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unsigned float @spun_off@mamot.fr

Oh hey, I got all disappointed, for some reason, thinking that words can't be both palindromes and isograms at the same time, but then I realized that all one-letter words are both, so now I'm very excited. I'll prove how excited I am:


when they told you that computers are really dumb, because they only do exactly what you tell them to do, that was a lie

a lie of omission.

they do what you tell them to do, while also doing what a million other people over the past 40 years told them to do to

sometimes, those commands interfere with, or contradict each other

My cats always make stupid faces when I try to take their pics.

#cats #catsadon #lina

I guess maybe not everyone will agree with this, but I believe there are limits to what a person can be learn.

So, when techies ask people to learn arbitrary tech mumbo-jumbo, they have implicitly decided that this tech thing is more important than whatever else they'll lose/skip/forget to make room for it.

Making tech easy for people is respecting the fact that they may have other priorities in life.

Now the clock is training me to keep it wound always the same: when it fails to catch up when upright, it means it needs to be wound more.

I got a computer clock, like this. mamot.fr/media/IVay5VpEX0o0l0F
I carefully tuned it so that it is fast when upright and slow when lying flat.

Yay, someone picked up the South Pole Station webcam from where it had apparently toppled over. It had been staring at the snow for several days.

On a du nouveau sur les terroristes de #montpellier ? Ils ont été capturés ou identifiés ?

small brain: writing code
glowing brain: deleting code
enlightened brain: never having written code in the first place
galaxy brain: what's "code"

20-gym limit, my old nemesis. We meet again.

Cherche fabricant de pochettes anti RFID avec une petite impression personnalisée n'importe où sur l'objet, peu importe la technique.

Je connais etsy, oui, mais ce message s'adresse aux copains qui auraient éventuellement envie de le faire.