Thanks @matt for

Couldn't agree more. It's like you have taken the words out of my mind.

(but why does has a ?pk-campaign? No user tracking please! )


@matt : for the record, we share nearly the same phone screen (I have my agenda on it but less apps). But mine is always on silent. I miss calls all the time. But I've never missed anything important.

I still have it too much with me. Still feel naked without it. Working on it.

Should also allow myself to disconnect from Mastodon ;-)

@ploum Yep, I think I got the layout and color inspiration directly from your setup 🙂

Agreed -- I haven't missed anything important either. But I understand feeling weird without it. That's why I started by always taking the phone out of my pocket when I'm sitting at home, so it's slightly more work to find it and grab it with a free hand as I'm moving around the house and doing other things. Over time you start to worry less about not having it with you.

@matt : I tried a few times. never succeeded in the long run so far. But, like migrating to writefreely, it's part of my minimalist evolution in the next month.

That's also why I'm waiting for an e-ink phone (hope to make the current one working until that but it's already failing at multiple levels)

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