I think the next-gen RSS feed reader will be ActivityPub based, allowing you to subscribe to Masto account, @peertube channels or @writefreely blogs. RSS and bridges to old proprietary tools will still be available. You will be able to comment something by replying to it with your own account.

The core of the work will be the distraction-less reading interface. For example see my own take on the problem: draft.abunchtell.com/p/read.as

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You, a coward: Python doesn't have a switch statement

Me, a modern-day Galileo:

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So, in deciding to reject the approach of the two tech giants, @NHSX@twitter.com seems to think it knows better than @Apple@twitter.com and @google@twitter.com about two key areas:
1. Product adoption
2. Mobile device power management

Sadly this just shows how clueless they are. A thread.


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