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#EuroBSDCon Martin Pieuchot is now going to tell us about his debugging adventures with the #OpenBSD scheduler: "Your scheduler is not the problem"

#EuroBSDCon "A Tale of six motherboards, three BSD and coreboot" by Piotr Kubaj & Katarzyna Kuba.

May be I will get some clues to get #OpenBSD better supported on the Purism Librem :)

#EuroBSDCon let's listen now to Marc Espie on the #OpenBSD package tools a never ending story. "Breaking Bad: there and back again"

Managed to configure UEFI dual-boot of #OpenBSD with full disk encryption and Windows 10 without changing the factory installed Windows (shrunk it's disk) but now every now and then *something* damages my crypto softraid and EFI bootloader stops finding it. Lost a day already...

My tutorial infrastructure was 65 #OpenBSD #VMM vms, running on a Thinkpad t430s. Each student had 2 VMs, and I had 5 for my infrastructure.

Everything that we used was inside the tutorial room! :)

enabling ntpd, using the vmmci time sensor makes a _massive_ difference.

i need to let them a) sync, and b) calibrate their own clocks. maybe just let it run overnight....

#openbsd #vmm

Setup a desktop environment under #OpenBSD with #XFCE ttps:// #bsd #unix

Hope all the people presenting at or attending #EuroBSDcon have a fun time this year! 🍺🍻🍕 from 🇨🇦

#OpenBSD #NetBSD #FreeBSD #HardenedBSD #DragonFlyBSD

#OpenBSD doesn't actually support PoE on PoE-capable EdgeRouters, right?

HEADS-UP from Marc Espie (espie@): package @version to make it easier for users to cross over large ABI bumps: #OpenBSD

@Wolf480pl yeah, the #OpenBSD commits I made as mandatory peer review is a great way to up the quality - it also helps that I genuinely care about each change I make there.

@lattera whoa, are you suddenly running #OpenBSD on your laptop or does HardenedBSD ship with a malloc with a similar setup?