La Quadrature du Net Social Network#netneutrality

Les amis? Vous connaissez le programme des deux idiots par rapport à la #NetNeutrality ??

#Canada upholds #netneutrality , bans zero-rating sanity prevails above the depravity of #trump and his swamp.

We Rickrolled the FCC today because we're NEVER GONNA GIVE UP ON # Free software needs a free internet.

I can also work up a few screeds on tech, media (media consolidation), what the #StarWars #LastJedi title means, precariousness of federation on #Mastodon given arbitrary instance banning, #netneutrality... I can really go on about quite a few topics.

I'm still getting a handle on the Mastodon fediverse before I jump out there and pigeonhole myself too much.