oh, i recognize this! love to lol at millennials who don't even know how to use a rotary horoscope.

if you set your profile picture to the hand of the thinking emoji (🤔) would every post you boosted look like the OP was more confused about what they were talking about?

Was there a hidden reward level at 100km? They didn't want to find out.

I'm a 4x engineer: eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate

Pavlov: the dogs salivate when I ring a bell

Me: weird. Why?

Pavlov: they connect two unrelated events due to repeated conditioning

Me: haha stupid animals

Pavlov: the experiment took 69 days

Me: nice

me: *starts to get ready*
cat: spend time with me!!
me: *lies down next to cat*
cat: *walks away*
me: *lying on ground*
me, 1hr later: *lying on ground*

is that the new twitter they promised? a twitter that isn't anymore? I like the change

perhaps the real free speech were the instance suspends we made along the way

JERRY: Datin' a catgirl, huh?
GEORGE: It's finally happened for me, Jerry. The stars aligned.
J: So how'd it happen?
G: I went to check out that big crystal they just dug up uptown, and she just popped out! She killed a few people, but then we really hit it off.
J: Does she, uh, *pantomimes licking his paw*
G: Not as much as you'd think. She does purr.

😳😬😳 what if I ended a text to you with a tilde~ 😳😬😳(and we are both girls~)😳

Important sign

(Description: handwritten sign saying “this is not La Poste” below official La Poste logo on a building)


When asked "which Pokémon is the first one?" without any further context, five answers are valid:

Bulbasaur :bulbasaur: is number #001 in the National Pokédex
Arceus :arceus: is a deity in the Pokémon mythology it hatched from an egg then cerated the universe
Mew :mew: is the common ancestor of all non-Mythical Pokémon, and probably most mythical Pokémon as well
Poliwag :poliwag: was the first Pokémon created by Satoshi Tajiri that ended up in the games. It also has #001 in the Pokédex assigned in early concepts
Rhydon :rhydon: has the internal ID 0x01 in Generation 1 (0x00 is the glitch Pokémon 'M, often mistaken for MissingNO. because it uses the same sprite, but it's not an official Pokémon)

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