🇫🇷 Il y a un an Exodus Privacy se révélait au grand jour après 3 mois de travail intense dans l'ombre. Pour avoir une idée du chemin parcouru, grâce à vous toutes et tous exodus-privacy.eu.org/post/ann

🇬🇧 One year ago Exodus Privacy has become known, after 3 months of hard work in the shadow. To see what we have done with your help, please have a look at exodus-privacy.eu.org/post/ann

Merci à / Thanks to @Qwant , Codeurs en Liberté, @Octopuce , @gandi, @LaQuadrature @fdroidorg, @privacylab

Et parce que vous êtes gentis, vous avez droit de voir à quoi ça ressemblerait sur
Et là

Merci et 👏 @nlehuby

1,5 minutes !! That's my EASY ON HUMANS craptcha experience.

Micode - la Nuit du Hack !

Il y a même ma tête a un moment 😄 (3min 16s)


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just to follow up on my #FuckCloudflare posting from a while ago and their "solution" for TOR users and captchas I'd just like to say this:
1. They are outright lying outside of a handful of websites nobody cares about.
2. CloudFlare isn't to be trusted, their business model is to intercept traffic and monetize it, and they will do whatever is possible to legitimize themselves whether through marketing lies or other means.

They are expanding their traffic accumulation business model to IPFS and TOR only because these alternative systems which serve the purpose of protecting users can't be milked for profit and they feel threatened.

Don't use CloudFlare and don't feel pressured to visit sites which use CloudFlare and block you with captchas which will track your browsing.
(corrected hashtag: #FuckCloudFlare )

Does someone knows this "new social network" here: the manyverse ?


Je vous partage une petite merveille 🤩

Il s'agit de LMC N63A, que je propose de renommer en avec un nom plus poétique : la Nébuleuse du Renard 🦊

CC-BY Judy Schmidt

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