last night i was editing out parts of URLs by hand, *on my phone*, because google's stupid click-tracking garbage was broken

The hat on this dragon is whatever you want it to be. Follow your dreams

pontifical, Avignon ca. 1330-1340

Tours, Bibliothèque municipale, ms. Diocèse 8, fol. 59r


#art #Mastoart #creativetoot #dragon

Time to retweet the drawing of eevee dreaming about sylveon.

ph-,mh+, i guess 

My well-being is inversely correlated to the health of my feet, it's probably not a good thing. I have had a very good week, and I'm still feeling good about it, but my feet have one blister, two missing toenails, two purple toenails, and one bruise.

After hiding all afternoon, the sun comes out, but only in time to illuminate the hill to the east.

@spun_off the horses had tried to bathe in the pool, so now there is a sign

15km later, the repair is still fine but I am suddenly remembering that these crocs are on the heavy side and that over the winter I lost the adaptation i had. I may get blisters before I'm home. I should wear crocs throughout the winter in order to keep used to them maybe.

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