"Ceci ne concerne pour le moment que la Wallonie et la Flandre, cependant, Bruxelles désirant développer son propre système" - 2 ou 3 systèmes de gestion de liste pour un pays de 11M d'habitants.

Fucking special snowflakes 🇧🇪🤦‍♂️


MyMove in is looking for a . Come an join us working on new mobility. We have 🚲🛴🛵🚙🚐 but no 🛥 yet. Many challenges. Great colleagues. Nice office (for when the pandemic is over)

👉 mymove.recruitee.com/o/chief-t

Pendant ce temps-là à - Navette en test ajd. Accessible à partir de ce lundi 8/3. C'est gratuit! Aussi dispo : la navette (pas autonome) à la demande projetnavajo.be/

Ping @valeried - we talked about and use several of them 🙂

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full remote... I don't miss the overcrowded rooms, the slightly overlapping sessions at opposite sides of the campus, the queue for sub-par food, going in poor weather conditions. But I sure do miss the chance to meet former colleagues there, talk to random people from so many countries, feel the energy, grab some swags.

Vague offers, irrelevant, grossly unsuited, sometimes downright dishonest. Endless flow of invitations to connect from people and recruiters you have never seen. Welcome to . This is my "worst of".


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Sucking power. Amazing how a browser can demand so much computing power I suppose actually runs ubuntu desktop with full animations in the background

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"WhatsApp New Privacy Policy Requires You to Share With Facebook... Except in the EU".

for the save but the threat is still present. If you haven't done it yet, switch to or for instance. Yes, you can convince at least some people to do so.


Quand tu essaies de contacter le de via le formulaire adhoc. Quel contrôle de sécurité? Je peux juste pas aller plus loin. Testé avec 2 navigateurs. Si c'est pas un dark pattern, ça y ressemble très fort.

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BOSTON DYNAMICS has released a video on YouTube with incendiary dances.

It's funny that the eye notices small friezes in the movements of the android and the dog. Because of this, the video looks like an old movie with plasticine godzilla in the background of the city.


"I need an app", says the entrepreneur. Oh really? Read this first before you jump. If the content of this article by is puzzling you, then maybe you are not ready.

with spare parts or buy one of the shelf? The power consumption makes a huge difference.


MacBook Pro M1 vs Dell XPS 13 9310. The MBP crushes the XPS.


Controversial: Pro may not seem as a choice, but you get easily 8 years of OS support, and you have a head start of possibly several years in the performance department, postponing the need to replace your hardware when it becomes old. Also the ridiculous difference in power efficiency does make a difference in the long run.

PC laptop manufacturers need to get their shit together.

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Un expert de l'ONU demande la libération immédiate d'Assange après 10 ans de détention arbitraire


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