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Cristiano Ronaldo once personally messaged a soccer website complaining about the transfer value it gave him, then blocked the site in anger insider.com/cristiano-ronaldo-

2x Super Bowl champion QB Ben Roethlisberger announces his retirement from the NFL after an 18-year career.

Quand on le lui a expliqué, il aurait alors demandé qu'on installe des anti-virus sur les pc. Paraît-il 🤷‍♂️😜
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الجلسة افتراضية راو يا قيس سعيد 😅 التعزيزات قدام البرلمان علاش

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Ready to head to @Beijing2022 to compete…with a little help from my friend @KygoMusic (+ DNCE/@joejonas ). 💃🙃

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@usainbolt Usain Bolt shares his memories of and how his life changed in less than 30 seconds. Read his personal letter to his fans here as he reflects on : oly.ch/3G7T6AR


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Ce matin j'ai croisé un mec qui travaille chez chronopost, il m'a demandé l'heure. Je lui ai dit qu'il était entre 9h et 17h .

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You're not ready for this... ⚡️

@FastElaine 🇯🇲 is attacking the 60m world indoor record at the Gold's in Birmingham (19 February)!

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Both her and @realshellyannfp 🇯🇲 ran faster than the 60m world indoor record on the way to winning 🥇 & 🥈 over 100m at .

How fast do you think she can go? ⚡

ki tounes...
One police officer in South Dakota protected first and then "served" this DoorDash order after arresting the driver. bit.ly/3r1tNfy

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🔹Tessa Worley, ski alpin & Kevin Rolland, ski acrobatique
🔹Benjamin Daviet, para ski nordique
Voici nos porte-drapeaux olympiques et paralympiques des Jeux de 🇫🇷

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The greatest lap EVER in Singapore?

Watch as @LewisHamilton masterfully dances through the floodlit streets of Marina Bay back in 2018 😱


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Tennis/Open d'Australie: Ashleigh Barty qualifiée pour sa première finale australienne rfi.my/87Nh.t

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A central question, “Where is Peng Shuai,” has represented concern for the tennis star but also points to related questions about the future of tennis in China. nyti.ms/34bIPXa

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🏆 Quatre australiens à domicile en finale du double hommes !
⚡ Une première depuis 42 ans !

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When people ask me about the Tunisian revolution. I tell them what happened and who really was the hero of it and the person who changed my point of view in life. @benmhennilina is the answer for bravery, courage and Tunisian revolution❤
You are missed deeply but never forgotten

Et ça veut être une "startup nation"
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تعزيزات أمنية بمحيط تحسبا لجلسة "افتراضية"..

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