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#dailysketchchallenge study special

Great great great tutorials for pixelart at
Not only for materials but all round.
Let's have a wooden floor for a start (not from rhlpixels' tutorials though, but from myself)

#Pixelart of the day: NGAHHH!!, NIEH HEH HEH, and Bowmettaton, by Stephen Challener, aka Scarodactyl, aka Redshrike.

🇬🇧 and waneella did an animated cover for The Tōkyōiter!

🇫🇷 et waneella a fait une couverture animée pour The Tōkyōiter !


#dailysketchchallenge Study Special
I think i'll move onto material study tomorrow (unless i find some very cool pic to copy from😉 ).

#Pixelart of the day: How I do bushes, by

No miracle though, this gives a hint on shadows and lightings, but ultimately you still have to be good at drawing. :]

#dailysketchchallenge Study Special

Still on lighting.
Original pic by #422737 on #pixabay
I liked the pic, i like my study a bit less (nice clouds though😉 ).

#Pixelart of the day: Crocodunes, Love in death, a burden, Headless and Guardian of the forest, by Reo.

#dailysketchchallenge Study Special

No study yesterday because i was devastated by @Ayior & @Jennahos 's toot.
No seriously, it was just plain laziness😉
Original pic of this stairs' study by #JoelHuegly on #pixabay

Man, the more #pixelart I do for #gamedev the worse it becomes.

When I first started: "I'm going to draw the ocean, the sea shore, and breakers crashing on it"

Now: "Red carpet. Yeah that looks good enough."