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Lecture performance by Francis Hunger (@databaseculture@twitter.com) and Fabian Offert (@haltingproblem@twitter.com) on "Hallucinated Bodies", Thu 21 Jan 2021, live and online, La Gaîté Lyrique, 19h (merci à Marie Lechner!) gaite-lyrique.net/evenement/le

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In response to the censored artwork "" by @PaoloCirio@twitter.com & as an act of support & solidarity ..

.. I created a face recognition system to identifying or verifying the identity of police officers in using their faces ..

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Toute la semaine prochaine du 18 au 24 sur la radio @pi_node@twitter.com nous rediffusons les émissions de Bio Is The New Black, l'occasion de venir échanger avec nous en même temps que l'écoute en ligne !

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Our @SOMO@twitter.com report ‘Engineering digital monopolies: The financialisation of Big Tech’ is out. Co-authored with @fernandezamster@twitter.com, @ilkitaG@twitter.com and Tobias Klinge, we unpack the apex of capital accumulation at the frontier of capitalist development.



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The symposium "Shifts in Mapping" will bring together scientists, activists, artists and designers from the fields of cartography, art, design and media studies. On , 20–21 January 2021, at @HeK_Basel@twitter.com shiftsinmapping.ch/#/

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Jan/Feb issue of @interactionsMag@twitter.com offers a different cut through the omnipresent AI.

Dialogues and standpoints from @iissarayu@twitter.com & @SmritiParsheera@twitter.com; @mireillemoret@twitter.com & @vdignum@twitter.com, @jennifer_e_lee@twitter.com, @megyoung0@twitter.com, @_pmkr@twitter.com & @MikeKatell@twitter.com; and @xeeliz@twitter.com. dl.acm.org/toc/interactions/20

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Interactions AI Activism issue
with pieces from @RYBn_@twitter.com @mireillemoret@twitter.com @davidbenque@twitter.com @furtherfield@twitter.com cassie thornton & more


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The new issue of ACM Interactions is out! On "AI activism", "AI & UX design", "scholar activism", "interaction with autonomous systems", etc. interactions.acm.org/archive/v @interactionsMag@twitter.com

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Adversarial is a webapp that alters images in order to make them machine-unreadable, while leaving them visually almost indistinguishable from the original for the human eye neural.it/2021/01/adversarial-

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"Where the Commons principles meet feminist economics. And where the power becomes distributed." Free PDF of the DisCO (Distributed Cooperative Organisation) guide elements.disco.coop/

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all placard 2K20/2K21archives p-node.org/broadcasts/placard1
@Mobile_Radio@twitter.com @soundblog@twitter.com @evilmoisture@twitter.com @julbel@twitter.com @spideralex@twitter.com @labomedia@twitter.com @laboiteblanche@twitter.com @Brownfound@twitter.com @sarahgarcin@twitter.com @p_node@twitter.com @pi_node@twitter.com @Dusty34251@twitter.com @inthedadabase@twitter.com

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le placard headphone festival 2020/2021 NYE Special leplacard.org listen on TTnode p-node.org

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Le Placard Headphone Festival starts now on p-node.org and continues into the new year. We team up with Felix Kubin and Xentos Fray Bentos for the 2pm CET slot on 1st of January.

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Pretty quiet around , come say hi.

--> asym.me/assembly
--> discord.com/invite/pQV97gY

... or connect via telnet or mudclient to:
assembly.ydns.eu port 7777

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L'exposition Algotaylorism :Rage Against The Machine curator Aude Launay @Espacegantner@twitter.com une vidéo de Silvi Simon

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radio renversée avec Aude Rabillon et Juliette Volcler

La comme forme de lutte et d’intervention, la notion de renversement et l’écoute comme des outils pour générer un décentrement permanent, pour "mettre le monde à l'endroit". revue-et-corrigee.net/?v=wwh&a

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