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"Tarnoff and Weigel use crisp, knowing interviews to address the labor and class ferment percolating beneath the tech industry’s sleek exterior...

"This pervasive sense of high-stakes absurdity provides a tense, neurotic undertone throughout the book."

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If you only follow one person on Uber, make it Hubert Horan, a transport analyst who's been writing about the sector for 40+ years and has written 23 articles analyzing Uber's financials and the impossibility of the firm ever attaining profitability.



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Love this piece by @RYBn_@twitter.com for @1000_scores@twitter.com where you have to behave like a bot and not like a human <3 1000scores.com/portfolio-items

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a big piece on Thiel and the new tech nationalism in Reason h/t @zeithistoriker@twitter.com reason.com/2020/08/02/wait-was

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I think these takes cut to the essence of Thiel’s recent gambit better: 1. by @max_read@twitter.com nymag.com/intelligencer/2020/0

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@technopolice_fr@twitter.com has updated their interactive map on police surveillance tech used in France showing (the scary reality) of why we must mobilise against mass surveillance NOW @laquadrature@twitter.com twitter.com/technopolice_fr/st

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Stop "The art market’s exemption from standard laws and regulations" because "Increased transparency is in everyone’s interest — including that of the market itself":
Interesting initiative to regulate the market in US:
theantiquitiescoalition.org/co Via @DMLehr@twitter.com

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"we live in an algorithmically curated era"

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How Amazon puts misinformation at the top of your reading list theguardian.com/commentisfree/

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Creation for the upcoming radia.fm broadcast nearly finished!

A winter of protests with demonstration recordings, experimental music, and political discourses.

Soon on @pi_node@twitter.com @ckut@twitter.com @ResonanceFM@twitter.com @radiocorax@twitter.com @rebootfm@twitter.com @free103point9@twitter.com @radiopapesse@twitter.com amongst other!

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“Everything people fear TikTok and the Chinese government are doing or someday will do is already being done by a host of other tech giants and governments. The only difference is, they happen to be situated in Western countries.” — @BMarchetich@twitter.com jacobinmag.com/2020/08/tiktok-

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In order to investigate the phenomena of pseudoanonymous influence operations, we ask: “What happens when a bot is not a bot?”

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means "Completely Automated Public test to tell Computers and Humans Apart". Dive into the algorithm training of and disrupt it with "DOUBLE NEGATIVE CAPTCHAS" by @RYBn_@twitter.com. @PACTZollverein@twitter.com @tanzimaugust@twitter.com @DavidHelbich@twitter.com @co_puschke@twitter.com 1000scores.com/portfolio-items

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À qui appartiennent les médias ? Depuis plusieurs années, Acrimed et le Monde diplomatique éditent la carte «Médias : qui possède quoi ?», dont la dernière version (nov 2019) est en ligne ici ⬇️acrimed.org/Medias-francais-qu

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Decolonial AI: Decolonial Theory asSociotechnical Foresight in Artificial Intelligence
Shakir Mohamed · Marie-Therese Png · William Isaac
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When people talk about "unintended consequences," says @png_marie@twitter.com, it sounds like they're saying the consequences couldn't have been predicted. But AI's unintended consequences are in fact highly predictable if you just look back at history. technologyreview.com/2020/07/3

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& worldcrunch.com/world-affairs/
The super rich are buying residency papers and passports from places like Cyprus and Vanuatu to be able to travel — despite quarantines — for health reasons.

@jamesbridle@twitter.com @femherregraven@twitter.com @disnovation@twitter.com @ewenchardronnet@twitter.com

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Vanuatu, Chypre ou Sainte-Lucie : le très lucratif marché des passeports anti-Covid. Des millionnaires achètent à prix d’or des papiers leur permettant de voyager malgré le confinement pour gagner des pays épargnés par le virus.


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To understand how online hate and disinformation can lead to profit, you need to understand the technology behind the internet’s ads. wired.trib.al/pDEfmIY

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