First shot of the covid vaccine: done. 😎

Them: Are you ready for Windows 11? 🎈 🎉

Me: No way in hell! F*ck off with your sh*t 😅

Just changed my whole theme. Nord is cool but its lacking of contrast is really annoying. So now: Gruvbox everywhere!

I really need to take the time to learn Docker

#gemini #tinylog 

Tonight, I've both tagged the v0.3.1 of gtl and started the TUI (not part of the release).

The TUI is far from a fully functionning TUI, but less far from a usable MVP :)

v0.3.1 fixes a few issues and add new config.

#gemini #tinylog #golang #tui

Just launched my self-hosted Gemini capsule! :D
(And it's available both in French and English!)


I did install manjaro with xfce. I don't know how someone could really prefer any DE over WM.

Très fier de ma petite soeur qui arrive à la 1ère place aux premiers championnats Open de France catégorie féminine déficience visuelle 2.

My arcolinux installation was freezing and I couln't find the reason... So it's time to distro hop :) This time i'll use Manjaro so it's still based on Arch because I really like pacman and the AUR.

**Des youtubeurs français incités à dénigrer le vaccin contre le Covid-19 de Pfizer-BioNTech**

"Une agence de communication aux contours très flous a contacté des vidéastes français, leur proposant une rémunération pour produire une vidéo trompeuse sur le vaccin."

#actualité #bot

I can't wait for Olvid to go open-source so there will be (almost) no more arguments to choose Signal over it.

> The SI — the modern metric system — has seven base units from which all other measurement units can be derived. On May 20, 2019, four of them — the kilogram, kelvin, ampere and mole — were redefined in terms of constants of nature. The remaining three — the second, meter, and candela — are already based on universal constants.



This November, in , , representatives from 57 countries are expected to make history.  They will vote

So nice to be able to go at the bar again! Just tried the Alaia surfcafé in Bordeaux, it's a really cool place!

The method to learn japanese I'm following is far better than the one I used to follow 🤗🇯🇵

I'm starting to learn japanese (again lol). I hope I'll manage to stay focus on my learning. ^^

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