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unsigned float @spun_off@mamot.fr

Did President Donald Trump Just Admit to Obstruction of Justice in a Tweet About Wisconsin Badgers football?

So I heard something of a #caturday
This cat comes to visit me sometimes and is relaxed enough to tolerate my scarf.

How do people feel about #photography on here? I've mostly seen traditional and digital art and game design so far.

i've had a thought to have two receipt printers with a few buttons on them, linked via IP. push the button on one, and a fox is printed out on the other.

i call it the fox machine

@rey Hi! I would like to follow you because my Mastodon timeline lacks foxes. I found you because you answered hirojin's question about the fastmail android app.

Quelque part en haute Loire la semaine dernière 🌨

"I wonder why I don't remember dreams anymore."
"Trial period's over."
"Only sleep is free. Dreams are premium."
#MicroFiction #tootfic

Transitioning away from the birb, and I posted a call for folks to join us here.

The post shows on my profile, but not on the main feed.

So I posted this screenshot, and it went immediately to the feed. 🤔

Anybody else seeing Masto-censorship on birbsite?

By the way, for people who came to Mastodon only relatively recently, you should know that the Single Greatest moment in Masto history was when mastodon.co.uk had connection troubles for, like, a few days, and the when it reconnected with the rest of the federation it pushed all the backlog in a short amount of time and @bigben WAS GOING OFF CONSTANTLY FOR HOURS and it was fricking HILARIOUS.

don't ever use the notes field on PayPal unless you want your account frozen

le jour où tf1 sera taxé comme les clopes et l'alcool, est-ce que les gens iront chercher leur dose de Pernaut dans les pays frontaliers ?

this is toot.cat right? so here is a thermal image of my cat. cold nose!

Holly crap... Abstract module types are a thing. I didn't even know it were possible.... #OCaml

I wonder what are the use-cases tho...


Fun fact: there is no inclusion between what is allowed as left operand of << in C89 and in modern C++.

port70.net/~nsz/c/c89/c89-draf (just says the bits are shifted, meaning is clear, certainly does not imply UB for negative left operand)

C++ does not allow negative left operand but allows 1 to be shifted into (not past!) the sign bit.

C11 allows the intersection of what C89 and modern C++ allow.

Controversial opinion: houndour is a good boy.