Qui sont les lecteurs et les lectrices d’imaginaire en France ?📚​🦄​👾​

L’Observatoire de l’Imaginaire vous propose de répondre à cette question en lançant une grande campagne pour diffuser son questionnaire.

Et vous pouvez l'aider 😎​

✅​ Prenez 5 minutes pour répondre au questionnaire Framaform : framaforms.org/observatoire-de

✅​ Partagez-le autour de vous (plus nous seront nombreux.ses à le faire, plus nous aurons de réponses, plus les résultats seront intéressants !)

Un immense merci 🙏​🙏​🙏​

☑️​ PS1 : Toutes les données seront rendues publiques à l’automne.
☑️​ PS2 : Aucune donnée ne sera conservée sur les répondants et répondantes pour une quelconque utilisation par ailleurs.
☑️​ PS3 : L’opération dure de juin au 30 septembre.

#Littératuresdelimaginaire #scifi #sciencefiction #SFFF #Fantasy

My 99.9% writing setup, running applications next to a single non-free app (hidden somewhere in this screenshot). Nobody is perfect 😇

A couple months back, anyone would have told me I would write using only free software—bar one—as the 50-something and the lifelong Windows user I am, I would have laughed hard.

I'm so glad I took the chance and switched to free software. It's never too late, and it's great 😍

Testing for the very first time (5.21.5 on Manjaro). Quite impressed so far but (of course, there is one)...

I don't know what I did wrong but I can't seem to make the UI smaller than that on my 2560x1440p monitor. Also, all menus, as the icons in the side panel seem somewhat blurry.

Any idea what I did wrong and how I could fix it? Thx 😋

(I added 3 screenshots of the settings I think are meaningful?)

Is someone here on art interested in getting into Webdesign/HTML/CSS?
I was thinking about it for a while to make something like a "quickstart" for artists to have the basic knowledge for HTML and CSS to build a simple website. Just want to know if there is interest here to make something like a tutorial for it :)

As prophetic as George Orwell... can't say humankind has not foreseen what was coming...

I realize how badly I miss the amateur press of the 80's, I was devouring as a kid and as a teenager.

It's 2021, Monday early in the night and I am reading a fanzine—the PDF version of a fanzine, that was just send by email to its subscribers. I had not read a fanzine for the last +30 years.

Sure, it's made in a word processor (LibreOffice), its layout is what it is, the choice of fonts is... interesting.

Who cares? It's different, it's passionate and it doesn't try to sell us useless shit on every single page, unlike all the 'pro' mags with their 'pro' layout that tries to please everyone.

Approx. 25k words file is close to impossible to scroll smoothly in Emacs, it will freeze and hang randomly, on my X220 i5/8gb ram and SSD. The same file converted as an ODT opens smoothly in Writer, no lag no freeze, on the same machine.

Any idea what could explain that (emacs noob inside)?

Haroun Tazieff vs Cousteau 1979

Réchauffement climatique.

Watch video from #LibrePlanet 2021: earn about designing with free software from the brilliant team at Manufactura Independente: u.fsf.org/3ck See all LP21 videos on PeerTube at u.fsf.org/pt-2021!

Tried in vain for almost 2 hours to use a bigger font size when exporting my file to a . Default size is too tiny for my old eyes.

Two hours, just to get a bigger font, without any success...

Reading Org's doc, I did not find much and reading latex's... is not something I would recommend to beginners like I 😋

Any idea?

Considering replacing my laptop. So I am looking for a Linux-friendly model (Manjaro).

I am very much interested in @tuxedocomputers InfinityBook Pro 14 Gen 6, with its 16:10 mate display 😍 Also, quite happy to find their Control Center app is in the AUR 😀

Not sure about your return policy, guys: is it 14 or 30-days?


“Linux is about freedom. It’s about the little guy sticking it to the big guy.”

Meanwhile, The Linux Foundation board of directors…




La vraie question qui fâche: pourquoi est-ce que je n'ai pas donné sa chance à plus tôt?

C'est juste incroyable comme c'est pratique et confortable pour écrire.

Assume ignorance over malice, but don't rule out malice.

(Also: sufficiently advanced ignorance may be indistinguishable from malice)

: 1ère injection ce matin. Un déçu de ne pas mieux capter la 5G...

Brouillon de l'histoire terminé. Yeah!

C'est très mauvais, si pas pire que ca, mais c'est surtout *terminé* et c'est tout ce qui compte 😀

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