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I've signed for the letter for the resignation of Eugen while I don't want him to. Why? 

I find many points of the letter totally valid. Yes 'if you don't like it, fork it', however I think it's our right to give opinion of a project we like without making a fork. I also think that as a dev you should listen and try to understand your users. The best way to be heard is with something that is going to be shared.

TL;DR: I just wanna have some points being considered and do not want Eugen to resign.

Aral, where did you get your preposterous lies about Ethereum’s energy consumption, you snowflake communist cuck?

Me: Umm… *checks notes*… the Ethereum Foundation?


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Oh my goodness, it rendered for the first time! :) The “it” is Domain but not in SvelteKit + Site.js but NodeKit. *LOTS* more to do but this is a big step forward! :)))

What’s Domain? (See ~9 min mark for an early demo.)

#nodeKit #smallWeb #web0

Install Party en cours à 42.

6 bénévoles, 40 inscrit·es ! Pour le moment on a terminé une dizaine d’installations :)

“Qu’est-ce que le Web3 selon vous?

Aral Balkan: C’est simple, c'est du bullshit”

My interview (in French) for L’ADN magazine.

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New Lemmy Release! v0.15.1: Private instances, New User Registrations, Email Verification, and Temporary Bans. 🎉

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If you're learning to code and you feel like this, you're not alone


« Think deeply about things. Don’t just go along because that’s the way things are or that’s what your friends say. Consider the effects, consider the alternatives, but most importantly, just think. »

Old poem I wrote back in 2018-2019 (I'm fine btw) 

Depression takes over my mind,
it's the first time I describe it,
The darkness is making me blind,
I want to leave I must admit.

Something in me is broken,
I feel that I can't control anything,
I write this with my fountain pen,
but this bastard, like my heart, is leaking.

I guess I hate everyone,
But the person I hate the most,
The one I'd like to see as a ghost,
Is me, I am that someone.

Yes, agree. We evaluated how the French press is blocking a few months ago. Le and Ouest France are the two websites that block it. If you want, full blog post here:
Cc @nos_oignons

is like trying to wrap shit with a nice wrapping paper (here decentralization), in the end it remains shit.

Centralisation thrives on complexity; decentralisation on simplicity.

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If we want everyday people to seize the means of communication, we should ensure that those means are easy to hold.

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The people who don’t want you to run your own servers are the ones who want to run the servers.

People will happily run their own servers if it’s so simple to do that they don’t even know they’re doing it.

#SmallWeb #web0

We're pretty excited to unveil our new Compose UI!

It's more than a redesign, we built a whole new process based on your feedback.

✨ Drag-n-drop
✨ Photo editor
✨ New mime types
✨ Custom location support
✨ Post scheduling
✨ Add to Collection(s)
✨ Edit EXIF data
✨ Multi-post
and more!

Shipping soon. #pixelfed


Imagine spending ONE DAY in the "British Guantanamo", the max-security prison of Belmarsh in London, among violent criminals.

Now imagine spending ONE THOUSAND DAYS there.

Imagine, that as a publisher many times celebrated for your work (, you are not even charged.

You are waiting for extradition to the US where you face up to 175y in super-max.

You revealed war crimes involving the unaccounted death of dozen thousands of people.

Sick of the latest corporate right-libertarian Silicon Valley blockchain/NFT/metaverse bullshit?

You’re not alone.

362 people, projects, and organisations have signed the web0 manifesto since the New Year :)


It feels like I'm inside the matrix. Where is my freaking red pill?

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