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New film breaks the silence on the Roma Holocaust

'...The #film #documentary, titled Broken Silence, was screened last Wednesday at the London headquarters of Amnesty International, in Shoreditch. In Broken Silence, Galjus goes on a deeply emotional journey through his native Kosovo, Germany and Poland, looking for testimonies and signs of the #Roma #Holocaust and talking to young people...'

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– 'German Muslim schoolgirls who went on a visit to #Holocaust memorials in eastern Poland say they were racially abused by locals during their trip.

The girls, from a Berlin school, spoke on Deutschlandfunk radio about their experience. Four were wearing Muslim headscarves - and say they were abused.

One girl said a man had spat on her in the street in Lublin, as police stood by grinning and did nothing...'

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"How #Facebook flouts #Holocaust denial laws except where it fears being sued"

"Leaked guidelines for moderators also reveal #refugees are not protected by hate speech rules because they are a ‘hot topic’"

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if handwriting can be a personality test, then,,,, 😲

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photo: Yad Vashem - The World #Holocaust Remembrance Center

from: '#Trump's #Israel Trip Was One Big Gaslighting Charade'

#Hatespeech: Wie war das damals beim #Holocaust? Diskussion auf der Internet-Konferenz #rp17…

'Shobha Magdolna Friedmann Nehru, a Hungarian Jew who narrowly escaped the #Holocaust, married into India’s leading political family and witnessed religious and ethnic violence convulsing both her native and adopted countries, died on Tuesday at her home in the Himalayan foothills. She was 108.
Her death was confirmed by her son Ashok...'


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Allies knew of #Holocaust years before finding concentration camps, according to unsealed UN documents