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Comment les apps Figaro, L’Équipe ou Closer (entre autres) participent au pistage de 10 millions de Français !

Miam les apps mobile :

Sinon, y a Firefox avec un lien sur le bureau pour accéder au site mobile...

#Privacy #ViePrivée #CNIL #Teemo

Nice surprise 1: Dino is a beautiful and usable desktop client for XMPP/Jabber ☺
Nice surprise 2: It supports OMEMO encryption by default 😃
Nice surprise 3: There is an snap package for it 😆

#XMPP #Jabber #OMEMO #Dino #Privacy #Signal #Conversations

When so many of our #IT colleagues rely by default on products and services by Google And Apple, what hope is there of ever educating laypeople on the importance of #privacy, #freedom, control of their own data and the trade-offs they make every day in exchange of convenience and ease of use?

Mastodon and GNU Social users: we try to boost statuses related to #privacy, #security, and #anonymity and have already learned about some cool projects and tools, plus important stories.

If you want us to boost you (and most likely crosspost to Twitter) it's easier to find you with those hashtags. Thanks for the awesome work you do! 🐃 🐧 🐡 🐘

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