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If you valued my privacy, there would be a "Reject" button. Enough with the anti-patterns, please.

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The Librem One suite of online services (Chat, Social, Tunnel, & Email) wouldn't be possible without the amazing work of countless Free Software developers all around the world.

Here's a primer on the stellar projects we work with to make it possible:

Hey @fribbledom, how does @beehive compare to Huginn? Do you address the same problem? I'd say yes but I'd like your opinion :)

Blog article ideas:
- Self-hosting, threat models, and how it is (not) a solution
- Setting up a Nextcloud instance using Docker & Docker-compose for newbies (why choosing this db over this other, why this reverse-proxy)
- Backups with Borg, what frequency, when and how to purge, which encryption to chose

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@thibaultamartin @mobilizon That's an important first step! We've just published a news about it

Thanks for your support!

Dites @Framasoft , j'ai une entreprise qui pourrait être intéressée pour un don pour la campagne @mobilizon .

D'après le site de la campagne, le don est "sous réserve d'acceptation de l'association". Il faut prévoir combien de temps de délibération grossièrement (que je sache à quel moment je dois mettre des coups de pied dans les fesses de la bureaucratie parce que ça devient urgent) ?

They did it! @Framasoft ‘s campaign to crowdfund @mobilizon reached the first step! More than 20k€ gathered, and still 50 days to go

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Beehive 0.3.2 is out!

We've added a bunch of new hives in this release, so you can now connect your bees with Prometheus, Discord and TravisCI!

Also: a new template helper for JSON data!

Get it here:

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Qwant renforce sa collaboration avec Microsoft pour accélérer sa croissance

n'est pas une alternative à , c'est un rival commercial.

Dans son article sur dans @mdiplo, son avocat Juan Branco dit de Wikileaks qu'elle est "une plate-forme d’anonymisation dont lui seul détient les clés".

Je ne suis pas sûr de bien voir de quelles clés il est question. C'est une image ? Ou il s'agit de clés cryptographiques ?

I think what causes most issues with our digital rights today is distance. Using services provided by a city-wise non-profit would allow both to hold them accountable for what they do with our data, and make it easier to get support. I would also help understanding the “business model”: pay a few bucks so they can help you in person when needed, run servers locally, and contribute (whether financially or with code) to upstream software.

Basically: get humans back at the core of services.

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Inaugural Post for Lemmy, a decentralized, easily self-hostable #reddit / link aggregator alternative, intended to work in the #fediverse:


So in France the monopolistic company which runs all the trains can warn you at 10pm that they cancel your train of the next morning 7am. Great.

It feels good*

But hey, the toot is already in the wild :)

How not to love @Framasoft ? The more funds they gather, the more money goes to the actual product. It feels to fund software rather than a Marketing and Legal department

Just got my @nextcloud stickers! Yes I couldn’t help but open it and slap some on my laptop before I took a picture

@tcit Tant qu’à traîner sur joinmobilizon, j’ai vu quelques oublis dans la traduction : il traine un « » sous la barre de progression, et les légendes des maquettes sont en français. Beau boulot par ailleurs !
(Désolé si ça a déjà été corrigé, la 4G et le train à l’approche de Nantes ça ne fait pas bon ménage)

I really like how @Framasoft handles Libre software funding. Crowdfunding campaigns allow to contribute when you can’t code, and having a non-profit such as them behind is a good guarantee that you will actually get something worth it at the end of the campaign.

I’d love to see you becoming one of the top employers of Libre software developers, although I know you want to keep the “small team of friends” kind of structure :)

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Mobilizon : let’s finance a software to free our events from Facebook ! #Framablog #TootOuRien

We have less than 60 days to finance Mobilizon. Less than 60 days to promote our project of a free and federated alternative to Facebook events ; and to know how much we need to invest ourselves in it.

Change the software of the people who change the world?
From climate walks on …

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If you'd like to dip your toes into #nextcloud development, here's a docker-compose based setup from one of our core devs you can use!

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