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@djsundog I just got home from $JOB now ready to do #JOB

i'm really hesitant to say anything about $work because i don't want to appear like an advertisement. however, i do love what i do, working for a small business that truly cares about the world and is doing something about it one #bike at a time. that said, if that sounds like something you'd be into, we're hiring a mechanic. btw.
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pour info d'ici la fin de l'année j'aimerai avoir trouver un nouveau . ayant des pratiques modernes parlant anglais pouvant leader une team et servir de mentor. En si vous voyez qqchose penser a moi

Toujours disponible de belles offres d'emploi pour les Lyonnais(es) : dev PHP (wordpress, dolibarr)

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Follow-up for anyone who's interested: I really like my #job. I'm doing interesting grammar things, with people I like who care about interesting grammar things, and my team are outside contractors at a tech company that gives us free lunch. Also I earned more in my first week than in all of my last job. It's a shame it's such a short contract. Hoping I can find a way to keep doing this (kind of) job.