I just learned that Philippe Aigrain passed away, in his house in the mountains, near Argeles (in the South-West of France). I am so sad.

Philippe had been my inspiration for my research on software patents when I was a student.

Later we co-founded La Quadrature du Net together.

In addition to being an incredibly generous and sensitive person, a great friend, Philippe was a brilliant thinker, philosopher, writer, programmer, strategist, poet...

What a loss for the world... :((((

What an opportunity, what an honor, what a joy, to have been able to laugh, act, argue, discuss, learn, contemplate, invent, strategize, marvel, lose, win, re-invent, reflect and imagine alongside Philippe Aigrain.

Philipe was a rare being, with a humility that was matched only by the strength and freedom of his thought.

It's crazy how much we will miss him...


Philippe was an ardent defender of Free/Libre Software, which he lived and thought as an essential humanism. He loved Humans and the whole Humanity!

He played with arts, savoured knowledge, filled himself with sharing.

More than once I caught in his eyes the almost childlike spark of the purest wonder. Philippe was an eternal wonderer, a lover of everything; his passion was contagious.

... we will miss him so much... =~~((

Among his many writings, "Sharing: culture and the economy in the Internet age" will remain the reference for anyone who wants to understand the benefits for culture and all of humanity of sharing works on the Internet.

More than a concrete utopia, more than a thorough research based on indisputable facts, it is a real political program, to end the oppression of a weaponized copyright and promote openness and sharing for all.


"The Commons!

More than anyone else, Philippe understood their ultimate importance, their key role for anyone who hopes to make this world a better place, to reduce inequalities and to repair what can still be repaired...

In Philippe's memory, whoever met him will keep in their heart this imperious duty, like a light in the night, to promote, defend, and cherish the Commons... and to always keep the capacity to marvel at them!

A few more photos of Philippe, which I took between 2009 (on his 60th birthday) and 2011. Feel free to reuse them as you wish, no attribution required.


@jz I am so very sorry for your loss on a personal level, and I am so very sad we all lost a great thinker. His wisdom is as needed now as always.


very sorry for your loss. I don't know him personally but I know La Quadrature du Net . A loss for all of us. “Che la terra li sia lieve”

@jz Vu le nombre assez inhabituel de décès de crypto-anarchistes ou crypto-libertariens suspects ces derniers temps, le dernier en date étant John McAfee (Paix à son âme, il avait des couilles et parlait vrai, dans les pas d'Assange et Snowden : ) , sais-tu de quoi il est décédé officiellement ?

@jz Such a loss.

Although I hardly really knew him on a personal level, I still remember Philippe's brilliance, kindness and determination from the fight against #SoftwarePatents 2003-2005.

@jz My deepest condolences. Lots of great people are dying this year.
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