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Heads-up: "tb@: rtsol no longer supported in hostname.if(5). use 'inet6 autoconf' instead. from florian" #OpenBSD

Often confusing for new and old users, there's now information about supported graphics hardware on #OpenBSD:

A bunch of developers are playing with clang builds of #OpenBSD, really cool to see a game plan developing.

Last month I was able to transition #OpenBSD file(1) from a parent/child privsep model to a simplified privdrop model w/ pledge(2):

@_tj Well, I'll admit I do set sysctl ddb.panic=0 on some #OpenBSD machines, which reboots them instead of going to the ddb kernel debugger when a system panic occurs. Having one of two redundant firewalls sit and wait for user input at a ddb prompt in production is worse than rebooting it upon failure. Such problems can be debugged in a test environment instead.

Today is officially (for me) "Donate to the projects you love day"! #OpenBSD, #GnuPG, #EFF <3