The German Federal Ministry of Health and the Robert Koch-Institut operate a web form which you have to fill out when you enter Germany from a COVID-19 high-risk area.
I had to submit my data, so I took a glimpse at what it does in the background.

Fancy, finally an alternative to Let's encrypt!

It's always good to have alternatives around. ZeroSSL appears to be a European company that now provides free TLS certificates using the ACME protocol.

#TLS #SSL #CA #infosec #letsencrypt

I added these two lines to my .xinitrc file:

xinput --set-prop 'ETPS/2 Elantech Touchpad' 'libinput Natural Scrolling Enabled' 1
xinput --set-prop 'ETPS/2 Elantech Touchpad' 'libinput Tapping Enabled' 1


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I just realized that tapping my was not producing clicks anymore on , probably since the 12.2-RELEASE update… Or maybe it never did? I can't really remember!

But I also realized that scrolling with 2 fingers was actually scrolling my window, which was _not_ happening previously… I am sure about this!

It looks like FreeBSD 12.2 is better handling the touchpad, and with minor xinput(1) tweaks, I could tweak the configuration to match my expectations 1/2

Configuring with with certificates? You are invited to test this PR that adds support for mod_md and report success and failures:


Scaling up VPS with on root: after enlarging the disk, log back in to fix GPT table, resize partition and grow ZFS:
# gpart show
=> 40 40001456 da0 GPT (38G) [CORRUPT]
40 1024 1 freebsd-boot (512K)
1064 984 - free - (492K)
2048 4194304 2 freebsd-swap (2.0G)
4196352 35803136 3 freebsd-zfs (17G)
39999488 2008 - free - (1.0M)
# gpart recover da0
# gpart resize -i 3 da0
# zpool online -e zroot /dev/da0p3

I am moving self-hosted infrastructure.

The configuration is managed with but it's code (more than 10 years old for some bits for sure) so some things are ugly, and some bits are missing… I take the opportunity for cleaning-up.

I contributed support to some random Puppet modules for this purpose:

This code I used to avoid as much as possible is now nicer and nicer 😍 !

@vermaden Hi!

I guess your article here can be updated:

The icon workaround should not be necessary anymore with the update of librsvg2.

Commit details here:

Companies House, the British registrar of newly formed companies, has forced a firm to rename itself from


On the grounds that merely including the name of the company on a web-page (including the Companies House website) could trigger cross-site scripting attacks.


J'adore! 😆

Virtual meetings are basically modern seances.

"Elizabeth are you here?"
"Make a sound if you can hear us."
"Is anyone else with you?"
"We can't see you. Can you hear us?"

#humour #meeting #seance

La V1 de Mobilizon officiellement lancée !

Mobilizon. Vos événements. Vos groupes. Vos données.
Mobilizon est un outil libre et fédéré pour libérer nos événements et nos groupes des griffes de Facebook. Après deux ans de travail, la première version de ce logiciel sort aujourd’hui, accompagnée de toute une série d’o

My friend Paulo started to make some #TeXLaTeX song parodies.

He now proudly presents: “Bad Code”


No free view? No review!

Scientific publishers are rampant when they hear scientists proposing a fair relationship between the general public and scientists when it comes to peer-reviewing scientific papers and accessing the fruits of the same work funded by tax-payers' money. Hence consider sharing this campaign!

Studio Ghibli just released a ton of free-to-use 1080p images from their films, which gives me hope that we’ll someday see these films come into the public domain.

Thanks, Miyazaki-san!!

Another view of the same data: time needed by each host to apply a catalog over time.

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I enabled static catalogs today: I never considered doing so because I was not experiencing performance issues. Today, after reading a discussion on the topic after lunch, I decided to give it a try and see if it would make a difference…

It looks like it has a benefit even for a modest infrastructure of a few dozen nodes!

It has only been a few hours, so let's wait and confirm it's a consequence of the change and not a fluke!

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