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Romain Tartière 😈

The slides of my talk "IT automation with Puppet" at are available here:

Also the FreeBSD wiki seems to be reachable again:

Je pourrais pas y aller, donc je vous passe mon e-carton d'invitation au vernissage de l'expo d'un copain peintre ;-)

Laurent Savoie
« Quelque chose là qui ne va pas. »

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Switch tuning

❎ Rackable
✅ Silent

If you sell such devices, consider pre-cut templates in the packaging and add an extra fan into the box.

@DNSresolver PTR

Looking for a contact from @elastic ... looking to create a partnership between them and the FreeBSD project to get official support for FreeBSD. I'm sure that falls within the @freebsdfndation purview.

If you know names, please feel free to DM me if you wish.

This is important:

"Current EU Copyright Review threatens Free and Open Source Software.
Take action now to preserve the ability to collaboratively build software online!"


On the GitHub blog: “EU wants to require platforms to filter uploaded content (including code)”

@brnrd FYI, the latest OpenVPN seems to not build well with libressl:

I have not investigated yet, I just though you might be interested in this 😉

Good news everyone, I'll be in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada next June to talk about Puppet for BSDCan 2018. The conference will be biased with an emphasis on running Puppet on FreeBSD 😈, I hope to see you there!

*wildcard intensifies*

« ACME v2 and wildcard support will be fully available on February 27, 2018. »

Le gag du webmail orange aussi : indiquer un en-tête custom « x-bcc ». On leur explique ou alors c’est trop tôt ?

users, using on ?

The WIP broker (which replaces ActiveMQ in your "typical" MCollective setup) is available in puppet@'s repository:

Pro tips: if you have an entry "try-out mcollective" on your todo-list, replace it by "try-out choria", and save a week of work… Really!

@dvl suggestion for in order to make people even crazier, add some CSS to "notabug.gif":

position: fixed;
left: 50%;
top: 50%;

Good news, the problem is fixed in 12-CURRENT… So I have systems where support for included config files is either unavailable (10.3-RELEASE), or broken (11.1-RELEASE)…

Wondering if I should just drop syslogd(8) from current on all my machines, or do not rely on included config files… 🤔