I found a way to make variable fonts with free softwares only. It requires Fontforge and two Python modules (AFDKO and fontmake). My code here: gitlab.com/ameliedumont/fonts/
#variablefont #python #freesoftware

Et pour rester dans le thème typo, il semblerait que je sois la première personne au monde à avoir acheté une police de caractères en Ğ1 ! Il s’agit du Valorama dessiné par le talentueux @moglia #MonnaieLibre


We are delighted to release Outward, an ultra condensed brutalist beauty by Raoul Audouin.
Outward is coming in three cuts: Block (regular), Round (italic) and Borders (bold). Get it, use it, enjoy it!


Our 2 first members just released their first retail collaborative typeface and we think that you should give it a look!

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New release today on @futurefonts@twitter.com ! Forward is a font started by my dear friend @fadebiaye@twitter.com and turned into a collaboration between us. With Frank we met in 2011 as he was inviting me to release my first typeface on his newly created @velvetype@twitter.com .

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Patents are politic/domination tools

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These❌are the countries - including Australia - that are blocking the proposal to suspend patents during the pandemic .
The question is simple: why do you want to prevent the rest of the world from having access to life-saving medical tools?

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Anthony is packed with alternates for most letters that are pseudo-randomly picked when you write some text.

Anthony is free and open-source. Download, use, modify, share.

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Here comes Anthony, our latest release! German based Korean designer Sun Young Oh created Anthony as an homage to the British sculptor Anthony Caro. The form of this typeface comes from his sculptures that are leaning against each other.


On déballe Crickx
Conférence en ligne
Lien d'accès à la visioconférence : bbb.lacambre.be/b/pie-rfs-gya-
Mercredi 10 février
"#SophieBoiron @boisophieron
et #PierreHuyghebaert déballent les archives du 102 Avenue Rogier, magasin de lettres autocollantes de #Crickx père et fille, pour la conférence inaugurale du laboratoire de recherche et création qui s'ouvre à l'ESA #Le75 autour de l'archive Crickx.
Le laboratoire Crickx réunit une équipe transdisciplinaire d'enseignant·e·s et d'étudiant·e·s afin d'expérimenter des enjeux artistiques et de design contemporains autour de cette singularité typographique qu'est la Crickx: économie de moyens (production lente et moyens de diffusions alternatifs), pratiques locales (artisanat et amateurisme-professionnel vernaculaire). De février 2021 à juin 2022 ce laboratoire invitera des artistes et penseu·r·se·s acti·f·ve·s à contribuer à cette recherche, pour aboutir à une restitution, sous forme d'exposition, à l'été 2022.
Quelques indices :

Velvetyne supports Tor supports Velvetyne.

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My open source font Terminal Grotesque in this altered version by @jjjlllnnn@twitter.com is used in the start page of the Tor browser @torproject@twitter.com And THAT is a great news my friends.

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Could be a nice way to handle versioning of open source fonts with the users. Have a look at the video.

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Slow Friday?

Watch this 6min video sketch explaining Type.World in a fun & simple way.

📺 Watch: youtu.be/67VN84py1WM

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Émilie made an important work with this list. And the most interesting in this article might be the struggle to precisely define what a type foundry is today.


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The list of French type foundries translated in English is up on the blog! --> aisforfonts.com/blog

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As the pandemic continues, we continue to see few protections for renters. Ban evictions. Suspend the rent. Cancel all rent debt.

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Type Today's monthly Type Digest is a must read even the months when Velvetyne is not featured inside. So what should we say when we have the honour to be part of it?

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Type Digest: December'20 is out!


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Some of you might need some uplifting things to read and we might have exactly what you need now.

Typographica chose Typefesse as one of their favourite fonts of 2019, which would already be cool. But then @fontnerd@twitter.com wrote the nicest and funniest review we could expect.

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“Defying logic or reason, each letter squeezes in a foot, leg, and buttock or two while maintaining a surprising level of readability. We all deserve more moments of collective levity, more silly quips, and more type that kicks some ass.” @fontnerd@twitter.com typographica.org/typeface-revi

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