After spending too much time understanding how os fact can be so wrong and why `facter os` and `facter` produce inconsistent results… I finally think about `--debug`:

> Debug: Facter: external fact os got resolved from: /etc/puppetlabs/facter/facts.d/os.yaml

meh 😒

rm /etc/puppetlabs/facter/facts.d/os.yaml

✅ Fixed

Someone fixed the xkcd "Types of Scientific Paper" meme.

Hey #sysadmin fedi, to #ECC or not to ECC?

We're talking a long-running physical server with 32GiB RAM or more.

@meena @dch and yes, I hear your common BSD-esque complaints all the time.

And yes, this is a very Linux centered issue.

However, it does solve a real issue in a manner which doesn't hinder development time (i.e instead of actually writing quality and portable software).

Yes, you can argue for years that UNIX has solved this for years since 70s or whatever, but the reality is nobody want to pay for quality software, they just want software and want it now.

I have 3 beagle bone black to sell, if you are interested. They are in well shape, they were used for an Erlang local cluster and test builder for ARM. 40€ without shipping costs. If you are interested, send me a message!

% svn commit
Can't open file '/s/svn/ports/db/txn-current-lock': Read-only file system



ports repository transitioning to

% getent passwd puppet
puppet:*:814:814:Puppet Daemon:/nonexistent:/usr/sbin/nologin

🤨 is this the reason of these:

org.jruby.embed.InvokeFailedException: (ArgumentError) couldn't find HOME environment -- expanding `~'

That would make sense at least… Let's find out:

% sudo pw usermod puppet -d /var/puppetserver

i know a lot of folks on the fediverse are hosting their stuff on OVH…, i hope you're still here, or else have a disaster recovery plan: one of their data centres just burnt down:

Aliens stream data through space constantly.

Unfortunately it's wrapped in TLS 6.3, which includes Perfect Forward Obscuration and requires nine-bit Diffie-Hellman Quantum Key Entanglement, so we'll never perceive it.

@dvl @dvl @dvl Hey! FYI seems to have stopped processing ports commit mail a few hours ago and is now lagging behind.

Our CEO just referred to SaaS as "Software as a hostage" and I think that's pretty spot on.

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