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"read information that was previously assumed to be safely encrypted"


That was a foolish presumption. WiFi security has been broken many times.

Even if the WiFi connection is secure, the route from WiFi to the Internet is not. Do not send sensitive data in clear text.

If your web connections aren't secure, then an attacker can insert malicious javascript, malicious adobe flash and virus-laden images.

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Le fournit une base légale aux services de renseignement pour surveiller les données échangées par les objets connectés.

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Day 2 Europol-@INTERPOL_HQ #cyberconf - Interesting discussions on financial aspects, #IoT, #Ransomware, Encryption & Anomisation #CSW17

Ludovic Le Moan (Sigfox) : "Nos puces à 20 centimes signent le début de l'ère de l' jetable"

Sure sounds like should be audited at the level, but I do not see any evidence that this ever happened.