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If there is a hidden spring that pushes the small weird-shaped wheel to turn clockwise, then okay.

This has to be the cheapest ratchet I have ever seen. I'm surprised this even works.

@Mina Coucou.
Moi je suis venu ici pour les marmottes.
Ben oui j'avais mal lu, mais j'étais déçu quand même.

@kondziu are you abroad (a-bored) now?

So if the anchor escapement was created by Englisman Hooke and improved by Englishmen Tompion/Graham, what makes the Swiss anchor escapement Swiss?

Being social on the Internet as if slides did not have to be ready tomorrow\ldots

Food $200
Data $150
Housing $800
Wax sticks for burning $3,600
Utility $150
folk good at cash stuff, can you assist my planning. my family is dying.


Itanium lives on through C++

The square root of 3 is about 1.73

merde à celui.elle qui lira

Unpopular opinion: sliderules are fun!

Is anyone else vaguely reminded of the user-visible part of NNTP by the user-visible part of mastodon?