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The predominant UI paradigm seems to be mimicking mechanical or electromechanical tools. Word processors pretend to be an extended typewriter, simulating ink on paper. Web browsers - something between an electronic newsletter and a TV. Messengers - an easy to use telegraph.

The use of computers as flexible information processing machines, that could be instructed to peform interesting stuff for you in semi-automatic way, remains sort of beyond the definition of normal for no reason.

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Why #SoundWalk 

The official Raspberry Pi 4 desktop bundle is cute. The mouse is as big as the computer! Now the only problem is I’m not even sure I have a HDMI screen somewhere in the house.


When your breaks, you suddenly realize you can't do anything - write or read email, configure some remote server (via ansible), or even (surprisingly) edit text files.

According to this presentation (on mostly unrelated subject), stores 5 terabytes of data per day of telemetry data from .

Yummy, data, yummy. (sorry, don't know how to link to specific time on invidious, it's 3:49).

Today we release #Nextcloud Forms!
📝 Create market surveys, order forms or plan events without limitations.
Data stays on your server and the #privacy of respondents is respected! 🕵️

Start using Forms right now 🥰

HOPE begins at 9am EDT and it's Free to Attend other than interactive workshops!

You can watch all these amazing talks on every topic! Admit it, you know you want to! And you can do it from the comfort of your chair, bed, floor. You can watch in your PJs,!

That's right, it's HOPE 2020!!!!

Can't get enough or want to join a workshop, registration pays for ALL workshops!!!

Dear & , I was close to getting very embarrassed because your `date()` filter just spits out today if the input is missing.

Give me an error or at least give me nothing, but do not make things up.

> If the value passed to the date filter is null, it will return the current date by default. If an empty string is desired instead of the current date, use a ternary operator:

> {{ post.published_at is empty ? "" : post.published_at|date("m/d/Y") }}

silly web 


Never thought of this: "For example, astronauts in space struggle to use a mouse, track pad, or touch screen because these require gravity."

(Re touch screen - I guess it depends, Space Dragon seems fine with a touch screen).

Stop mirroring your Twitter account to the fediverse, especially these retweets of a single picture without any caption or comment.

We used to say the Web had shrunk to four websites where people posted only screenshots from the other three, let's not add a fifth one to that dumpster fire.

I've admired Sacha Chua for a very long time. I remember seeing a picture of her with an Emacs/chording keyboard/cyborg glasses setup years ago back in 2003. Mind blown! 😄
Her blog is still relelvant. If you're into Emacs, she produces a huuuuge link list of Emacs related items every week. Amazing.

According to my girlfriend the only thing worse than mansplaining is manfusing:

When you already know something perfectly well, but some dude keeps spewing out random bits of misinformation until you're completely confused and can't tell left from right anymore.

It makes me very excited to see from the server logs that on the very first day of @fossandcrafts we already have a couple of users subscribing to the show via git-annex

i mean, i work in the engine room of a giant hypertext machine, and whatever else hypertext might be, it's also a manifold of attention deficit states baked into a mode of literacy, so i guess it all fits that i feel like my ADD both made it possible/inevitable for me to adopt this lifestyle and also dovetails neatly with all the ways it consumes most of my cognitive energy just to sort of exist in it.

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Imagine a world where every website is plain static HTML. No dynamic content, autoplay videos, tracking, pop-ups. Just raw content.

Oh boy. Would love that.

#tech #webdev #HTML #developer #programming #programmer #internet

New release (20-track compilation) and 4h online event/stream today/tonight with 5 dj sets (20.00.CET)!



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