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Reader mode is like 1995 with better fonts and background colors. You wait half a minute for the page to load, then you can finally read the thing.

However you do have to put up with a brief episode of 1999 while the page loads: ads everywhere, garish animations, clashing colours, etc.

While this is happening, 201x is still in effect with 3rd party tracking.

If you're really lucky, someone will have embedded an Adobe- or ActiveX-something and you get the full brunt of all 3 decades at once.

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The recent release of @inkscape reminded me of this article: someone using Inkscape for... his mathematical work, along with LaTeX!

You don’t need to work in a creative field to be interested in Inkscape

Those features are seemingly planned for 19, which is roughly 8 to 10 months from now considering the release history.

The team has already postponed features to further released if they were not ready in time.

So no promises, but it looks like this is going somewhere :)

For the EXIF-based sorting, the "To do" column gives way more than enough hints that they're considering it seriously.

As for the performance issues, it is implicitly held in the "Gallery should use the new viewer" card.

Nextcloud worked on a file Viewer, already in use in the Files app since NC16. This viewer already is in advance as compared to Gallery : it allows to view Apple Live Photos as such, and not as a separate picture and video, and is faster than the current Gallery app

Most @nextcloud users are waiting for an EXIF-based sort of their photos, and for significant performance improvements.

It looks like both are planned for Nextcloud 19

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GNOME Games + GSoC project + GTK4 + 3d transform = awesome

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I downloaded the freshly released @inkscape v1.0-beta. It rocks. I send money. Simple as that.

Thanks to every contributor for making awesome software!

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Moi, quand on me parle d'une application, je la vérifie tout de suite chez @exodus et je partage le rapport avec celui ou celle qui me conseillait de l'installer.

Ça calme les gens.

Merci #Exodus <3

Hey you know what, I’m going to give 1% of my income to Libre software contributors each month.

To me 1% isn’t much, but small amounts can add up and make a project sustainable.

If you have a decent salary, I encourage you to do the same :)

Hey fediverse, remember @nextcloud is hiring!

It feels both awesome and frustrating that an ethical company such as Nextcloud has the money to hire people to work on products which actually improve our society, but there are not enough applicants for the skill set they’re looking for!

As an example, this is why Nextcloud doesn’t have Virtual File System out of beta yet

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I spent the evening playing with GNOME Music. I wasn't expecting it to look nice this soon

If you’re into @gnome and bought @purism ‘s Librem 5, make sure to check @exalm ‘s work and his blog series about gestures in GNOME.

It’s truly amazing how some really skilled people can invest time working on community project. Thanks a lot for your work @exalm

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We’ve published a Librem 5 Batch FAQ to answer the community's questions from last week's shipping announcement. We will update the FAQ regularly #purism #librem5

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We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of GNOME 3.34, "Thessaloniki"! This release marks six months of intense effort from our developers, designers, and contributors, and we are thrilled to finally make it available to you all 😊

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