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Portes ouvertes à la Tendresse le 16 sept. 2017 : le BIB en photos (CC -by -sa : © Dominique Julian)

@ddeimeke @kassiopeia aha, auf die Länge kommt es an. Dafür diffamiert man gleich mal alles was selbstgebastelt ist. Sprache ist sehr mächtig was das angeht. Wir erleben das gerade aktuell bei dem Wort #Hackerspace - was ich übrigens weiterhin verwende.

My #HackerSpace is in the middle of #BTV's arts district, and, for the last three years, we've been making LED-embedded tinfoil hats as a #CheapArt fundraiser. This year I really hit my stride and probably cranked out close to 150 in a few hours.

When we counted the donations at the end of the night, there were exactly $420 in the jar... 😎

@applecandy Thanks! Went to a #tiedye party hosted by @TheScienceRobot at our #hackerspace and it turned out to be perfect #Eclipse attire... :)

Merci pour l'info, apparemment, ça fait partie des marques recommandées (Trotec Laser, Epilog Laser et peut-être Gravograph). Il semble qu'il faille appeler pour avoir une idée du prix...
Si tu peux communiquer le prix d'achat de la votre, ça nous intéresse.
Tu as déjà eu le temps de la tester ? Comment la trouves-tu ?

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#CeuxQuiFont : Geneviève Fontaine, la transformation sociale en théorie et en pratique

#communs #evaleco #lemonde #hackerspace

The Foothills Community Workshop, a #hackerspace in North Carolina got on fire and they are running a community #fundraising to get back on their feet:

THANK YOU to everybody who has contributed so far: We are more than 75% of the way to our #fundraising goal!

#crowdfund :

*Can you help get us the rest of the way?*

Help my #nonprofit hacker and #makerspace Laboratory B, continue to offer the Space and #educational events to the #Burlington #community.

About Us:
Lab B is VT's first #hackerspace (est. 2010). We're a State and Federal 501(c)3 non-profit organization. YES! your donation is tax-deductibe!

visited #hackerspace itsyndikat in Innsbruck, very friendly people and even fed me. Together with the fablab recommenced visits

Got this small 3d printed flowerpot from the Innsbruck fablab. Both the fablab and the hackerspace operate asan association (verrein). Prefer opensource and self build stuff. Fablab build their own furniture, lasercutter and 3d printers. Hackerspace had modded vending machines a doodlebot 3d printers and some nice heavy machinery. #hackerspace #fablab #innsbruck

My #hackerspace is starting a #hacker #BookClub, and I'd welcome suggestions to add to our to-read list. We'll be doing both fiction and non-fiction works that have connections to hacker culture, identity, history, etc.

I'm posting to the masto world a thing very important to me:

#crowdfund :

My #nonprofit, Laboratory B, is in emergency fund drive mode!

We need your help to bridge the gap to keep our doors open, so that we can continue to offer our space and educational events to the community.

About Us:
Lab B is VT's first #hackerspace. We've been building and teaching since 2010. We're a State and Federal 501(c)3 #non-profit organization, and YES! your donation is #tax-deductibe!