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If you sell such devices, consider pre-cut templates in the packaging and add an extra fan into the box.


One thing that seems to have gotten hidden from the GitHub announcements is actually THE MOST VALUABLE feature for open source maintainers:

The ability to have private discussions and code review about security vulnerabilities WITHIN your repo.


Isn't `zpool status` supposed to show "(resilvering)" in front of the disk that I have just added to a pool?

I do have information about a resilver in progress in the header, but expected to see "(resilvering)" at the end of the line of the device (gpt/disk0) I added to the pool (using `zpool attach zroot gpt/disk1 gpt/disk0`).

I feel confused 🤔…


#Jolla published new installers and repositories of the Sailfish SDK. This SDK release is called 2.1 and among other changes it enables development for #SailfishOS release 3.0.3.

- Release notes:

I did not anticipate how moving from GMT+2 to GMT-10 would affect my contribution to

I used to stay up late to improve my PRs as soon as the maintainers provided feedback, and was going to bed in a good mood when PRs where merged.

Now, I wake up, see merged PRs that put me in a good mood and have the rest of the day to work on improving the ones with change requests.

The good mood trend to stay til I go to bed, so it's a fscking full day instead of a few hours… awesome 🤗!

Looks like puppetdb-cli was rewritten in Ruby… A v2.0.0 tag was created a few days ago.

This will save hours of build (compiling Rust is so loooong), and the port will be usable with any OpenSSL version (the Rust code was dependent of an outdated OpenSSL release).

w00t! \o/

unattended-upgrades(8) updating packages one after the other… waiting a few minutes between each… using 100% CPU all the fscking time.

Hopefully the bug was fixed upstream a long time ago, and it has made it's way into Debian, but stable is "stable", which mean broken software is preciously kept broken in order to not surprise systems administrator with fixed software… unless someone decided to backport the fix in the previous version.

#SailfishOS 3.0.3 Hossa Early Access (EA) Release

#Jolla released version 3.0.3 to Early Access testers (Jolla devices, Xperia X and XA2). 3.0.3 Hossa includes many system component updates, security vulnerability fixes and stability improvements. The update also fixes several reported issues on XA2 devices.
The most notable feature for Sailfish users is the web browser engine (Gecko) upgrade.

- Release notes:
- Detailed changelog:

#sysadmin #tips

git config --global diff.noprefix true

now maybe you don't need /global/ but it removes those annoying /a|b/ prefix in front of all those git diffs. It may make it simpler for me to shuttle port diffs between svn & git & phabricator.

Then I realize that these ports (textproc/rubygem-puppet-strings, sysutils/rubygem-bolt) can be flavored…



There is also sysutils/rubygem-bolt which requires Puppet 6 so I guess some mechanism like USES=puppet:6+ (just as USES=python:3.6+) would be great…

I think we need some kind of USES=puppet to register dependency on sysutils/puppetX; depending on DEFAULT_VERSIONS=puppet=X… where X=5 or 6.

For now, databases/puppetdb-terminus[56] would benefit from this (yeah, the ports won't allow you to do that now, but it's supposed to be possible), and that would allow me to commit textproc/rubygem-puppet-strings which works with both versions.

Does it makes sense?


@crunchy My very favourite part about this is "you will need: hi-vis jacket"

People need to understand just how powerful a tool that is.

They're the most ironic piece of clothing ever created. They're intended to make you more visible, but in practice, they render you *invisible.*

£3 from any DIY shop can get you the one disguise that will cause people to overlook ANYTHING you do in public. Picking a lock in regular clothes? You're a thief. Picking a lock in a hi-vis? You're a locksmith, obviously.

The stratified, hierarchial, pro-gentrification society turned the hi-vis into a uniform of the working class, a signifier that says "I am little and do not matter."

So this is exactly what they deserve to get for doing so.

Do we still really need to bump PORTREVISION of dependent ports when a library is updated?

poudriere(8) will detect the missing dependency and rebuild the package; pkg(8) will detect the missing library dependency and force update of the package.

Before I used poudriere(8) + pkg(8); portmaster(8) was able to rebuild dependent ports, I suppose this feature was not removed.

Is it not time to stop doing this?

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