"Nutritionists used to be big on this concept of a food pyramid. I think we need one for the web, to remind ourselves of what a healthy site should look like."


The #SailfishOS SDK 3.2 Release was Published to All Users

The installers for the latest SDK release are now available at sailfishos.org/wiki/Applicatio. If you have an older release of the SDK, you should see an update notification in the Sailfish IDE.

Some of the added improvements:
- Support for CMake
- Support for projects with multiple .spec files
- Use of user-supplied SSH keys for device access
- Build engine, Qt creator, SDK CLI: bugs fixed

Source: forum.sailfishos.org/t/release

I just finished to push more PR and now Facter 4.x seems to be usable as a drop-in replacement of Facter 3.x on \o/.


I guess I will have to resurrect the CFACTER / RFACTER options on the ports.

BUT, the Puppet5 port still allows to use facter 2.x, so if someone is still using this legacy version, they will jump right into the WIP 4.x version without warning, which may make them sad…

Geez! You'd wonder why, as an employee of the company that manufactures them, I don't have ANY smart ZigBee bulbs in my house...

Reducing your attack surface with systemd - a quick guide to hardening #linux services with systemd.service flags


ivg, censure, espagne 

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Mon nouveau billet de blog est publié 🙌 Dans cet article j'aborde sans filtre le sujet des vieux techos (donc moi), de l’évolution du marché de l'IT depuis 25 ans, de mon burn-out puis ma remise en question ⬇️ Bonne lecture ! #blog #burnout


🐦🔗: twitter.com/ponceto91/status/1

J'aime ces matins où Free a décidé de changer le range IPv6 de la personne qui héberge gentiment mon serveur dns/mail/web/etc… 😫

I wrote a blog post about why #etcd v3 makes me sad. You know it's good because it's more than 50% footnotes. roguelazer.com/2020/07/etcd-or

TIL about Neovim's "inccommand" option! When you set it to "nosplit", you'll get a preview of what a substitution will do while you're typing it! :O

73 files changed, 68 insertions(+), 140 deletions(-)
23 files changed, 120 insertions(+), 294 deletions(-)
9 files changed, 219 deletions(-)
2 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)
30 files changed, 680 deletions(-)


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Refactoring my personal control-repo with github.com/declarativesystems/

The module checks against the objects found in the control-repo and reports unused items.

Really handy for me right now, cleaning up the culmination of many years of learning and adjusting my way of working with Puppet… Current mood:

Waiting for the non-French Polynesia part of the split horizon on ns2.mana.pf to announce data updated a while ago _outside_ French Polynesia…

Let's encrypt really wants to see the new IP addresses to sign certificates, and I am unlucky enough to have at least a request using this stale name server and returning the old IP addresses…

is hard

You are witnessing the use of a real pointer by Marshall Kirk McKusick


News to me: Microsoft just built their own equivalent to apt-get.


I've been using Chocolatey for a long time now, which is a community-driven commandline-powered package management system. Gotta look into this now, too.

PGCon 2020 tutorials start on Tue May 26 @ 1300 UTC

Online. Free. No registration.


You can watch them via the streaming channel: pgcon.org/2020/stream1.php

You can interact via Zoom meeting - details later.

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