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Le guide « Recommandations de sécurité relatives à TLS » de l'@ANSSI vient d'être mis à jour pour inclure TLS 1.3 ❤️

#Astuce de support toute bête, mais fallait-il encore y penser 😀

Vous suspectez que l'utilisateur n'a pas branché son câble ou dans le mauvais port, mais comment lui dire sans qu'il ne s'offusque ? Simple : expliquez-lui que de la poussière est probablement fautive et invitez-le à souffler dans le connecteur !

Soit il se rendra compte qu'il n'était pas branché et le fera ni vu ni connu, soit il remarquera, connecteur de visu, que quelque chose ne va pas 😎


syslog-ng 3.26.1 was released!

This version adds support for multi-line timeouts: when parsing log files with messages spanning multiple lines, you had to wait for message n+1 to arrive before message n was processed. For log files with only exception, that was unhandy (e.g. need to trigger the failure twice to see it in kibana). That feature has been expected for a long time!

Other cool features are part of this new release, check:

What self-hosted solution do you recommend for carddav?

That is, contacts. I want to save them off-device.


Bringing legacy code to life after 6 years in the attic… Going back in time with Ruby 2.4… then 2.2… and now 2.1… until I get a version that can run the code…

Then I will consider updating the vulnerable dependencies.

Reporters sans frontières :

: Signez contre l’extradition de Julian Assange vers les États-Unis !

TLS certificates have expired for (not .org) tile servers, no more tiles from {a,b,c} 😒


> make install-missing-packages

"Install missing dependencies from package and mark them as automatically installed."

#FreeBSD #FreeBSDPorts

The International Bartenders Association (IBA) website certificate has expired:

Had to tell Firefox to ignore the problem in order to build a list of cocktails for tonight (yay, party at my place!).

You should monitor your TLS certificates expiration date…

Done! Looks nice (as far as I am concerned!), will have to see in the long term how it is…

4 hours of work, the most painful part was cleaning up the piece of plastic that holds the phone so that the glue can do it's job.

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Step #4, but a hole in the area which is going to be glued to flip the fabric and put the kept parts. Secure them. Ensure everything is kept where it is supposed to be. cut the camera hole.

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