Some Chromebooks mistakenly declared themselves end-of-life last week

When your Chromebook or Chromebox approaches its built-in expiration date, it will warn you that it's time to go buy a new device entirely. Not long after that, it will refuse to apply any further security or feature updates. In addition to leaving users vulnerable to unpatched security exploits, this means that constantly evolving services such as Gmail will eventually stop working entirely.

@Khrys At least the chromebooks are amongs the easiest tablet-ish devices to put on linux and without depending on a obscure rom.

> built-in expiration date

okay, what the fuck. Chromebooks are cheap laptops not cheese, they can't EXPIRE. This is asshole design at its finest.

@redsPL @Khrys the solution is, of course, to slap linux on it ASAP

@charlag @Khrys installing Linux is the way to go, but not so much for normal users. My mom had a Toshiba laptop, which she used from around 2005, when it was her main workstation until around 2015, when it was not more than a PDF viewer. She still got updates and everything, even though it was longer than google's 6.5 years. Google tries to prevent users from re-using their devices, and I absolutely hate this approach.

@Khrys C'est légal en France ça ? 🤔

Prochaine fois que la Pieuvre sortira un message « on est trop des écolos, regardez on a planté un arbre », faudra leur ressortir ce truc 🤔🤔

What's the expiration date? I have a 2014 chromebook that iirc still gets updates. I'm amazed that's not been cut off.

>6.5 years

That's.... Really an awful long time

@Khrys Okay, this is planned obsolescence to the new level.

And I think Moto only sending updates to the latest generation of phones is evil.

@Khrys What an absolutely disgusting display of capitalism at its worst!
Oui @Shaft ! eco-hating greedy bastards. I want this on every front page.

@Khrys Love the headline, "some.. mistakenly declared". As if the whole policy wasn't obscenely mistaken.

@Khrys Nowadays installing Linux is usually pretty easy. Step number one: tell people they can make it and then continue to use their Chromebook. Step number two, give them a step-by-step tutorial without many options so they don't have to decide on things they don't know.

@phel @Khrys That's THE way in. People wouldn't bother with libre tools unless they give them visible benefits.

@Parnikkapore @Khrys Yeah! For example being able to use a Chromebook after its End of Life :)

@Khrys Ok, this planned obsolescence thing has gone entirely too far... 😡

Hmm... Time to set up a business to buy up 'expired' "Chromebooks" and sell them cheaply to the aftermarket without the malware? :tinking:

Google continues to impress me with their ability to expand the frontiers of scumbaggery.
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