one customer is always right, the other always lies

get you a gf who always buys the opposite version of pokemon that you do

The field cat subsequently ensmalled itself with the technique known as “dashing away”.
Pic: cat photographed at great speed

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Someone had complained that my field cats were too small, so the last time the universe created a field cat because I said it was right, I used the photographic technique known as “getting closer” in order to make the cat biggerer.
Pic: cat in field, occupying several pixels!

(I have seen what “first kitten hunt” means with the previous generation, it's just the kitten watching and hopefully learning something. These idiots meow with excitement when they see something interesting.)

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The dad just visited, and with the mom, they took a couple of kittens on what may be their first hunt. I think the whole “father cats do nothing for their kittens” might be an exaggeration. Anyway, I hope they will be ok.

For instance this picture illustrates the other half.

Pic: bleeding leg

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Teaching kittens not to claw at my legs. Having half-successes.

Of course there is a simpler explanation, which is that me thinking that there should be a field cat made the universe realize that a field cat was needed here.

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thinks “there should be a field cat here”
raises eyes
sees field cat


Third green lizard hunted by that feral cat in three days… :(

The lesson of the second attempt to spend the night outside in the hammock is that the rain jacket that is too warm for hiking is just right for sleeping outside in June, but despite wearing canvas pants and boots (and a duster spread over the legs), the cold enters through the bottom of the legs. Wearing trousers with a cord at the bottom of the legs might be enough.

The sky is so shiny! How do people even sleep ?!

Oh, I didn't think of the raining jacket that I hate because it makes me too hot while walking (it's a jacket for standing still, designed without respect for hiking clothes layering theory). I should try that.

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Seriously though, now that I realize that the hammock only replaces the mattress(*) and *some* of the functions of a tent in a traditional camping setting, but not that of preserving heat, I think I should have the equivalent of a sleeping bag, but the “sleeping bag“ format is not ideal to combine with a hammock.

(*) for reference, my hammock is half the weight of my self-inflating camping mattress, and for the price it protects from crawling insects, so I'll try to stick to the hammock.

With the regular rain this year and the current sun, vegetation is really having fun. This is the path (and Im wearing short pants)

I chose a path through the forest to avoid the sun and I saw a leisurely bunne.

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