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I've signed for the letter for the resignation of Eugen while I don't want him to. Why? 

I find many points of the letter totally valid. Yes 'if you don't like it, fork it', however I think it's our right to give opinion of a project we like without making a fork. I also think that as a dev you should listen and try to understand your users. The best way to be heard is with something that is going to be shared.

TL;DR: I just wanna have some points being considered and do not want Eugen to resign.

If you use #GMail, #Google keeps records of everything you buy, even if you delete the email receipt, and even if you didn't buy the product from them. Here's metadata from my takeout showing price, delivery address, description, vendor, etc. #privacy

En prétendant « encadrer » les usages de l'IA, la Commission européenne s'apprête à déconstruire le droit qui nous protégeait de la reconnaissance faciale policière.

Une reco faciale de masse interdite jusqu'à aujourd'hui serait autorisée demain.

I need t-shirts/hoodies with designs about fediverse on it!

I just found out that I can use Pidgin to communicate on Discord! That's so freaking cool!

I finally installed some plugins for my vim... Why didn't I made it sooner? useless therefore essential. 😄

Spend the whole day updating my dotfiles: no more gruvbox everywhere and finally a nice lockscreen :)

After using fish as my shell for 4 months, I'm back to zsh! I couldn't really stand how everything's working in fish. However I kept auto-suggestions and syntax highlighting for my new zsh config!

Tutanota doesn’t use PGP and needs to rationalize their choice by portraying PGP as inferior. Let’s take their “Why Tutanota does not rely on PGP” ( and disect it:

"PGP does not encrypt the subject line (already achieved in Tutanota)" -> already achieved in PGP too thanks to

"PGP algorithms can’t be easily updated" what? PGP got ed25519 and ed448 recently and there is entire space of “vendor specific” algorithms that some providers use internally.

"PGP has no option for Perfect Forward Secrecy." and Tutanota doesn’t too so why bring this to the table? “We also plan to add Perfect Forward Secrecy to Tutanota.” very nice but wait… ProtonMail is already working on it: oh, and Thunderbird people too:

Tutanota is just vendor lock-in and when something like this happens: you don’t have a choice of switching implementations 🤷

Lilly Wachowski is one of the writers, producers, and the director of The Matrix trilogy!


Do you like discord? But do you like privacy better? If so, Matrix/Element is made for you

Since I have some free time rn, let's continue to learn Russian!

I am officially accepted into the school I wanted to go to! #42

It's been a while since I played a video game for more than 2 hours in a month. AC Valhalla is really cool. (The historical period helps me a lot to like it lol)

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