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Métal urbain est l'un des tous premiers groupes de musique punk français, formé en 1976 à Paris.

Métal Urbain-Crève salope (version censurée)2008.avi

Originaires de Los Angeles, The Interrupters est un groupe de ska punk réuni par leur esprit rebelle et leur profond attachement pour le 2 Tone, mouvement musical mêlant ska traditionnel et énergie du punk rock.

The Interrupters - "She Got Arrested" (Full Album Stream)


New album by classic anarcho #punk band. They only had one album, so this is really special stuff.

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Antisect's new song "Black"
absolutely cannot wait for this new album to come out (October). this is probably one of their most powerful pieces ever.
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In Darkness, There Is No Choice
by Antisect

The original first LP by UK #crust #punk originators, originally put out on Flux of Pink Indians' label Spiderleg and now available through John Loder's (Crass's "9th member") Southern Records. Originating from 1984, it sounds really freaking good, though they don't say it's remastered.

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MISERY "Next Time / Who's the Fool"

Early American #crust #punk including two whole LPs, plus some other extras, including an unreleased track. A wonderful balm for my outrage.

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Ils ont entre 5 et 12 ans et se lancent dans la musique lors d'un Atelier rock et animaux (écriture/composition/interprétation). Incroyable résultat !
Tout est là , , , Brigitte Fontaine, Katerine, Sonic Youth, Didier Super aussi, et bien d'autres !
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#trans tag on #Bandcamp keeps turning up great finds. Here's the demo from Anomaly, a raw queer #hardcore #punk group. it's blisteringly fast. fantastic lyrics, too.

buy it today and profits get donated to the #Transgender Law Center!

#TransRightsAreHumanRights #art #music

Allez les putain d'agités, levez les doigts, tous les doigts ! (Vous connaissez tous vous avez pas besoin du titre) Pogoooooo ! #TeamVieux #PouetRadio #TootRadio #Punk

more good stuff from the #Bandcamp #trans tag! I bring you the self-titled album by Australia's PASSING. oft melodic #hardcore #queer #punk that is not afraid to just let it loose. i like that it's not all *ahem* balls to the wall, but includes little introspective bits before raging agsinst the machine. notable that the notes say it is SUPPORTING WOMEN AND QUEERS IN DIY and that "Always was, always will be Aboriginal Land."

sounds and reads like good stuff, so go buy it-- and do so today because Bandcamp is giving its proceeds to the #Transgender Law Center

#TransRIghtsAreHumanRights #art #music

🎵 Hier me blesse encore
Demain je ferai le mort
La nuit ne m’aura pas
Jamais porté conseil
Le temps calme les angoisses
Les larmes diluent la poisse
Le prozac efficace
Et nulle part c’est chez moi 🎵