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At the very beginning, @Purism could communicate regularly on the project.

The deadline is very near, and they are now working hard to deliver the phone on time. Public communication is a bit scarce lately, but the development is still going steady.

Although formalized news posts take time to write, a lot happens in the community development channel (

Lurking in the channel can be time-consuming though. I'll try to give regular TL;DR of

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People #P2Play is here! Please be patient, is the first version. Test and make all issues! Go go go! @chocobozzz @rigelk 
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Librem 5 Developer jobs posted, as well as a documentation engineer role

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If you have some time this weekend and know #arabic, #russian, #japanese, #italian, #polish or #portugese, please consider translating a few sentences of #PeerTube !

- arabic: 4% translated
- russian: 50% translated
- japanese: 24% translated
- italian: 3% translated
- polish: 58% translated
- portugese: 0% translated

If you have never joined the effort, here is how to get started:

boosts appreciated :blobcat:

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To celebrate reaching more than 20,000 videos on #PeerTube (, we just released the beta 12!

Adds user subscriptions, videos overview page, keyboard shortcuts and many more!

Thanks to all contributors, instance admins, uploaders and viewers <3

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Google can track surfing habits without need for HTTP Cookies

(submitted by walterbell)

As discussed earlier, and according to @kylerankin, Pursim plans to use an OpenPGP sim-sized smartcard to perform some of the protections and functions of an HSM or Secure Enclave, but in a way that users can control (because you can swap cards yourself).

For other protections like for system integrity, Purism team is discussing the best way to incorporate a system like Heads on the Librem 5.

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Software will shape our future. I wish more software developers would understand the special responsibility they have.

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We just published a guest blog post by @Tutanota detailing their journey to provide a google free push notification service for their users:

Thanks a lot for going that way and for writing it up in a very interesting post as well!

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Erratum: I initially published that the phone would sport an OLED screen, but it is a LCD screen.

The error is mine, and not Purism's.

Erratum: I initially published that the phone would sport an OLED screen, but it is a LCD screen.

The error is mine, and not Purism's.

Hey @nextcloud, how about a instance for your demo videos? You can even embed videos from PeerTube on your website.

Own your data!

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@jamescridland It depends on what you call decent. All those are available on F-Droid:

- Maps: a tracker-free fork of, usually considered the most user friendly
- OSMand~: useful for navigation and editing. Editing may need plugins available from within the app
- StreetComplete: gives you "missions" to complete the missing information around you. Contributing gamified

Happy mapping 😊

My simple workflow when going out to new places:

1. Check if the place exists on
2. Check on if they have a website. If they do, grab the info and push it to .
3. Go to said place
4. Have fun with friend/attend a meeting/whatever I had to do there
5. Ask information about the place
6. Correct on OSM if needed

Okay, now that Mac thingy runs a brand new .

I'm amazed by how good all my tools are integrated: synchronization with @nextcloud works instantly, works very well with my Nextcloud News, and when I skim the news I can save what's important in @wallabag for later in two clicks.

Also, macOS took 60GB of space for the system, where Fedora needs 6GB out of the box.

I wanted to dual boot and , but the Disk Utility keeps crashing when I try to resize macOS's partition.

It looks like I'm going full Fedora on that MacBook.

What happened to your QA, Apple?

Gentil ping sur cette demande @Hackingsocial (j'imagine que vous croulez sous les messages après votre dernière annonce)

Si vous êtes francophones, que vous aimez les dossiers bien ficelés, que vous êtes du genre "analyse et réflexion" plutôt que "vitesse et buzz", je vous recommande vivement un abonnement au Monde Diplo.

En prime, tous leurs journaux depuis 2013 sont disponibles en format numérique sans DRM, et la plupart de leurs articles en format audio lu par un comédien véritable, garanti sans Intelligence Artificielle.

Du fond du cœur, merci le Diplo !

Et puis suivez @mdiplo à l'occasion, c'est bien aussi

Hey @matrix, it seems I receive all your RSS of the month at once the 1st of each month.

All other RSS feeds I have work correctly. Anything on your side? A cron task that would not be triggered as often as expected?

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