cinema:

A: no I don't.
Q: do you also answer a question before it's been asked?

interleaved posting style

#Linux hardware consultation / live video noob. 

I'm considering buying a used laptop (Thinkpad?) to do live video processing (perhaps , perhaps something else - but most likely -based).

Since this is somewhat new to me, I'm not sure what criteria I should have regarding the CPU/GPU platform.

I know Intel is well supported in the mainline kernel; but should I consider a laptop with an AMD GPU?

I'm not so sure with NVidia - don't really want any proprietary drivers.

tomorrow a very special rendition of M. Delak's piece for 5 contemporary performers called "Just for Today"

if you are into slow evolving art, somewhat aesthetically bare/stripped down, (my) sounds, or any stage art for that matter, you'd not want to miss this. Not sure if we'll ever do this again in this way. (DAMAGE: 5€)

tomorrow, Tue. 20.4 - 20:00 CEST

#ownCast #SuperCollider #ContemporaryDance #streaming #live

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