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Nouvelles photos sur ma galerie lors d’une rando au Pas de l’Œille, dans le Vercors, fin septembre. Vous aviez pu découvrir le lendemain une photo de deux bouquetins, et bah voilà (enfin) la série entière avec 13 photos. 🙂
Toutes ces photos sont sous #CC–BY.
Quelques unes ici en mise en bouche dont une avec un petit diablotin trognon. 😉 😍

I really think the #GPL has some sort of PR problem.

I mean that, I have never heard a single person ever utter that the creative commons share alike license is too aggressive or too viral.

However that is pretty common with conversations around the GPL.

This might extend to the #GNU Project and the #FSF too.

#CC #Licensing


I like this artist, Julia Kotowski
she's making all herself (or most) apparently, playing multiple instruments, singing, mixing, drawing and making papercuts

this song is quite funny (as some others)

and lot of releases also on where I discovered her work

(but apparently not yet on (°m )

I've managed to source together a small collection of digital works I've done over the years. Holler if you like any of it; it's all Creative Commons. #CC-BY-SA

mmm... there is a lot of good music in ...
but ...
lots of them (most?) are in NC-ND terms , meaning we cannot do remix nor videos or games from those records without contacting and permission ... that's of course more easier today than before, but it's not what I think of "free culture"
I think that SA has the same effect (detering leachers) but encourage cultural exchange and collaboration ...

what do you think ?

more from the #trans tag on #Bandcamp is Uboa's "Hook Echo," which apparently includes "meterology, political economy, and gender identity." Despite being an #experimental #music #noise project (or so they describe themselves), this is very #ambient ish. Sure there are some rough timbres but it's not totally unsettling. Having heard a lot of experimental stuff, this is extremely well composed and shows a remarkable degree of control. #cc licensed, too. Highly recommended.

If this is your kind of thing, buy it today! Bandcamp is donating their profits to the #Transgender Law Center today only.

#TransRightsAreHumanRights #art

: Ektoplazm - Free Music Portal and Psytrance Netlabel - MP3, FLAC, and WAV Downloads

The room I'm current in and surroundings inspire me to write some #CyberPunk. Wonder if I can find enough motivation for a #CC short story

Une bonne émission de la tête au carré sur des , , et , avec des morceaux de @bayartb dedans :-)

Du coup je me demande si ce dernier a lu "Autonomie, la liberté de penser", un livre en de SF qui m'a vraiment marqué

#hollyweb #cc-by-nc-sa #nodrm #drm

Bha voilà ... j'me suis un peu amusé sur ce coup là ... 🙃

If you want the .xcf file :