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Finanza creativa in stile francese: scaricare i costi di una spesa fiscale sui bilanci dell'industria nucleare nominalmente privata, per poi chiedere sussidi UE per la stessa industria in nome dell'ambiente.

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At Freedom of the Press Foundation, we're now hiring our first full-time UX Designer. I'm the hiring manager for this role, so HMU if you have questions.

This person will work closely with the SecureDrop team (open source whistleblower submission system) & other teams at FPF.

It's a fully remote gig. We're a US-based org; international applicants are very welcome, but we do ask for some time zone overlap for real-time collaboration -- see the posting for more details.

The EPP cheerfully sent millions into poverty because fixing 100 G€ of German-made debt would teach the wrong lesson to the Greeks. But 500 G€ to save a legacy already-bankrupt French business is alright.

Someone is testing buffer overflows in Hauptbanhof lockers. ;-)

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@ilumium The pervasive surveillance upon which this [surveillance ad] model is built is fundamentally incompatible with human rights.

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Imagine if France planned to support an armed insurgency in Canada, or China in Mexico. What would the NYT write?

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#Draghi scippa mezzo miliardo di euro destinato alla bonifica delle aree inquinate di #Taranto per destinarlo all'ex #ilva, Acciaierie d'Italia. Applausi al governo dei migliori, applausi.

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In other news, 400,000 sound recordings from 1922 and before have become public domain. The Internet Archive has 38,000 of them up, ready to go.

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To avoid a traffic jam, I've crossed the river by bike on a floating bridge with a goat on my shoulders and a cabbage in my hand. Will repeat with 2 goats and 2 cabbages. No need to check how many hands I have or the capacity of the bridge.

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As a temporary boost for our ride, let's use more of a fuel which will get very expensive about mid way and may pull us back towards the end (if we don't use it less).

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Following the Biden administration's announcement it will continue the Trump's recognition of Israel's annexation of the Golan Heights, PM Naftali Bennet announces he will double the number of illegal settlements there

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extradition appeal: TOTAL victory for the US :(

Judge agrees on all points, most notably:
* diplomatic assurances of the US are valid (he won't be in isolation in super-max prison.. until he further deserves so)
* evidence by psychiatric expert is invalidated by the fact he hid Assange-Morris relationship

Extradition is green-lit and actually accelerated, by ordering the Magistrate Court to send it directly to the Home Secretary.

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Cool cool, @Gargron moving all @Mastodon project discussion behind a proprietary walled garden that requires agreement with Microsoft terms of service (and their analytics tracking). Now THAT makes a ton of sense. 🤦‍♂️

#MastoAdmin #Mastodon #OpenSource #FreeSoftware #FLOSS #privacy

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The UK judge who has been 40y long friend of the minister who kicked out of Ecuadorian embassy (and bragged about it just granted victory to the US, green-lighting extradition!

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users and entities activities can now be followed from the !

Some examples of followable actors:
- a user: @Georges
- an author: @wd-Q46248
- a serie: @inv-083c773e8b26776230e40657fdfadeb9
- a publisher: @wd-Q3213929
- a publisher collection: @inv-582c0644d0a9c06d4758deb86d49ff1e

This is the result of our first experiments with : let us know if you find it useful!

Learn more:

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