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libhandy 0.81.0 released, it is the second alpha to libhandy 1, and the 1st version to be available on GNOME's tarball repository:

It offers many tiny improvements over 0.80.0.

Reminder, we now follow the GNOME 3.38 dev schedule:

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Over the last few months I've finally updated my personal website after procrastinating on it for 2+ years.

It now finally has some of my more recent work, and uses a few shiny new technologies I've been meaning to try, like variable fonts and CSS grid.

Don't worry though, it still adheres to my trademark no CMS/build process/JS philosophy :)

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In a week, we have collected enough money to work on #PeerTube's v3 for the next 2 months! There's still 4 months to fund, but right now we just want to thank you for your enthusiast support, y'all are amazing!

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Look 'ma, I can fetch parcels status now!

It only works with french carrier La Poste, crashes if the tracking number is not valid, crashes if the API could not be reached or if the carrier doesn't find that tracking number, and the parcels tracking is not persisted (restart the app = wipe all tracking).

But it's starting to take shape!

a delivery tracker for (maybe someday, but there's progress)

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With the new transition code for HdyLeaflet/HdyDeck it's pretty easy to implement parallax like on iOS. I wonder if it's too distracting for large windows?

(Not sure I'll actually enable the swipe in Games as there are quite a few edge cases here, but it's a demo)

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Parcel performs its first API call to french carrier La Poste !

This is an actual parcel from the real world. Its status has been fetched from the actual carrier.

It still has a lot of rough edges, but progress has been made 😁

You thought your parcels carrier could only be disappointing at delivering parcels?

Nooope, they can also fail miserably at delivering proper responses consistently when polling their APIs.

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Rappel, et ils le disent eux mêmes : @Framasoft n’est pas un service public et n’a pas vocation à le devenir

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Je donne à @Framasoft pour la campagne de financement de @peertube car ce sont des gens chouettes.

Mais ça me permet aussi d’avoir 66% de mon don qui est déductible des impôts et qui ne servira donc pas à financer des bêtises comme

Combattez la bêtise, choisissez ou va votre argent: donnez à Framasoft

So there is no database to retrieve elements from, and there is no API actually called, but at least all the plumbing is done!

This short video shows a simulation of Parcel handling the return call of an API for the tracking of three parcels.

Let's dig into the API calls now!

a delivery tracker for (maybe someday)

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Today, we've unveiled our roadmap to #PeerTube's v3: live streaming, global search, better plugins, playlists and moderation: we will need your help!
▶️ info
▶️ share and support

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We're chatting on the "fediverse", in which a bunch of "instances" "federate" with each other. These words, oft repeated, lose some of their meaning, but think deeper into the etymology of the fediverse.

This is not a platform, it is a federation (noun) of soverign platforms (plural). The true, profound power of the fediverse is in its decentralized governance and the treaties established between its soverign states.

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