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The likes of #fbi and #gchq want asymmetric #security and #privacy wherein we the public have none and they maintain both, for domination

Saying that #privacy is evil because some people use it to commit crimes and then hide is like saying kitchen knives should be verboten.

Or #xmpp with #omemo (#otr)

RT @tek: Your periodic reminder that #Mastodon's private messages aren't. Use something like #Signal if #privacy is important. [EN]
Écoute en cours mais ça débute sur une expérience sociale où les auteurs distribuent des cookies dans un centre commercial avant de suivre leurs "victimes"....
La version IRL du pistage "sournois" que l'on subit quotidiennement...

How #BigData is like the "troubled nuclear industry", data is toxic, and why What Would Nixon Do is a good question to ask:

"If Tricky Dick in your data center scares you, then think about it."

#InfoSec #Privacy

Here's a prime example of Google's invasion of privacy:

Family vacation coming up and I'm emailed the details as an attached Word document. Nothing in the email itself or anywhere else.

Google take it upon themselves without my permission to not only add the vacation to my calendar, but also the hotel I'm staying at and with whom.

All this done automatically by way of scanning personal communication.

Is it 'convenient'? Perhaps, but consider the implications.

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Although there is no 100% uncrackable protection, and are likely to be among the most secure tools available.

So, just think about WHO is interested in spreading fake warnings about their alleged weaknesses, without the slightest evidence, just trying to incite people to use less secure tools instead.

"Trust me, I'm an expert" is definitely NOT an evidence.

Purism's laptops are getting more and more popular and that's good news!

They build laptops with Linux installed and privacy in mind.
They also designed a tablet pc "Transformer" with Linux.

A good initiative to support!

"Purism’s Security Focused Librem Laptops Go Mainstream as General Availability Begins"

#OpenSource #Privacy #Hardware #Laptop