Morning frost
Pic: the sun is rising and lights up the frosty pines on the hill in the background. Beehives and a couple of horses and in the field in the foreground

food, nonvegan 

Leftover foie gras from the Xmas period, leftover cranberries. With, well, leftover wine, just look at the label. 😋

They still play like kittens.
Pic: outdoors, two kittens looking at the photographer

Classic hamster: i bring food to where she is, but when i leave she drops everything and follows me instead of eating what she has.

The kefir and I are fed, now let's look for kittens!

Halfway through the expedition we reach a warmer climate (mud).

The bus has USB outlets. For the first time going to this secluded place, i had electricity from beginning to end!

Second train trip leg almost done, now for 3d leg (bus) and 4th leg (hiking). And then kittens

im tired but im train, or as they say in emoji, 😮‍💨🚞

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