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If you want to work full-time on open source software, Redhat is hiring some people for keycloak development:

#jobs #keycloak

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Do you want to know more about the internals of fractal-next? Checkout my new blogpost about the internals of fractal-next

Kudos to @NGIZero for the funding of my work 😋

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one step closer to a working Matrix client: Fractal-next now sends text messages 😎

If you know other providers, I'd be more than happy to hear about them!

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At first, @matrix was "just" a modern alternative to IRC to talk on GNOME channels for me.

But the more I use it, the more I enjoy it. Having your own instance is really pleasant.

Of course not everyone is a systems administrator, let alone a competent one. There is a real need for small managed instances.

For people insterested, Element offers Element Home, a 10-person managed instance:

Alternatively, Etke offers to manage services for you:

Fun @matrix experiment of the day: if you wipe most of your history by setting a retention of 3 minutes instead of 3 months by mistake (which will delete every message older than 3 minutes on your instance), and grow back that limit to 1 year, your instance will self-heal by retrieving the federated events from other instances.

Of course, this only works for federated events (i.e. not rooms with only members from your instance) and if at least another instance still has the events.

I'm pleasantly surprised how well RHEL runs on my home server, with a free licence

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SNEK!!! (yes, we will finally be publishing this shortly :)

I must say I’m not really comfortable with that trend of “always available, if I can’t reach out to you on instant messaging it means you’re slacking off”.

My work requires focus, and the constant distractions of people who “just need a small thing” are preventing me from doing actual work.

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I wonder what's going on in the head of people who ask tons of low-effort questions, half of which are really basic programming questions framed as GTK questions, and get all offended when at last I link to and tell them that I'm not their personal tutor.

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Liiibre, c'est Nextcloud, Rocketchat, OnlyOffice et Jitsi... mais ça peut-être plus encore :)

Une nouvelle page fait son arrivée sur notre site. Nous avons pris soin d'y lister l'ensemble des applications qu'on peut intégrer dans votre instance Liiibre.

C'est par là 🙌

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The older I grow, the more I enjoy not buying things.

I understand more and more the old people who keep their very old car and still use a Nokia 3310

In their latest blogpost Signal explicitly says Cellebrite distributes files copyrighted by Apple. It’s a bigger information that it looks like.

This gives an opportunity for Apple to easily attack them, put themselves on the side of consumers and play a privacy preserving role.

I’m not sure what is going to happen, but what Apple does or doesn’t do is going to tell a lot about their actual stance.

Question traduction pour le fedivers francophone : comment traduiriez vous « X has joined/left » sans présupposer du genre de X, et sans point médian/parenthèse ?

La traduction actuelle est « X est arrivé/parti ». La traduction « a rejoint » n’est pas naturelle en français, il manque quelque chose derrière

The EU organises a Jitsi hackathon between April 26 and May 3, with paid prizes

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