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New film breaks the silence on the Roma Holocaust

'...The #film #documentary, titled Broken Silence, was screened last Wednesday at the London headquarters of Amnesty International, in Shoreditch. In Broken Silence, Galjus goes on a deeply emotional journey through his native Kosovo, Germany and Poland, looking for testimonies and signs of the #Roma #Holocaust and talking to young people...'

#Poland #Islamophobia
– 'German Muslim schoolgirls who went on a visit to #Holocaust memorials in eastern Poland say they were racially abused by locals during their trip.

The girls, from a Berlin school, spoke on Deutschlandfunk radio about their experience. Four were wearing Muslim headscarves - and say they were abused.

One girl said a man had spat on her in the street in Lublin, as police stood by grinning and did nothing...'

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"How #Facebook flouts #Holocaust denial laws except where it fears being sued"

"Leaked guidelines for moderators also reveal #refugees are not protected by hate speech rules because they are a ‘hot topic’"

More about the #FacebookFiles:

if handwriting can be a personality test, then,,,, 😲

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photo: Yad Vashem - The World #Holocaust Remembrance Center

from: '#Trump's #Israel Trip Was One Big Gaslighting Charade'