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@igor Et tu rencontres aussi tous les problèmes décrits par @aeris dans son article?

So apparently, almost no one is running Firefox sync by themselves? I found it weird when you think about data criticity of Firefox sync (passwords, bookmarked, …)
#firefox #selfhosting

Good, all servers are now being backup by #borgbackup and rsync to another source :) #selfhosting

When your internet provider change your "fixed" IP … T_T #selfhosting

Quand ton FAI change ton IP fix … T_T #autohebergement

Rappel : Google lit vos mails sur votre adresse gmail. Il utilise le contenu pour espionner vos habitudes de consommation et vend cette donnée à des entreprises commerciales.

Il existe plusieurs solutions très simples pour ne plus utiliser Gmail et on s'en passe parfaitement bien :-)

Exemple : , , etc etc ...

I'm almost back at full #selfhosting speed!
blog via #jekyll (soon #hugo ?), #wallabag (read pages later), #shaarli (save links) , #gogs and #droneCI (dev and CI), #lutim (images sharing), #mattermost to chat and ofc this masto instance:)

Backup via #borgbackup and monitored via #prometheus and graph via #grafana
And a status using #cachetHQ page because why not^^

It's not finished though: Redo my mail server, install a taskwarrior server and a new RSS reader, ...

Long road but a free one :)

@wion @bob @maiyannah gnusocial and mastodon are working on #yunohost , really simple to install and use, one of the best way to simply #selfhosting services and contribute to #decentralised internet and save privacy on datas

[FR] Voir son blog (tournant avec #jekyll) se mettre à jour via #droneci après avoir pushé son repo git #gogs <3

[EN] Watching your #jekyll blog being updated via #droneci after pushing new commits on your git repo (#gogs) <3

#devops #selfhosting

I think this article may have a good echo here. Even though it is from January, when #Mastodon wasn't very known yet. So it mentions instead

Let’s Make 2017 The Year of the Indie Web

#IndieWeb #OpenSource #SelfHosting

Bon je crois qu'il faut faire un petit point pour Mastodon:

On a donc trois projets d'intégration actuellement :
- cc @cyp
- Celui de @nemsia

Je pouet ça pour qu'on évite les multiplets ^_^

Ok, finally manage to setup my rpi with docker running gogs + droneCI to auto publish my blog on git push :)
Lutim also on container and all this on https as well, thanks to letsencrypt !!
Even though i have to say I hate my internet box that doesn't manage loopback and caused a freaking lot of issues with doing all this at home!
#selfhosting <3