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At the very beginning, @Purism could communicate regularly on the project.

The deadline is very near, and they are now working hard to deliver the phone on time. Public communication is a bit scarce lately, but the development is still going steady.

Although formalized news posts take time to write, a lot happens in the community development channel (

Lurking in the channel can be time-consuming though. I'll try to give regular TL;DR of

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Hey, what's up? We can proudly announce to you that pmOS is now up on mastodon!

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Had a good chat with @Chocobozzz about PeerTube and Pixelfed video support. Glad to announce that :pixelfed: will support video from mastodon, misskey, peertube and pleroma!

I'm still amazed by the state of that industry. Why paying for an eBook for nearly the same price as a printed book gives you a file you don't own and you can't use, while piracy gives you a file you can use like an actual book?

When buying a book, I can read it where I want, in as many places I want, on as many couches I want, and I can even lend it to a friend. And that's legal.

Wasn't technology supposed to make the future better?

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I have a bunch of friends from Twitter joining Mastodon tonight so I made a quick guide to how the site works. Making it public so anyone can see/boost it if it's helpful. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Travel related threat-models are considered seriously for the Librem 5.

The Librem 5 developer kit will have 3 slots:
- one for a smartcard (containing the GPG keys)
- one for a SIM card (linked to the user's identity)
- one for a SD card (containing personal data).

While there is no commitment to it, it is envisioned that those will be removable on the actual phone, which would lower the risk when traveling.

Purism will host its own flatpak repository to keep the FSF's endorsement for : only Libre (Free) Software will be distributed through this repository.

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We have a new #librem5 update! Ethical aesthetics – Librem 5 design report #7

We're curious your thoughts on this potential branding decision.

Just installed on my Kobo: it works like a charm!

Thanks @wallabag for the privacy-friendly software, and thanks @anarcat for making it usable on a Kobo

Basedband support for the Librem 5 will be performed through ModemManager for its ease of integration with GNOME, although oFono was toyed with too.

Hey , do you have any resource about what exactly Apple and Google gather?

I try to determine where the tracking happens, and what strategy is efficient against it (e.g. uMatrix is efficient against analytics, but not against mobile phone location tracking)

Dites @communecter, j'ai 2 questions:
1. Est-ce que toutes les instances de communecter sont fédérées entre elles ?
2. Est-ce que vous envisagez de distribuer votre appli mobile via F-Droid ?

Bon courage pour la suite, et merci pour ce qui a été accompli jusqu'ici 🙂

Early images of @Purism Librem 5's prototype OS are based on Debian testing. This means phones supported by mainline Linux can run it.

It is to be noted that Purism will focus on FSF-endorsed PureOS and RYF-certified hardware, and does not support non-free hardware. This is not the intended used of those dev images.

Here the Librem 5 developer images running on Xperia Z2. @opendata who ran it expects it to run on the Xperia Z2 tablet, Z3, Nexus 5 and probably @Fairphone 2 too.

The Librem 5's thickness will be around 14mm, but this has yet to be confirmed

The i.MX.8M board used for the Librem 5 sports a hardware decoding and encoding device. Whether it requires non-free firmware or driver is being studied. If it required a proprietary driver, the device would not be used, as it would prevent the RYF certification.

Hey @Liberapay, do you plan to support bounties? It would be nice if several of us could pay for a feature we'd like to see implemented in Libre software 🙂

As an example, I'd like to see WebExtensions support in @gnome Web, and I bet a paid bounty would help finding people to implement it

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Quick design question: would you enjoy using a Mastodon app that hid the local & federated timelines behind a menu?

I personally would prefer that the user can quickly access Home, Local, and Federated.

NFC is being considered for the Librem 5. This would require a plastic body instead of an aluminium one, as initially planned. This is being discussed, and the Librem 5 may end up without NFC support.

Latest Librem 5 design to date.

The camera is a bit higher as compared to what was previously designed, and the Librem 5 branding is now on the side for discretion.

@Purism is confirming hardware component availability with its manufacturers. Once everything is finalized there will be a fairly firm Librem 5 delivery date.

The current and most important component, the i.MX8 CPU, has a silicon bug. Purism is working with NXP to pin down dates.