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If you sell such devices, consider pre-cut templates in the packaging and add an extra fan into the box.

@smortex I've been told (*unconfirmed*) that the authoritative name servers of archive.{is|fo} serve a deliberately different answer to Cloudflare's resolvers (may be for political reasons). #DNS

Meh, is lying or is my ISP playing on me?

romain@zappy ~ % dig +short @
romain@zappy ~ % dig +short @

Current status: updating to the latest release on .

It's usually piece of cake, but today it turns out to be trickier than usual…

I guess most issues have been identified and worked around, but I still need to figure-out how to handle some of them in a not-too-ugly way.

3/3 — When configuring the DoT server, the certificate file must also include all intermediate certificates:

addTLSLocal("", "", "", { ocspResponses={""}})

2/3 — When building the OCSP responses, the issuer is the intermediate certificate that signed the certificate, not the root one:

openssl ocsp -issuer -cert -text -url $(openssl x509 -noout -ocsp_uri -in -respout

1/3 ­— Playing with and with certificates. The documentation lacks details about intermediate certificates, so here are the results of my tests. Everything is logical but since there are a lot of moving parts, forgetting a step is easy.

Passit: a password manager that looks great for the enterprise (where pass(1) might not be a solution because all employees do not use GPG and you have to share password because… enterprise products™):

yum info rsh-server

The rsh-server package should be installed to enable remote access from other machines

No, no it should not.

yum info talk

Install talk if you'd like to use talk for chatting with users on different systems.

or… maybe don't do that.

yum info telnet-server

Telnet is a popular protocol for logging into remote systems over the Internet.


Still trying to build some go application in the ports.

Trying to do so using go:modules as shown in this example:

But build fails:
build cannot load no Go source files

I am a go newbie, I feel like some distfile is not extracted or moved to the right location, but don't really know what is supposed to be done…

WIP here:

I am all hear for help and suggestions, thanks!

make: don't know how to make gomod-vendor. Stop

Packaging this go crap… 😒

Any update for the porter handbook? This section tells to use gomod-vendor which seems non-functional:

One day, I will recall that bconsole cli expect it's arguments in a certain order…

Good (list files):
* list files jobid=249

Bad (does not list files):
* list jobid=249 files

Completion always complete everything and does not help 😒

Début d'embryon d'application pour apprendre le vocabulaire Tahitien :

Faire du ça veut dire faire du ce qui rends vite très malheureux… Ça suffira donc pour aujourd'hui, mais les listes statiques de vocabulaire dans le binaire c'est laid, aussi je pense prochainement mettre à profit SQLite pour rendre le système un peu plus flexible et en prime mesurer l'apprentissage du vocabulaire pour savoir ce qu'il faut réviser 😉

Suddenly… files!

These files are actual source code and also a README file 🤗.

Early beginning of a plan to manage nodes commissioning / decommissioning: (check the Roadmap in the Projects tab)

The idea is to ease-up adding and removing nodes from our infrastructure.

If this seems to fill a gap for you, maybe you will have good ideas to share with us 😉 I am waiting for your feedback! Thanks!

"Associer une techno et une pratique (généralement jugée illégale)", une erreur fondamentale (ou manipulation politique) que décrit @Spyou sur son blog :

@mathuin @akpoff

how does onlykey compare to, say, yubikey? Have you experience with both?

The former appears easier to use, if I'm reading their documentation correctly, as it pretends to be a USB keyboard.

I'd be interested to know why you chose onlykey.

DNSSEC isn't failing as it should. Brace yourselves for the end of the world!

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