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Current status: starting to add XML entity expansion to xml-rs, and possibly DTD validation. Follow along at if you want. #rustlang

If you want to do something NUTS, create a C API compatible with libxml2 that wraps xml-rs. Lots of stuff is missing, but maybe it will be possible!

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#Rustlang debug print format `{:?}` prints the whole expression in one line.

There's a pretty-print `{:#?}` which prints structs and vectors in a nice multi-line indented format.

println!("{:#?}", complex_value);

If you're implementing Debug trait for your types manually, check out Formatter methods to support pretty-printing:

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@mojo any chance of having that #rustlang bot of yours resolve links to original source instead of presenting birdsite links which require a login to birdsite? @rustlang #rust #rustlang

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I always struggled making Debian packages, so I helped make tool that automates it for #Rustlang. Make project, run `cargo deb` and you've got a package!

it's kind of neat but mostly just frustrating that I'm chilling here in the past waiting for a bunch of #rustlang libs to get rewritten to use Futures

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RT @ozkriff: It turns out not many @rustlang programmers know that `cargo tree` has a helpful `--duplicates` option!

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