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«MLOL è da oggi pronta ad accogliere anche le collezioni digitalizzate della biblioteca e cessa di essere un semplice aggregatore di risorse (commerciali e aperte) acquistate dalle biblioteche o provenienti da altre istituzioni di conservazione.»

Esce uno strumento per la del Parlamento europeo e io accorro. Ma niente, i MEP italiani si attestano su un agevole livello zero di partecipazione. Solo Croazia e Cipro scioperano di piú; immagino che i crumiri (Conte, Zanni, Dreosto, Tinagli e Caroppo) saranno presto puniti.

Per fortuna io voto gli europarlamentari della . Della persona che ho votato posso conoscere ogni mossa.

"The results suggest that limited access to publications may limit some scientific research from achieving its full impact."

«But from the very first days, it was clear that the Nazi plan had failed. The Brest Fortress was protected to the last drop of blood by its defenders of more than 30 ethnicities. Throughout the war, the feat of the Soviet people knew no national boundaries – both in large-scale decisive battles and in the protection of every foothold, every meter of native land.»

Go figure. The last (head of state) defender of non-national states is... the globalist?

«The Council on Friday condemned discriminatory and violent policing after the death of in Minneapolis last month and ordered a report on against people of African descent.»

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Ok, I admit I watched this just to see and but I enjoyed every second with them. All five of them. (Yes it's but not his best.)

Non so che pensare di questi 40 M€ distribuiti a perché comprino da 3 locali. Capisco l'idea, ma che succede se le librerie hanno solo Harmony o libri di testo? Addio all'autodeterminazione delle collezioni.

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«There is no effective deterrent or antidote for the kind of Negro riots that have swept through the North in recent years, and such outbursts will continue "until the well of available cities runs dry," a research psychologist said yesterday.» [1967]

"Although racial violence in this country is almost as old as the nation, the pattern usually found whites making the first assaults. There had been Negro riots, hut never before an epidemic of them." [1964]

"A riot was narrowly averted in Brooklyn yesterday as civil rights demonstrators continued to press for more jobs for Negroes and Puerto Ricans in the construction industry." [1963]

"The police and firemen drove hundreds of rioting Negroes off the streets today with high-pressure hoses and an armored car." [1963]

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