.NET: We don't recommend that you use the SmtpClient class for new development because SmtpClient doesn't support many modern protocols. Use MailKit or other libraries instead.

What if I only want SMTP and don't want to add a dependency? Bloat, bloat everywhere

$ npm update
added 7 packages, removed 3 packages, changed 17 packages, ...

Even though the project is still in development... Opposite of drewdevault.com/2021/01/04/A-c

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Les réseaux sociaux décentralisés, c'est pas bien, « ça échappe à tout contrôle ». (Ici, c'est le PS, mais d'autres politiciens pensent pareil.) twitter.com/dnafilippova/statu

J'ai un écran de Thinkpad X260 FRU 04X1765 et un chargeur Thinkpad rond (X230 et avant je crois), les deux ne sont plus utilisés. L'écran va aussi sur X240 et X250 d'après leurs BOM.

Si ça peut aider des personnes à réparer un PC et qu'ils paient les frais d'envoi, j'offre.

Retoot ? :)

Running custom code on an Odroid Go! Next big steps: wifi & non-volatile storage.

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Reminder that I wrote a book for struggling programmers called "The Mediocre Programmer". It's a book about helping folks along on their journey with programming, including advice on finding communities, ranking ourselves (spoiler: it's not helpful), backstage vs. performance, and even the emotions surrounding programming. It's a free eBook released under a Creative Commons license. I hope you'll check it out:



About block comments futhark-lang.org/blog/2017-10-

When writing C I only rely on single line comments. The main issue is non-recursive block comments and the simplest solution is to rely on //.

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A propos des ordinateurs distribués à tous les lycéens par les Régions. Je sais que c'est un serpent de mer mais il fallait que je mette ça quelque part :)

-- Un Ordi par lycéen : la surenchère inutile (blog perso).


Crazy how they "call on all freedom-loving nations and companies to join the Clean Network", as if it would be normal and safe and privacy conscious and etc... that everyone relies on American tech all the way.

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The clean network by the US department of state

"To remove untrusted applications from U.S. mobile app stores."

Go Europe Go! Let's create European mobile app stores, seeing how Apple and Google stores are American.

We might get a chance to apply GDPR (/RGPD) on those ones.

While using the Firefox's performance tab, it can record allocations, see the settings logo up right.

It will be polluted by webpack and frameworks though.

This is dumb

alert("a 70 characters comment...");

=> eslint =>

"a 70 characters comment..."

And the line containing the comment is still wider than 80 by 2 characters...

Great profiling tools (Chromium, Firefox's tools are as good sadly) ruined by Vue that makes it incomprehensible.

Revolut sent so many emails telling me I should be giving them some ID, it should have been considered a newsletter to which I can unsubscribe.

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Latency does matter, it does not feel nice to use it

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