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Early images of @Purism Librem 5's prototype OS are based on Debian testing. This means phones supported by mainline Linux can run it.

It is to be noted that Purism will focus on FSF-endorsed PureOS and RYF-certified hardware, and does not support non-free hardware. This is not the intended used of those dev images.

Here the Librem 5 developer images running on Xperia Z2. @opendata who ran it expects it to run on the Xperia Z2 tablet, Z3, Nexus 5 and probably @Fairphone 2 too.

The Librem 5's thickness will be around 14mm, but this has yet to be confirmed

The i.MX.8M board used for the Librem 5 sports a hardware decoding and encoding device. Whether it requires non-free firmware or driver is being studied. If it required a proprietary driver, the device would not be used, as it would prevent the RYF certification.

Hey @Liberapay, do you plan to support bounties? It would be nice if several of us could pay for a feature we'd like to see implemented in Libre software 🙂

As an example, I'd like to see WebExtensions support in @gnome Web, and I bet a paid bounty would help finding people to implement it

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Quick design question: would you enjoy using a Mastodon app that hid the local & federated timelines behind a menu?

I personally would prefer that the user can quickly access Home, Local, and Federated.

NFC is being considered for the Librem 5. This would require a plastic body instead of an aluminium one, as initially planned. This is being discussed, and the Librem 5 may end up without NFC support.

Latest Librem 5 design to date.

The camera is a bit higher as compared to what was previously designed, and the Librem 5 branding is now on the side for discretion.

@Purism is confirming hardware component availability with its manufacturers. Once everything is finalized there will be a fairly firm Librem 5 delivery date.

The current and most important component, the i.MX8 CPU, has a silicon bug. Purism is working with NXP to pin down dates.

The applications on the Librem 5 will be distributed both through Flatpacks and Debian packages.

The recommended way will be through Flatpacks, but PureOS being debian-based, .deb packages will be supported. Docs are incoming for developers. A GUI for end-users will be designed later: no 'App store' has been designed so far

Dis @tcit, tu connaîtrais des clients lourds pour Wallabag dont la GUI est basée sur GTK+ 3?

Le Librem 5 arrive dans une demi année, et je commence à essayer de voir comment je vais pouvoir continuer à lire mes articles dans le métro en toute Liberté (logicielle, mais aussi matérielle) 🙂

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I just started a bounty of 250€ for #Peertube support in #Newpipe. Check the issue for detailed information:

@Framasoft please share :)

The Librem 5 is likely to support disk encryption through LUKS from day 1 according to @Purism 's @kylerankin The virtual keyboard would not be a problem: one of rooston, sdl or plymouth will be used to gather the user input.

The big steps of the Librem 5 hardware making consist of:
1. Early hardware selection and proto to confirm the choices. Resulted in narrowing the choice to the iMX6.m and iMX8.m boards
2. Further testing on the selected board. Resulted in selecting the iMX8.m board
3. Modules selection to fit on the board, with the Freedom, power usage, and availability constraints
4. Design and wiring of the hardware
5. Production and shipping

The dev kit is between 4&5, and the phone between 3&4

Android support on the Librem 5 is low on the list: @Purism intends to drive to a different approach. There is true interest from the community in coding native apps.

Any GNU/Linux app will be able to run on the Librem 5: the only issue will be the GUI. For GTK+ 3 based apps, @Purism offers a lib, called libhandy, with new GTK+ widgets to ease the transition. The long term goal is to get libhandy merged in GTK+ 4

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If you are looking for a nice #GUADEC2018 talk to watch, check out Bob Ham's "Making a Phone Call with @gnome " (it has a demo too!)

The Librem 11 has been moved to the 'version 4' industrial design across @Purism products. It will most likely sport a 12" screen.

The expected release order of Librem products released under v4 design is: Librem 12, Librem 13, Librem 15, Librem 5.

@Purism also partnered with @davidrevoy to design the tablet.

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The podcast app @alatiera and I have been working on for the past few months is about to hit Flathub. Get hyped everyone 🎉