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Why #SoundWalk 

We live in a "vision-first" society. Vision is, however, selective. You can only see a fraction of your environment at a time, with the most detailed picture in an even smaller area. Hearing is 360° and continuous.

Opening oneself a bit more to sound and listening can thus be an acccessible way to practice a more contemplative, sensitive, relaxed and less "segmented" percetion of a moment (or an arbitrary continuity of moments).

ok, so it looks like for less the 5€/m #Hetzner offers fully functional Nextcloud instance admin incl. 3 custom domains limited by only:
- 50 simultaneous connections
- 1 TB storage! (5TB is less than 15€/m)

this is huge i think

I'm testing it and it's quite fast and a problem with contacts (1500 imported) was solved quickly with lotsa flexibility with their support

why Russians must leave before there could be peace 

just to clarify: I mean Russian military, of course.

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why Russians must leave before there could be peace 

More medieval violence from Russians.

Occupied territories are not "just" "controlled" by another state. They are under a whole different reality, one of terror, torture, hate, rape and uncontrolled barbaric violence.

One does not make peace talks with gangs and terrorist groups. This is neither what they understand nor will abide by.

elixir and lisp 

Currently looking at the introductory tutorial for Elixir and can't help noticing similarities to lisp:

- linked lists with syntax for matching head and tail of the list;
- has `cond`;
- `if` has inner scope and returns a value;
- `if` is a macro.


captivating photo of a place in Lviv, Ukraine (a building that does not exists anymore), some time around 1900-1910

Russian rockets on city center 

It is important to continue to be aware of the reality of the disgusting violence that Russia(ns) is commiting, and the tragic price paid by the people who are "not Russians."

This time they hit a busy city centre in Vinnytsia, hundrets of kilometers from the front line.

Why? Just because they can. Just because of the level of hate against others that they have been cultivating for years.

FOSS, Russia and military ambitions (ONLYOFFICE) 

Beware: ONLYOFFICE is developed by a Russian company trying to hide its Russian origin via an EU proxy [1] (sorry, no good English source yet, use translation if needed).

Grotesque fact: the version of ONLYOFFICE they market in Russia is branded as R7-Office, a conscious reference to the R7 intercontinental rocket, as seen in some of their Russian PR materials [2].



My new conspiracy theory: systemd is part of Microsoft's decades long embrace-extend-extinguish strategy that has entered a new phase with their hiring of Lenard Poettering


I didn't actually own a C64, but I did own a VIC 20, and the manual for it is is clearly a computer programming manual written for children.

war again 

They fired rockets at shopping mall full of people.

Mass terror, destruction, orwellian brain-washing is, again, nothing new for this ex-empire.

💼 We are hiring!
open roles for:
- Web developer
- Full stack developer
- Instance admin
- OnlyOffice engineer

[pls boost]

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