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La Commission européenne a dissimulé une étude commandée par ses soins, parce qu'elle montrait que le partage des oeuvres en ligne n'affectait pas significativement les ventes. L'étude a coûté 360 000 euros d'argent public.

What the Commission found out about copyright infringement but ‘forgot’ to tell us via @Senficon #EU #copyright

while W3C moves forward with #EME and #DRM @BryanLunduke
was the only journalist, on planet Earth, that showed up to the W3C press conference and questioned them on it.

Bryan also asked the #w3c if he could broadcast or puplish the press conference, they rejected. Say'n they don't know if other journalists have the questions they form under #copyright.
wtf is that?
...time to build and use new patterns to form #standarts protecting our #freedom!

Save the code from European Copyright Reform! "Save code share!" via @fsfe

#copyright and tax issues have long been pretexts for bankrupting if not jailing people the Establishment does not like. Info is power.