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A long-deserved update to Request Map to celebrate 500,000 maps generated(!)

👍More stable
👍@patrickhulce@twitter.com's third-party db integrated
👍 slightly faster (improvements coming)
👍 easier display config

Huge ❤️ to @patmeenan@twitter.com for webpagetest.org


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Okay now I’m really drinking the variable fonts Kool-Aid.
One ~45kb font file gets you this:

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There's been some changes in the team & directions. We'd like to now help developers in a different way starting by new features such as <pwa-loader> and <pwa-install> web components or push notifications helper.

Read more & comment:

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That's the work of @TatumCreative@twitter.com, following the design of @violasong@twitter.com :-) Heavily WIP as said below, but promising! twitter.com/FirefoxNightly/sta

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Proposal for a prefers-reduced-data media query

Would like to use this to eg.

- Load none or lightweight background img in CSS if prefers-reduced-data: reduce
- Use system fonts if user prefers to save date

✏️ Add your use cases there!


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Utilisez vos droits à la formation pour renforcer et certifier vos compétences web ! Retrouvez la sur l'application mon compte formation et inscrivez-vous directement ! ow.ly/UYjh50xtsOQ

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I added Web Monetization ( webmonetization.org/docs/expla ) to my blog in September, and I already received 310 micro-paiements from visitors! (9.57 USD)

I also added the @Coil@twitter.com extension to my browsers, and pay 5 USD each month to sites I visit that also implemented Web Monetization.

2000s hackers: My dream is to connect all of my devices to the internet.
2020s hackers: My dream is to disconnect all of my devices from the internet.

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Nous avons lancé un groupe de réflexion autour de l'accessibilité des conférences. Nous ont rejoint l'@afup@twitter.com et @blendwebmix@twitter.com , nous avons aussi contacté @ParisWeb@twitter.com , connaîtriez vous d'autres conférences tech accessibles ? Pourriez vous nous fournir des contacts en MP ?

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master/slave -> leader/follower (primary/secondary)

whitelist/blacklist -> safelist/blocklist (saw it today)

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Just love how simple @eleven_ty@twitter.com makes things. This is all that’s required on Eleventy side to render Duet’s Web Components (duetds.com/components/) server side.

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A few people have asked why we made this change, here’s some more background about the what and why of this move: 11ty.dev/news/moving-house/

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We’re moving 🚚📦 from 11ty.io to 11ty.dev!

11ty.dev is fully operational now, including all subdomains for previous versions. Redirects from 11ty.io may take some time to propagate.

Thank you! 🕚⚡️🚀

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L’impression de jouer en mode Beat Saber… 😅

Go @CleverAge@twitter.com ! 🎾

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all these web apps showing up late to the starting line, dehydrated, refusing to run until someone brings them fluids

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Today's CSS and SVG demo at @dotCSS@twitter.com jeremiepat.github.io/svg-css-b what can YOU do with one single SVG square?

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