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Launch of Mobilize.Berlin, an alternative platform to Facebook for events organizers and artists in Berlin.

Mobilize.Berlin is a decentralized and community owned platform based on the open source software @mobilizon (by @Framasoft). It is part of the @fediverse network and thus connected to other decentralized social media such as Mastodon, Peertube, Pixelfed..

Panels held by free software advocates, @reclaim_club_culture, @cryptoparty_berlin, Music performance: Das Radial, DJ: Alfred Moliere

@LemmyDev thanks for all the hard and great work you're doing in developing the alternative for the !

I that, when you click on the button, ask you for the email address you want to unsubscribe.
(I'm using with a unified inbox of 5 accounts...)

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@LaQuadrature any ETA on the update of the current instance? I noticed it is v3.0.1 while other instances are v3.1.1.

J'ai créé la page sur Joseph , et j'ai ajouté une traduction, que j'espère décente, d'une magnifique citation de lui concernant notre compréhension du

@gsantner it would be great if remembered the last selected format for a file.

E.g., I use different files, including a `today.txt`, but every time I open it I have to re-select the todo.txt format.

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Hey #fosdem hackers! We want legislation requiring that publicly financed software be made available under a #FreeSoftware licence!

More and more people join this deamand every day. Do so as well and sign our open letter:


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Je viens de soumettre mon questionnaire pour le de la population 2020. Voyons ce que les chiffres nous diront dans quelques mois sur ...

All these headlines atalking about the

3000 cases! 80 deaths!

But... most cases are in the province of Hubei... I read on Wikipedia, Hubei has 60 million people...
So, 1 case out of 20,000? And 80 casualties for 3000 cases : that's 3%...
How many deaths are there when there's no virus? How's the health system where the deaths occurred? What's the age of most people who died?

? ?

(Some worth tooting. )

"At first we thought of improving traffic conditions but couldn’t come up with a workable plan. Instead we decided to take back the public space for the residents and to do this we decided to get rid of cars."

In , the usual soundtrack of a Spanish city has been replaced by the tweeting of birds and the chatter of humans

People can dream, can't them?

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The French government switched to Matrix, the German government evaluates free, open and federated messaging solutions, Nextcloud Talk became a great Slack replacement, public authorities in Germany consider a mass exodus from Twitter & Co after EuGH ruling, next stop Mastodon... Seems like we have both, the (political) momentum and the technology to make 2020 a great year for the free & open internet!
#Matrix #XMPP #Nextcloud #Mastodon #Germany #France

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@redfrog Maîtriser et épidémie dans une même phrase, c'est malheureux.

Comment se fait-il que j'aie mis autant de temps à découvrir ?
a fait du bon travail jusqu'à présent, mais la paire + est simplement irrésistible ^^

Je viens de sa page anglaise en française et de l'ajouter à la page
(Je ne suis qu'un , veuillez corriger les éventuelles erreurs !)

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